Thursday, October 1, 2009

A formal introduction

Though I have posted several times over the past couple months and have left comments on many posts as well, I never did formally introduce myself. And now I get to do so as an official Blogger. So exciting!

So I'm Stacey from South Orange County (I hate the term the OC) in So Cal. My fiance, John and I have been dating for 5 1/2 years now and officially got engaged on Christmas Day, 2008. He is everything about him. Can't rave enough about how lucky I am to have found such an extraordinary man. Not only does he truly love me but has taken my 14 year old daughter in so lovingly and with such acceptance...I'm really blessed.

Though I do have a teenage daughter, I have never been married before and am having such a blast coming up with all the details and events. Much has been done to date and I will share so much with you as the next 9 months flies by until our April 16th, 2010 wedding date. I have served as Maid of Honor to my sister and best friend and helped countless friends plan their weddings...even once considered getting into wedding coordinating. But I have realized that the joy of planning my own wedding in one lifetime is plenty for me as far as the wedding industry goes.

So be sure to share your ideas with me and feel free to comment on my posts and ideas as I am looking forward to some great interaction this year. I have already gotten some great inspiration from blogger brides on here and look forward to continuing the driving force of creativity as the posts roll in!


Chocolate Lover said...

Never realized we got engaged on the same day!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said... didn't know that? I noticed right away in your BB profile :) Never fully shared my proposal story but will do that sometime in the next coule weeks :)

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