Tuesday, May 18, 2010

H-moon Recap: Saving the best for last

So we were on our honeymoon from the day after our wedding (left Saturday night April 17th at 11 pm) until Saturday May 1st.  This was our schedule:

Saturday April 17th - Depart for Brisbane Australia 11 pm
Monday April 19th - Arrive Brisbane 6 am
Monday April 19th - Rented a car, found our apartment in Burleigh Heads, Queensland
Thursday April 22nd - Stayed for one night at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat
Friday April 23rd - Returned to that amazing apartment in Burleigh Heads
Sunday April 25th - Depart for Bali, Indonesia arrived at about 2:30 pm
Sunday April 25th - Took a few hours to find a rental car in Bali, find a gas station after we left and realized the rental car 'guy' left us with an empty tank and we had not yet exchanged our US Dollars for Rhupia and then find the Wina Holiday Villas to stay at.

We stayed at the Wina for 3 nights and it was great...Mr Fix It stayed there several times and loved it.  But let me tell you, we were most excited about the last 3 nights of our honeymoon.  From Wednesday morning until Saturday afternoon, we got to stay at the Blue Point Bay Villas in Uluwatu, Indonesia.  And let me say - THAT is what a honeymoon resort is all about! It was a 45 minute to hour drive from Kuta depending on traffic.

We were a bit confused at first as we drove from Kuta to Uluwatu through the city and into a more remote location.  As we got close to the resort and eventually turned onto the street, we realized that we could be in for trouble since the 'road' was nothing but a horribly bumpy dirt gravel path.  We passed a cow and a bunch of workers apparently building something but who knows what?  However, from the moment we arrived at the resort, which sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking a popular surf spot below, we were totally in awe!

This was the view of the open area reception area where we checked in.

They told us they'd let us check in several hours early but needed about 20 - 30 minutes to get the room ready.  So we headed out to the pool to check out the view of the ocean and surfers below.  While we waited, a waiter suddenly walked up and gave us free citrusy drinks that were bright and fun and yummy!  We were already lovin' this place!

I scoped out what I determined to be the best spot at the pool and then a bellhop came and helped load our luggage onto a cart.  He headed us down the path to the rooms and stopped at #204.  We were a little confused when he had to unlock a padlock on a gate.  And then this is what we saw:

You have your own private yard surrounding your room.  Complete with a plunge pool and a lounge/bed under a gazebo (right side of the pic):

We made good use of that little lounge bed outside...we watched movies on it one day on our portable DVD player and also took some good naps and other stuff.  ;)  We also ordered room service and ate at the little table on the patio.  It was a shrimp cocktail served with a citrusy sauce in a carved out pineapple..so yummy!

Here's another shot of the plunge pool in the yard:

And here's the view from off of the little cliff that the room sits on:

Mr Fix It in the plunge pool (he's got his trunks on here but once we realized this was all our own private space, he was naked whenever we were in our villa for the rest of the trip!):

But of course to truly appreciate it, including seeing inside our AMAZING room,
you need to check out the video tour: 

More on this amazing resort and our adventures here coming up later this week - but tomorrow, a sneak peek at some pro pics of the wedding day - FINALLY!


Gaynor said...

Looks fantastic, glad you had a fab time.

I really need to get on with my wedding / honeymoon recaps too but im still waiting on our photos to come on DVD!

Heather Lopez said...

Absoultely fabulous! What a way to end your honeymoon!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Really freakin awesome views.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

OMG, amazing! Did I tell you I'm going to Bali for our anniversary? I'm researching the Wina and other hotels. How far is Uluwatu from the airport?

Ghenet said...

Amazing!! I also love your new blog header :o)

Davanie said...

You had your very own yard! That's so fun! I love the new picture at the top of the blog too - can't wait to see more.

Bicoastal Bride said...

What a fabulous place! I’m glad you had so many fun adventures and saw so many amazing places during your honeymoon! I also can’t WAIT to see the pro pictures!

Chocolate Lover said...

Oh my gosh! Sooooo gorgeous! I don't know which is my favorite part! I want a place like that for our honeymoon!!!

Amberdawn said...

Wow, your own private paradise, it looked like!

PartyPlannerGal said...

Oh wow, this place it great!!! Now this is the sorta place I'm thinking for our honeymoon as well - how nice to have your own little isolated paradise to enjoy your first few days as newlyweds :)

undomestic chica said...

I've always wanted to go to Bali! So jalous right now, it looks amazing!

Mrs T said...

Bali has the MOST amazing hotels. That place looks great!

Katie said...

Wowwww this is amazing!!!!

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