Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wed Recap: The only tears shed on our wedding day... least that I know of, came when I was basically all alone in the bridal cottage. Well, it was just me...and my videographer. Silly, I know. There were a few brief moments that I got choked up:

*  When I turned the corner during my walk down the aisle and saw Mr Fix It
*  At the very end of the letter I read to him during our ceremony
*  And at one point during my speech/toast at the reception

But other than that, there was no time during our wedding day that I actually shed any tears (except for what I'm about to show you).  And if you know me, you know that is *SO* unlike me!  I am a bawler...anything that touches a heart string, scares me, saddens me, even makes me laugh hard will bring on the waterfall of tears.  So I was anticipating lots of them on my wedding day.  But you'll see in this video, this was the only time that I actually started crying.

Our videographer includes a little thing he calls the 'He Said, She Said' interview in his wedding interviews.  He basically takes a few moments on the wedding day to pull the bride and groom each aside individually away from everyone else, and asks them some basic questions about how they met, how he proposed, what they love about each other and what they want to say to each other on their wedding day.  Here's our little interview:

At first, when I saw samples of this on our videographer's web site, I thought it was cheesy.  But now, I love this because it totally shows our different versions of the key moments of our lives together :)  I love how Mr Fix It thinks he proposed on Christmas Eve (when we spent the whole night with my extended family) when it was actually Christmas morning with just my mom and daughter.  I love that the thing he shares about me that he likes is my OCD behavior which he constantly kids me about and complains about. 

As for the rest of the tears on our wedding day, I asked my mom if she cried and she said she didn't but only because she just felt so relaxed and 'present' in the moment.  She said she was truly able to enjoy everything because she knew I had it all covered.  I wish I could have said the same...I think if I had been 'present' myself, I probably would have actually been crying a lot more!

We did catch mom wiping a tear at this moment :)
Photo by Robert Mullins Photography

I asked my sister if she cried and she said she 'almost' cried when I was walking down the aisle, but she felt like it was mostly because of the words to the song I had playing.  That song was played on my ipod while I was driving for the entire year before our wedding and it made me cry every single time I'd listen to it before the wedding!

I did notice (and shared with you) that my sister-in-law and mother-in-law were crying when I walked down the aisle.  So sweet!  I expected that Mr Fix It might cry at some point during the day, but he held it together, too. 

It was funny, because when we let all the girls back into the bridal cottage after the interview, they all walked in and saw me crying.  My mom said to the videographer, Gary, "What did you do to her?!?"  I laughed and my makeup artist quickly touched up my eyes.  And that was it. 

So did any of you ladies cry on your big day?  Or if you are a bride-to-be, do you expect you will cry at some point? 

Tomorrow is one of my favorite video recaps:  our first look!

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  BLOT, don't wipe your tears if you cry.  Just dab at the corners of your eyes :)  And false eyelashes do wonders as well because if you do start crying, you can buy the black ones and don't even need to wear mascara!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wed Recap:'s magic!!!

There was one thing that Mr Fix It did not fight me on when I told him that I wanted something extra special to entertain the guests during our cocktail hour:  a magician!  If you read my post back here, you can check out the story of how we came to find the amazing Jeff Ezell. 

Jeff did not disappoint on any level!  He showed up before our ceremony started and we quickly greeted him while we passed him taking photos.  He sat in the very back of the ceremony by the bridge and even provided over 30 photos on his iphone for me on Facebook!  And then as soon as the ceremony was over and he and the guests made their way upstairs poolside for cocktails, he went to work!

He wandered around the guests, amazing and bewildering them with card tricks, rubberband tricks and even a trick with Mr Fix It's wedding band!  I'll just let the video speak for itself and then share a few pics with you as *HAVE* to see this!  And tell me if you see his slight of hand moves.

Today's video footage (courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills) is a bit longer than my previous recaps...but only because you have to see Jeff's amazing talents...and try to figure out how the heck he does this!!!

The amazing magician, himself

The kids were definitely loving him!

