Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why you shouldn't wait to purchase wedding items

My wedding is still 8 months away but I have already purchased some kids favors, welcome basket items, our toasting flutes, cake topper and some samples of favors. Now I know some people ask why I am purchasing these things so far in advance because what if something else comes along that I like better? Well, truth be told, I had already had most of these type of accessories and items selected 3 years ago when I was helping my sister plan her own wedding. But I'm glad I didn't wait until the last minute to purchase some of them for a few reasons:
1) I received my order of personalized/engraved memorial vases honoring our deceased loved ones today and they sent me somebody else's vase with the wrong names on it! So thankfully, I still have plenty of time to have the new one shipped out.
2) No rush charges...if something does go wrong then you won't have to pay rush charges to have something corrected or re-shipped.
3) No worries about backorders or discontinued items. If I get something I fall in love with now, I don't have to worry if it is on backorder for 3 months or if it has been discontinued 4 months down the road when I finally decide to buy it.
4) Not as costly on my pocketbook. Buying a few things every month or two is much easier to swallow cost wise rather than trying to come up with $500 the month or two before the wedding.
5) Plenty of time to bargain shop. Since I already know what I am looking for I can search tons of wedding and online market shops to find it at the best price and take my time doing so. The items I bought today (the flutes, cake topper, etc) were all 75% off on theknot.com so I found things at cheaper rates than what I originally planned to pay for them.
And if I do get something that I find I no longer want to use or don't need further down the road, I can always sell it on ebay or an online market with today's technology.

So, what are your thoughts on early purchases? Have you made any? Do you regret it?


Morgan said...

I've been doing this too, every payday I've already earmarked a portion of it toward wedding purchases. I just know that come the last two months we'll be overwhelmed with expenses, so I want to get what I can out of the way now. And once it's crossed off my 'to get' list, I'm not looking at those items any more, so I know I won't be changing my mind.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Smart girl, Morgan...that's what I have to do, too. There is always something new that you will come across in the wedding industry so it's important once you make your decision to be solid on it and not doubt yourself. :)

LeddaBlue said...

I began purchasing some stuff ever since I booked the venue. I too find it hard to swallow making huge purchases so the more I can do now, the better off I'll be later!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I've won many contests and have pre-ordered a lot of things... I know what I want so it has been fun receiving things in the mail and checking certain things off my 'list'.

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