Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seriously Saturdays: Being Single Again

So about 15 months ago I started this thing called Seriously Saturdays where I said that each Saturday I'd post about something that just makes me say 'Seriously?!?'  Well, I did it for about 12 weeks and then I forgot about it somehow.  I remembered the idea though and decided to revive it.  So today's post is all about why I feel single again.

We got married in April...we're closing in on about 10 months of marriage which is roughly 40-45 weeks that we've been husband and wife.  And do you know that in that 45 weeks, Mr Fix It has been gone for about 6 of those weeks which is 13% of our short marriage.  And now he is leaving next month for another two weeks!  I mean, seriously?!? 

I might as well have stayed single! 

About a month after we got married, Mr Fix It drove up north to work on his parent's rental property for three weeks.  Oh man...that was hard.  We didn't have our new puppy at that time and my daughter stays with her dad for 3-4 nights each week so it was strange being in a house all by myself that I had just moved into. 

In November, he went up to his parents house for about a week to visit his family and spend the holiday up there...which I had already told you all about how I stayed home without him because my own family had our first Thanksgiving without my Grandmother who had just passed.

Then in January I mentioned that he went back up to his parents house yet again for another two weeks to work on a new rental property they just bought.  And now in March, he's going up to Sacramento to remodel a bathroom for his sister so he'll be gone yet again.

As much as I'm glad his family is giving him so much work, and they do take care of him well financially for what he does, it's very hard to have him gone for such long periods of time.  I really don't know how these military wives handle themselves when they have to watch their hubbys leave them...and possibly leave them for a dangerous job!

Anyway, I am definitely one who enjoys my time to myself and some peace and quiet and not having to answer to anyone.  But as a newlywed, it's not easy being by myself for over 15% of the first year we've been living together.

Seriously...can't my hubby find work here in our own county?!?  :D

What about you, ladies?  How do you do when you have to be apart from your hubby?  Have you had any long stretches of time apart?


Bicoastal Bride said...

Luckily, my husband only has to travel a couple times a year for a week at the most. It's tough during that time, but I know it's only temporary. And I'm grateful to not be in the situation of so many others, including military wives. I could never handle that!

ruthy ann said...

Fortunately my husband and I are incredibly compatible. I normally need "space," but both of us hate being apart from each other.

I seriously don't know how people survive marriages where they are apart so often! Kudos to them...I couldn't do it!

Patience said...

Lenny has had to travel out of town a ton this year. It has been hard, but we just try to talk as much as possible. Luckily, I have school, work and running to occupy my time. It gets really hard on the weekends when I just want to hang out with my hubby. I wish plenty of work to come your husbands your own county.

Laura said...

David's been out of town for 6 weeks already this year! It's part of what you sign up for in public accounting - he'll travel a lot during busy season and some during the rest of the year - but it kind of stinks sometimes. I do get a lot more done around the house, and I get to bed a lot earlier when he's gone, so I guess there's some positives. It's definitely nice to get to have dinner together, sleep together, etc. like normal newlyweds do when he's in town, though!

Laura said...

Oops, I guess it's been 5 - Next week will be 6. :(

thehickbride said...

Right before the wedding Tj lost his job and around our hometown there isn't much work for him. He now lives at my family farm 2.5 hour away. He's been living elsewhere since the wedding and it's SO STUPIDLY HARD! I know how you feel! We're going on our sixth month now so I guess I'm starting to get used to it, but it doesn't get easier! We sure do make the best of the weekends that we do get together!

Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

I hate when he has to go out of town for business!

Kim said...

I can't exactly relate to what you are going through since both of our jobs are in San Francisco and don't require a ton of travel - but each of us has our own interests and own set of friends, so it's not uncommon for us not to spend a ton of time together during the week or on the weekends. It is really nice to spend the night together, though. I'm sorry that it's been tough, but the economy seems to be taking a turn for the better. Here's hoping Mr. Fix It finds some local work in the near future!

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