He gave us a deck of cards signed with his name and our wedding was a keepsake that
had a few cards in it that guests had written their names on as you saw in the video.

But I think Mr Fix It was most impressed with him.  As a matter of fact, he kept pulling him aside to do tricks for his own family and friends!  So much so, that by the end of the night, my mom, sister and some friends said they never even saw him!  But oh no, Mr Fix It made sure he made his way to *ALL* of *HIS* friends and family!  Twerp! 

I love Mr Fix It's reaction in these next few shots!

All above pictures by Robert Mullins Photography

Jeff did such an amazing job, that we asked him to stay during dinner and walk the tables while guests were waiting to be released for the buffet as well.  He did this for a very minimal extra fee.  We were so thankful!
He was more than accommodating and a wonderful vendor to work with - probably our favorite!

All above pictures provided by Roseanne Rivoli

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  Find a way to do something different during your cocktail hour if you can.  It can be playing a montage video of photos of the bride and groom or having a photobooth or a game table set up.  You can hire live musicians to walk around serenading guests or even those live moving tables to serve your appetizers on.  I knew I wanted our guests to be entertained throughout the event.  I wanted them to be kept busy and eating and having fun.  Those who saw the strolling magician raved about him and it was definitely a highlight and hit of our event that I was so excited about.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wed Recap: Make 'em laugh!!!

Preface:  The end of the video in this post contains a few brief moments of the very beginning of our sure to watch it through to the end.  It is one of my favorite moments of our ceremony because it just shows our personality and how we interact with our pastor so perfectly.

As you saw in the posts last week, moments before I was to walk down the aisle, I had a little somethin' somethin' for entertaining our guests at the ceremony.  They had just arrived, maybe they walked around the zoo or picked up a drink at the bar.  They said some hellos to friends and family.  And now they had been seated.  They watched the wedding party make their entrances and arrive at the altar.  So all that was left, what normally comes next, is the bride's big entrance, right?  Nope...not at the Beever wedding.  I wanted to start off our night purely entertaining the guests and letting them know what this whole event was really all about....laughing and having FUN!  And so I had the video.  You can click that link to refresh your memory and view it was my piece de resistance of the night.  It was my baby that I had worked on for over six months leading up to the wedding.  And it was the big ta-da right before I entered to meet my almost husband.

So how did it go?  Well, here's some pics and video of the guests watching our E! True Hollywood spoof detailing the events of our life and our journey to each other as man and wife.

Disclaimer: This video was created using raw footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills.
It was created by me strictly for recap purposes and therefore will not necessarily be great quality.
There will be things you probably shouldn't hear and shaky footage in certain places.
Thank you for your understanding.

We had two 50" flat screen Panasonic high def tv's in our ceremony area.  One was off to the left off the guests (that's the one these guests are turning to watch) and the other was up to the right of the altar (so the bridal party and people up front could watch easily, too). 

Look at what a great time they're all having.  Their laughter helped keep me sort of calmer as you saw in last week's recap video :)

These are my future in-laws watching it.  My sister-in-law Jackie (on the right) got a sneak peek of the video a few weeks before the wedding when it was almost finished.

Friends from both me and Mr Fix It's lives are sitting together watching.

Here you can see the tv that was off to the left behind the guests.

Some old friends in the back have a great view of both tv sets.

And as you saw at the end of the video today, I wanted our ceremony to be anything but formal and stuffy.  I loved how our pastor made great jokes and comments about us personally and how we (I) just reacted to them instead of feeling like I had to sit there until it was my turn to talk.  :)

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  If you are going to have a montage or video played at any point in your wedding event, be sure to do a test of the actual equipment before the event.  I mailed the DVD to the video equipment rental company a few weeks before our wedding to have him play it in his DVD and test it...I don't know if you know, but homemade DVD's are not compatible with every type of DVD player.

