Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wed Recap: Videos and fun pages from our Guest Book

As I mentioned, I wanted to finish up the last 4 or so wedding recaps I had.  So you all know that the guest book was like one of the best parts of our wedding because it involved the photobooth.  I knew I wanted photos of every single guest (as many as we could collect) from our actual wedding day.  So we incorporated the idea of using a photobooth to offer a fun entertaining activity for the guests as well as an extra favor for them to remember our wedding by.  And the second set of photos that they took would be placed on a page from our guest book. 

Here's some video of some of the guests in the photobooth throughout the night:

Rather than using the typical scrapbook with blank pages for our guest book, I found a company called the Guestbook Store online and ordered a book and customized pages for our guests to complete.  The pages have a place for a 4 x 6 photo of the guests - perfect since that was the size our photobooth printed out.

Here are some of my favorite pages of our guest book.  (Please note that the pages are double sided but the photo only goes on one side)  :)

This couple color coded their answers so we would know which came from each of them :)

I love how Kristin even colored in the page in our wedding colors on this page:

I love how our neighbors mentioned the video from our ceremony with such enthusiasm:

I think the best 'real' advice I got from anyone was from Mr Fix It's mother who wrote the following:

I particularly liked that my aesthetician/masseuse wrote under "How do you know Stacey & John?" :  "I make Stacey feel good with my hands." 

And I thought it was pretty profound when one of Jordan's friends wrote under the 'advice' section 'Not to fight because it scares kids.'  :)
Share time:   What did/are you doing for your guest book?  Did you incorporate photos of the guests? 

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  If you incorporate a photobooth or guest book that may not be too self explanatory at your wedding, it's a good idea to put up a bunch of clear signs with instructions or even better, have an attendant to direct your guests on what to do and how to use the equipment. 


Heather said...

I hope you're doing well, Stacey! This came out so well -- I really love it! Our photo mat guest book is now hanging in our bedroom, and I still love reading everyone's messages. I also coordinated a wedding this summer where the couple had a "thumbprint" guest book with the tree motif painted by a family member, making it an extra-special memento.

P.S. I'm still blogging @ Bicoastal Bride, but have also launched a new blog, High Heels & Flip-Flops.

honey my heart said...

your guest book pages turned out so awesome! i love all the different things your friends and family wrote, and that there were such fun photos.

steph c said...

Totally love this idea for a guest book! Even better that guests used their photo booth pics.. genius!

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

I love your guest book pages; I ended up making up my own questions which I then stamped into a plain book for people to fill in with a space for a pic too.

How are you doing? Looking forward to the rest of your recaps.

Im still blogging and having a baby in January so its all go here at the moment!

rings said...

Love the images, such fun

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