Sunday, July 19, 2009

Engagement Pictures in Laguna Beach

So I have been DYING to post about our engagement session but was waiting until I had at least a couple of pics to share first. We were not going to do an engagement session being we are on a tight budget (not cheap - $35,000) but definitely tight for all we have going on and the venue (will post about that next week). But one of my old friends who has a passion for photography began working as an assistant to her own wedding photog. She has been wanting to get some experience under her belt and offered to do free engagment pics for us. Since we don't have very many professional pics of us and have not taken too many candid shots over our 5 year relationship, I was all over this!

She is getting me the final CD of almost 1000 images we took in 2 1/2 hours down at the beautiful Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA (yes, where the Hills and Laguna Beach MTV shows originated from...God help us all). I live about 10 minutes from there and think that show is so silly. Anyway, she didn't do any editing yet and has only grabbed a couple of quick sneak peeks for me since I was so antsy but I thought I would share a quick teaser with you all. What do you think?

I didn't think my honey would be too into the engagement pics. And I wasn't sure how he would be for posing in front of some of our close friends, but oh my gosh! He shocked me completely! He was SO sweet, romantic, fun and into it. He was giving us model poses and even telling ME where to put my hands and how to stand. And he wouldn't stop kissing me. I think I may need to make an engagement session a weekly thing. :) Can't wait to share more with you all.

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LeddaBlue said...

I love the photos! They are amazing!

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