Monday, May 17, 2010

Wed recap: Photobooth fun (Seriously tons of pics!)

I don't care what you do, if it all possible, the one thing I highly encourage you to have at your wedding is a photobooth.  I know it's trendy and overdone nowadays but it is only because your guests absolutely LOVE it!  Whether you make your own 'faux-to-booth' or rent one like we did from a company like Cheesy Photobooths, it is the best investment you'll make for entertaining your guests.  And it also serves as a great favor for them to remember your special day by.  I personally loved it because it also served dual purpose as part of our guestbook so we'd have a pic of all of our guests from our special day. 

But seriously, the entertainment value alone is phenomenal and ours was packed all night long.  So without further ado, here are just some of the many, many different types and styles of people and photos we discovered after browsing through our photobooth photos:

You'll get people of all ages:

 20 Somethings:


Moms (mine and my sister's mother-in-law):

Parents (of the groom and their friend):


Even sleeping babies!

By the way, how freaking cute is our banner at the bottom of the pictures?

And of course, you'll get the silly photos and crazy shots:

Little Miss and her dad:

The kids were in that thing all night long - like 20 times each! 
(Our Junior Groomsmen, Mr Fix It's nephew)

My crazy cousin, the flower girl

My best friend from high school who I invited 5 days before the wedding!

I love this pic in the top left of my cousins with the afro - so genius!

And you'll get the pics to see how many people you can fit inside for one picture:

This one is me and my bible study girls I lead:

Me and all my bridesmaids (and my cousin jumped in at the very end)!

My team of coordinators even jumped in at the end of the night:

For some reason, everyone thinks it's necessary to kiss and/or stick your tongue out in photobooths:

Truly disgusting...I don't need to see that!

You'll get sweet shots:

Me and Little Miss

And of course there's "What the hell is going on in this photo" shots:

Mr Fix It thought we were gonna get busy in there...silly boy!

And then finally, the "They were obviously hammered by this point" shots:

And then there's the random "Why are there totally different people in each one of these?" shots

I felt horrible about this one.  These are Mr Fix It's friends.  I didn't see anyone in line and didn't know they were inside and I barged in on them to take the pic of me and my girls right when they were kissing.  What a horrible selfish bride!  I apologized profusely and they were totally cool about it :)

Mr Fix It likes to think that he can raise his 'pimp hand' to me.  He thinks it's hilarious...not really:

But my favorite of the entire night was my wedding coordinator's husband,
 who brilliantly came up with this little beauty:

Now granted, not every single guest got in the photobooth which was a bummer.  Some left early because of kids or early mornings the next day.  Some said they were in line or on their way to the booth and then got sidetracked or ended up having to come in for the grand entrance, dinner, cake cutting, etc.  To try to offset this, we had our company set up the booth and split our hours.  We had the booth open at 4:30 and the ceremony was at 5 or 5:30 pm.  They shut down for an hour during the ceremony and then reopened from 6:30 to 11:30 during cocktails, dinner and dancing.  We booked them for a total of 6 hours and it was packed the whole time! 

I only wish I would have taken more advantage of the booth myself :(  Like much that was going on that day, I just never found enough time to focus on what I wanted and do all I wanted to.  (sigh)

So, what are your thoughts?  Did/Are you having a photobooth?  When/How do you plan to incorporate it?

Today's Tip:   Be sure to have lots of props on hand for a photobooth and set them out clearly and obviously. (I bought most of mine the day after Halloween at a costume store for a huge discount.)  I also had a dry erase board (couldn't find a chalk board I liked) and markers for people to write messages on and somehow it did not get used in any photos!  I think it ended up in the kids' play area or someone used the wrong pen on it and ruined it.  Have a photobooth attendant there all night instructing guests on what to do, encouraging them to use props, etc.  And tell them in advance about things like a chalk board or whatever.  Be sure to have your DJ or emcee announce the booth is open as well and remind guests to go use it!

(We did have an attendant who came from the rental company but I don't think that I told him about the dry erase board and I was too caught up in everything else to realize it until later.) 


Em said...

AAHHH OMG YOU CHANGED YOUR HEADER!!! Did you just do that?? I looooove it! Oh, it's perfect. Eeee!! Ok, sorry, got really excited there.

So, I'll be honest. Usually when brides post photobooth pics I don't scroll through them. But yours, my dear, are AWESOME. You have some hilarious friends! I love that guests of all ages participated. The few of you and Mr. Fix It are priceless :) We're not having a photobooth, but my friends are picture hogs so I know there will be a ton from the night.

Jenn said...

This post made me smile, laugh, and so many other things

Love the one of the flower girl, what a great personality!!!

Love the new heading!!

Thanks for the tips.. I need to mark my calendar for the day after Halloween and go stock up for mine for next May :)

PartyPlannerGal said...

Love the new header! As I was reading this, I was going to ask you if the photo booth got crowded but you answered my question! I really want to have one, but with 415 invitees and probably 350 or so guests, I fear it would be a logistical nightmare unless we were to rent two, which is definitely not in our budget.

I love how these photos turned out, and it seems like your guests had a great time!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

This looks like sooooooo much fun and although one's not in our budget, i'm totally having a faux-to-booth. Hopefully it will work out as great as yours. BTW, love the new header photo.

SG said...

I LOOOOVE the picture in your header!!

That looks like so much fun, I wish we had had money in our budget for something like that, looks like a big success!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I’m glad it was such a fun success for you! We seriously considered renting a booth, but have actually decided against it because of the cost. I’m talking with our photographer, though, about bringing in some props and doing a “faux”-tobooth for us.

By the way, I also love the new picture in your blog header! It’s gorgeous! :)

penga said...

haha, amazing photobooth shots you got! and those guitar glasses are pretty hilarious/epic. :D

Salt said...

These are CLASSIC! I love the idea of photobooths so much. All the ones I have ever seen get progressively more and more hilarious. :)

And I am LOVING your new header, pretty lady!!

Morgan said...

Yay! Looking at all these pictures is making me really excited for our fauxtobooth, which I just set up and staged in our living room this weekend. Your guests looked like they had so much fun, and now I'm really glad I invested in a ton of props!

Chocolate Lover said...

Ok. First things first! Where did you get that header pic?! Do you have more!? Are you holding out on us? huh, huh, huh??
Ok now that I have that out of my system, I love how much fun everyone had with the booth! SO cool! And that picture way up there is GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see more!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yay, love these pictures! Sigh I should have gotten a police hat! I wish more of our guests did our faux photo booth too. Oh well.

Oh and my favorite is of you and your daughter - so sweet.

P.s. Thanks for the incredibly sweet comment! I like finding deals and pretty things and if someone else finds them useful, that's awesome.

Mrs T said...

This makes me regret not having a photo booth even more!!!

Great photos. Looks like so much fun.

Gaynor said...

The pictures are fab; looks like everyone had so much fun!

I love the new blog header too!

We didnt have a photobooth, we just got our ushers to take pics of all the guests for our guest book.

honey my heart said...

so great!!!! love all of the props and how much fun everyone is having! also think it is great that you have a note w/ names and date at the bottom :)

undomestic chica said...

I've always said when I get married I'd have a photobooth, you just convinced me!

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