*  All photos by Robert Mullins Photography

Friday, June 25, 2010

A country wedding in Cayucos (Mercedes)

This past weekend, Mr Fix It and I traveled about 4+ hours up the coast line to a little town called Cayucos.  The central Californian coastline is some of the prettiest shoreline I've ever seen.  So beautiful.  My girlfriend, Mercedes wanted to have a destination wedding, but at only 25 years old, she also wanted lots of her friends to be able to make the journey with her and her now hubby.  So they opted for a rustic, country style wedding in Cayucos.  It was right near the beach but the wedding was held in a barn.

Here are some lovely photos recapping the event:

Ceremony Area

The reception tables...she used burlap linen cloths with doiley table runners and simple vintage/old mason jars, candlestick holders, and votive candles with a few bright field type flowers throughout.
Their sweetheart table with photos of them as children on it

The adorable guest book table which included photos of the bride and groom as children, their parents and grandparents wedding photos and a guestbook of their engagement pictures to be signed.  I thought it was so adorable to use an old table with the drawers open to display this.  They did something similar for the gift table but I didn't get a shot of that.

Another view of the reception tables.

The bride and her maids...they wore different dresses which were adorable with flat shoes.

The groom.  The groomsmen all wore similar pants with white shirts
and bow ties but only vest or jacket.

The adorable flower girl


The barn where the dancing took place...and of course where the bar was. 
Dinner tables sat outside just by this door way

After dinner, their amazing photographer took them just up this hillside right next to the barn for some gorgeous shots with the sun setting on them.  I can't wait to see them!

They had a makeshift faux-to-booth.  I let them borrow our props from our photobooth and they hung a sheet up on a fence.  Guests just used their own cameras to snap shots of themselves goofing off :)
This is me and Mr Fix It

Mercedes is one of six girls who is in a bible study I lead for 20 something ladies.  This is us.
Mercedes asked all the girls attending the wedding to please wear brightly colored floral patterns.

And this is all of us girls (without Mercedes) in the faux-to-booth!

This wedding was totally not my style at all.  I am not the country, rustic girl at all.  But it was definitely totally Mercedes through and through.  It was beautiful, simple, outdoorsy and so much FUN!  The guests danced and partied all night long and the bride and groom had a wonderful time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wed Recap: Processional - do whatever the heck you want!!!

Today's recap is all about our processional.  Ya know?  That part where your wedding party gets to the altar and then you make that famous walk down the aisle to your honey?  Well, I had a clear cut vision of how I wanted our processional to play out.  I wanted it to be a perfect blend of tradition (a nod to the classical music normally played at this part of the ceremony), but also reflect a modern twist and an upbeat fun tone that would be a great kick off to the evening and event.

If you remember, my processional included the video montage/spoof that would play at our ceremony just after the wedding party arrived at the altar and just before I walked down the aisle.  If you don't remember, here's the blog post showing the video

No one thought the video would work or be a good idea.  It would be too long.  It would be boring.  It would make it hard for the bridal party to stand through for 20 minutes.  It didn't make sense that it would end and the song playing at the end would be the one I would be walking down the aisle to.  They just didn't get it like I saw it in my head. 

The song may have been faster than what most brides walk to, and it may not have been sung or played by live musicians as many brides do, but it was the perfect thing for me.  So here is my recap of our processional:

The song the parents and bridesmaids walked down the aisle to was Phil Collins' "Groovy Kind of Love" but performed in a classical version by the Royal Philharmonic Symphony.  I got the idea from the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler married.

The guys made their way up to the altar and looking back at the video I realize that they entered from the wrong spot and also came in after the song started playing.  They were supposed to come in BEFORE the song played because I had timed it perfectly for the parents and bridesmaids only.  These mistakes were all a result of the 'rehearsal that wasn't.' 

Mom & Pops Beever

My mom and brother-in-law

After watching the raw footage of the ceremony, some of the bridesmaids sprinted down the aisle as you'll see and some walked the end, the song actually finished perfectly with all the ringbearers and flower girl making it to the end just as it was ending.  :)

My nephew (one of our 4 ring bearers) walked with his mom (my sister, the MOH) because he just wasn't doin' it alone. 

