Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wed Recap: Great expectations...

I never did a full recap about our experience with our DJ.  I think of all of our vendors, the DJ was one the one that we really put a lot of expectations on.  So much so, that we even had like 3 or 4 meetings with him and the owner of the company to confirm all that we were hoping to accomplish for our guests at our wedding.

The best thing I can say is that they were super organized and attentive and extremely accommodating.  I think for all we got from them (a custom GOBO light of our names, uplighting for around the reception room, audio system and wireless microphones for the ceremony and reception, dance floor lights, about 8 hours of coverage, emcee services, etc) we got a really good deal from a quality company.  They were a pleasure to work with.  But unfortunately, no matter how much we communicated everything to them, things didn't come off the way we had envisioned them in our heads.

He did play a good mix of music and there were definitely people dancing, but it didn't seem like a lot of the songs Mr Fix It and I had specifically hoped for were played much.  It could have just been that I didn't hear half of them while I was chatting with guests or that we simply ran out of time, which TOTALLY happens at wedding receptions!

I had put trivia questions on the guests' tables asking them to answer the question in order to get the bride and groom to kiss.  About 3 or 4 people came up with their answers immediately after the grand entrance but that was it.  The DJ didn't really walk around encouraging the guests to answer the questions while dinner was being served and people were hanging out.
Probably our biggest let down though was in the way the grand entrance came off.  Mr Fix It and I are HUGE UFC/MMA fans (mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting championship).  We love to watch the fights and host fight nights with friends and such.  So I suggested a creative grand entrance that incorporated this idea by coming up with little introductions and nicknames for each member of the bridal party to be introduced with.

We spent a lot of time coming up with personal introductions and corresponding songs for each bridesmaid or groomsmen to come into.  We even played videos of the fights for our DJ's in one meeting and specifically told them how we wanted the introductions to be pulled off.  I even specifically noted parts of each song that we wanted played while each bridal party member was introduced so they would have something to dance to and get the crowd laughing and such.

Well, unfortunately, our DJ didn't nail the grand entrance voice as well as Mr Fix It hoped he would. And I guess the old addage "If you want something done right, do it yourself," really would have played out here because Mr Fix It even suggested that he record the intros himself for the DJ to play for us.  But I thought it would be better to have the live version rather than a recording. 

And the DJ didn't pick the best parts of each song for each party member either.  For example, for our friend, Jerry, we wanted Britney Spears's Womanizer to be played...but only the chorus.  Because Mr Fix It always jokes about what a player he is with the ladies.  But when he was introduced, the DJ played the very beginning of the song where there are no real words and a very slow beat...it didn't come off well at all. 

We also wanted the intros to be real quick, one right after the other, because we had a large party and we also wanted to keep the energy flowing and fast.  But our DJ took too much time and waited too long for each party member to get all the way into the reception room.  We had specifically told him when and how to begin each intro, but it didn't come off the way we had wanted.  Oh well. 

Regardless of the let down, it was still unique, different and fun and a lot of our guests mentioned they thought it was funny and creative.  So you can see for yourself here:

Though it didn't come out quite the way he hoped, we did get some wonderful shots of our bridal party from the photographer:

 By Roseanne Rivoli

By Gemma Bourke

My best suggestion to you is to remember that when you are meeting with vendors, you can NEVER OVER communicate!  And when you have something you are asking a vendor for that is not typical of what they provide, be sure to test it out! Make them do a demo or audition to prove that you are all on the same page.  :)

Share Time:  Did any of you have a vendor really let you down?  Or did you have something that you thought you communicated well to your vendors to have handled only to have them not meet your expectations?

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins


SG to SP said...

I wasn't real thrilled with our DJ after all he played the wrong version of our first dance song after my explicit instructions on which version I wanted played. Oh well. No one knew of his mistake but us.

Morgan said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you had another vendor that let you down. What you described that you wanted to happen sounded so fun and different, and I'm sorry he didn't quite get the voice or song snipets right, although it was very cute in the video. I completely agree with you, you can never over communicate when it comes to getting exactly what you want from vendors!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I'm so sorry it didn't go quite as you'd planned, but I still think it looked and sounded awesome. We didn't have anyone who truly let us down, though our DJ did make a mistake during the bouquet toss by calling up only the single ladies, when I'd wanted all the ladies. But in the end, I was glad, since one of my really eager bridesmaids caught the bouquet. :)

The Southbay Newlyweds said...

our DJ kicked ass! it was also a woman..she and her husband owned the company..spent $$$ on her tooo! had tons of people refer me to her. She sat down with us and went thru each second of the reception.. what part of the music..kept it flowing.. kept me abroad of anything requested..etc.. we also paid extra for a "helper" for her.. the end results were perfect! Live in Central PA, i will refer!

WeddObsessed said...

I am sad to confess but our photographer really let us down. I gave him a detailed shot sheet of photos we REALLY wanted, and he totally dropped the ball. He seemed to have his own agenda and ideas of what was important--the other night my husband was trying to pick photos to put in a collage frame for his mom and there were less than 10 photos with his family members. We don't have any pictures of us with our individual bridal party members...and we have NO pictures of his gradparents. And there is ONE photo of the groomsmen. ONE. :(
Every time I think about it, I get really sad.

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