Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great bridesmaid gift idea

So being that I am all about practicality I have come up with the following that I have recently purchased for my six bridesmaids as their gifts:
1)  A blue parasol for picture taking...the nylon kind (not paper) so it can actually protect well from sun AND rain.  Matches our pretty wedding colors (not exactly but a good shade).  And I found them on sale on for $4.99 each!

2)  A jewelry roll...a pretty silk roll up holder for the girls to pack up jewelry neatly when traveling.  I ordered them in 6 different colors so the girls can fight over which one they like best.  But I have also seen them on the net with monograms and personalization...there are tons of them in many price ranges but these were only $12.95 each, are silk and were some of the bigger ones with the most pockets.  Found these on but you can search google as well:

How cute will we all look like this?

3)  And finally, I will be buying them some type of bracelet or necklace to wear on wedding day...but that will be something different for each girl.  All in all, I think am spending about $35-40 per girl for some pretty and useful things that they are sure to use/wear in the future.
What have you gals come up with for bridesmaid gifts?

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New Mexican Bride said...

All of those are great gifts, I like the jewelery roll. My friend had parasols at her wedding and they were really pretty. She had them for the guests and boy did we need them! I will be buying the my girls some jewelery to wear too. I haven't picked anything out but have been searching.

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