The eldest made it down fine (you'll see him in a future recap).  And these two youngin's (our nephews) helped each other:

The girls were smart.  I had told the wedding party to sit on the steps during the video so they wouldn't be standing for so long and I made sure our audio/video rental guy set up one of the tv's so the wedding party could see it from the altar.  The girls sat, the boys didn't for whatever reason.

I was tucked away in my bridal cottage just outside of the bridge that you walk across to the ceremony area.  I pulled a chair up right next to the door with it propped open and peeked out so that I could watch/listen to the guests as they watched the video.  It was so great...and I am so glad that I didn't have to be totally alone somewhere out of range of this because I would have been an even *worse* nervous wreck!  :)

I told you yesterday about the moments leading up to the ceremony...well, when the video was almost done and the song began that was for my walk, my dad and coordinator came over to have me get ready.  I told them that it still needed to get halfway through the song before it was my turn to get up and walk down the aisle.  So I wanted to sit as long as possible since I knew I'd be standing in that monstrous dress for a while and I was already feeling suffocated, strangled and like I was going to pass out!

Just as it got to the moment before the break in the song for my entrance, I stood up and began to walk to the bridge with my dad...and then we were off! 

Disclaimer:  This video was created using raw footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills. 
It was created by me strictly for recap purposes and therefore will not necessarily be great quality. 
There will be things you probably shouldn't hear and shaky footage in certain places. 
Thank you for your understanding.

I love the conversation in the beginning of the video between Mr Fix It and our pastor, Lyle as they make their way to the altar. Even then they were in doubt of the video being played.

As my coordinator, Amanda fluffed out my train at the very last moment, I remember her saying:

"Ok, Stacey - Flowers low, smile BIG and walk SLOW! This is your moment, soak it all in!"

I just said 'Yep' right then, but when I replay that line in my head, it totally makes me cry now!  How I wish I would have remembered everything she said and put it into action...but I totally didn't!

As a matter of fact, at the time, I totally didn't even hear the song as I was walking down the aisle.  I listened to it right up until the moment when I knew I needed to take my first step and then it was all about seeing my guests, hanging on to Dad's arm and looking up the aisle at Mr. Beever as I made the turn to walk towards him.  I remember right as I got to that turn that I paused very other coordinator tried to quickly fluff my train again and I remember one thing, clear as day in my mind:  In that brief moment, I took the biggest, deepest breath of my life and had a huge smile on my face.  I was fighting back the tears and totally contained them because as soon as I started walking, I just tried to keep my eyes on my groom.  And then we got to the end of the aisle...
TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  After the ceremony, my officiant told me he had 'a lot of doubt' about the video when I was describing it to him.  But he said that it was totally perfect and worked so great for how I wanted it to be introduced.  I definitely listen to people when they raise valid points about issues or concerns with plans I want to enact...but in the end, if you have a vision and you know it will work out, then don't let anyone deter you from the plan!  My processional was anything but traditional and I loved it!!!  And so did the guests as you'll see soon in the next video recap :)

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins Photography

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wed Video Recap: Moments before...

This is me singing:  "I'll take you there!"  You know that song?  Well, I'm singing it because...I have my raw video footage!!! Woo-hoo! So now I will be doing full fledged recaps with photos but also with some video as much as possible. I just love the ability to share the actual live experience...especially since there is a lot I want to share with you that my photographer missed! Or maybe didn't get great pics of. Whatever...I'll follow up on that soon.  But from this point on (and especially in these next few days and weeks), I'm going to take you with me right back to our wedding and in person!  I promise to try to keep the videos to 3 minutes or less each post and will throw in pro pics as well so you get both media types to view.

So it was just moments before 5:00 pm when the ceremony was supposed to start.  I knew the guests had been arriving (heck, we even passed some of them an hour earlier while we were wandering the grounds taking photos!).  But for some reason, the guests apparently hadn't been sat yet because my mom and the best man came in asking me what was going on.  I told them to bring me my coordinator.

I didn't feel like we saw our coordinators much during the day.  Even when they were there helping at the ceremony, I don't remember them being around other than my main girl, Amanda.  She came in and I told her to have the aisle opened and the groomsmen start seating guests and she took off.  My mom and sister said every time they needed her they couldn't find her but I know her and her team were super busy setting up all the cocktail and reception area and handling other things.

Again, since we didn't really get to practice at our rehearsal, our ushers had no idea what was going on.  Plus, because of the zoo path, we had some guests coming in through the back of the ceremony area instead of across the bridge so they were not getting programs or being seated by ushers.

I had forgotten to tell the groomsmen and coordinators that some of my family/friends would have to sit on the grooms' side since I had twice as many guests as Mr Fix It.  But apparently my mom told a bunch of our family where to sit so that helped.  However, it's funny...we reserved the first 5 rows on each side for family and then half of them ended up standing in the back of the ceremony area with their kids walking around during the ceremony so the front rows were totally empty and the back rows were packed!!! :)

My mom insisted my coordinator was not around to tell everyone what to do and when to walk down the aisle and such but then my BM's told me that my coordinator was there telling them to 'walk fast' because the song was ending before they had enough time to get down the aisle.  So I don't know what the deal was but since I was tucked away, I didn't have a clue what was happening and it all worked out.

After the processional, the video started.  One of the videographers, Jamie, came in to talk to me while this was going on.  After Jamie walked out, it was just me in that room alone.  I was getting anxious, nervous, faint...whatever.  I was glad to be able to listen to the video and guests because it sort of took my mind off of what was about to happen.  Thankfully, I had my dad there. 

He would walk in and out trying to watch the video while talking to me at the same time.  He knelt down and asked me how I was doing and I told him I was worried about passing out.  He just looked at me and said "Just breathe.  Calm down.  It's going to be great."  I remember he took my hand and that was so comforting.  Funny because my dad lives in Houston and we really don't have much of a relationship anymore...but time and distance and the life that keeps people separated cannot break the love and bond of family. 

Just as it was time for me to stand up and walk down the aisle I stood in the door way.  For whatever reason, I looked behind me.  Remember how I told you back here about the spots on my dress?  Well, what I saw when I looked down just 60 seconds before I was supposed to walk down the aisle should have sent me reeling!  There were HUGE black streaks down my gown!  I have absolutely no idea where they came from...before the processional started, my sister and cousin A had taken me outside and inspected the gown and dabbed and removed all the dirt and spots they could find.  I had only been sitting in a chair during the processional and video and the chair wasn't dirty so who knows what happened? 

Amanda was standing just outside the door next to my dad and I calmly said "Amanda.  Amanda!  I need you to grab those paper towels and that bottle of water and start getting those stains off of my gown." 

As I walked out of the room, she carried my train blotting and wiping as we were walking.   No matter what, I was getting down that aisle whether my dress was ripped, stained or falling off of me!  I wish the videographer had filmed this...he shot me standing up and noticing it and calling her over, but then shut off the camera until right before I took my dad's arm. 

Disclaimer: This video was created using raw footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills.
It was created by me strictly for recap purposes and therefore will not necessarily be great quality.
There will be things you probably shouldn't hear and shaky footage in certain places.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you had trouble viewing the video, try clicking here for a direct link
Looking back, I can't believe how calm I stayed.  Apparently, the streaks/stains must have still been visible because in the raw video footage at the very end of the ceremony as me and Mr Fix It were walking across the bridge I heard him telling me that my sister didn't handle my gown right because the back of my dress was totally dirty.  It wasn't her fault, she didn't even know about it.  And you can't see it in any pictures or it must have been an up close and personal thing.  Oh well...such is life at a wedding...and all that mattered was I was dying to see my groom on that altar!

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  Do the best you can to rehearse the elements of the ceremony...try to time songs out, practice handing off the bride/flowers/rings, confirm who will need to rise and when.  But realize, that no matter how much you rehearse, just as BiCoastal Bride and I learned, something may go wrong in those moments just before your walk that you will have no control over.  Just roll with it...chances are, no one else will ever know, notice or care!

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins Photography

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