Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wed Recap: All the deets! (photo heavy post)

I'm not gonna say much in today's post.  Honestly, I have had some major stressful things happening at work lately.  I don't want to go into all of it but we're talking about my boss losing millions of dollars due to an issue with a lender.  :(  This means I haven't been able to spend much time on the net browsing through all of your lovely blogs I follow.  Don't dismay - I am totally still here!  Those of you who have noticed I haven't been commenting much lately, please know that I will be back over there to more thoroughly digest archived posts and catch up as soon as things are resolved here in the office :)

Thankfully, I schedule most of my posts months in advance so I have still been going regularly over here.  And I can honestly say that the wedding recaps will finally be ending this month!  Five months after the wedding, I will be wrapping it up with a few more pics and videos to share with all of you as I finalize my memories of our big day.  Thanks for hangin' in there with me.

Today, I wanted to share this cool little recap video that our videographer included in our wedding video (note that the song is not the song used in our wedding video, I had to change it due to YouTube copyrights).  It is a recap of the cocktail hour but I love it because it shows a few of the little details of our event, specifically the reception tables.  So after the video, I'll share a bunch of photos as well:

One of the two door hangers that my sister made for our day:

Our Flip Flop basket covered in red silk fabric holding 72 pairs of multi-colored flip flops:

Reserved seat signs designed by Serendipity Design

Red chinese take out Favor Boxes containing little red or turquoise key chains with a 5 ' tape measure inside:

Place cards were tucked into the napkins with each guest's name sticking out at the top.  The card was not a menu card but rather a list of activities and favors that we had available for the guests:

Personal photo

Cake table:  Our cake was made by a family friend and if you remember, Mr Fix It tried to recreate the stand from a professional picture we found.  It didn't turn out the way we envisioned it but it was amazingly good!

Our Gift Card box was the one thing I did NOT want to sell but Mr Fix It said we didn't have room for it in the house :(  So I took it to a wedding swap meet where other girls fought over it :)

A photo of my friend's guitar which he played during his solo at our ceremony

I loved this simple poster board of our room layout which made it easy for guests to locate their tables when they picked up their escort cards.

Cocktail tables (without the pen holder and votives that were also on them):

I absolutely adored the way that my coordinators tied the linen around the high standing cocktail tables!  I had shown them a picture of what I wanted and they recreated it perfectly!!!

By Amber Marquez

These Parasols were part of my gift to my BM's...loved them in a few photos.

By Yan Freedline

5 page Fan Programs designed by Serendipity Design

Gobo light

Kleenex tissue packs:  A last minute ceremony favor idea that I quickly threw together on the cheap:

Personalized water bottle labels that I designed and placed over bottles for our wedding party (unfortunately the photographer did not get a better shot of just how adorable these were...they had a custom ingredient chart on the back, too):

Our Unity Cross:

Each younger child (and some younger teens) place settings had a personalized menu under their napkin which had a word search, maze and even a scavenger hunt for the reception:

They also had a circus favor box full of goodies with a little thank you message label on it:

 The label reads:  A basket full of treats and fun, especially for the younger one.  Color, draw or play a game...just have some fun, so glad you came!

I won a free print via blog giveaway months before the wedding and had this engagement photo printed on a canvas which we displayed on an easel next to our gift table:

Some of the many little signs that we place around the event for the guests' convenience:

Photobooth table signs and baskets:

Our super cool and unique toasting flutes which I can't wait to use on future anniversaries!

Share Time:  What was your most favorite detail, DIY item or decor item from your big day?

Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Robert Mullins Photography


SG to SP said...

My favorite DIY detail were our CD favors because Kristian and I both worked on them together, the songs were meaningful to us, they helped decorate the tables and we got a lot of compliments on them.

I'm amazed by all the little details you had scattered about. Great job!

steph c said...

Still a bride-to-be so I can't yet share a favorite detail, but wanted to mention that your wedding looks beautiful, and I love how you worked the red and turquoise colors together. I love that color combo!

Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

I'm not sure which of my DIY's will end up being my favorite yet, but let me say that I am so in love with everything in your wedding. You did a fantastic job at putting everything together. =)

PartyPlannerGal said...

Everything is beautiful! It's hard to say which of my projects will be my favorite in the photos - so many to choose from, and my photographer swears she is on it in terms of capturing some great detail shots. Fingers crossed! Love your color scheme - it's so happy and fun.

Bicoastal Bride said...

As you know, I absolutely LOVE all of the amazing details and special touches you included as a part of your day. Everything looked so beautiful, and you were so thoughtful to your guests. I hear you about the work stress, too, since I've been very overwhelmed on my end, as well, especially since I just started grad school on the side and am still completing my wedding planning certificate courses. But luckily, I've been able to keep up with my blog, too! Since I'm studying publishing, we're actually encouraged to blog as part of our program! Isn't that awesome? :)

My favorite special accessory from our day would definitely be the "love" parasol I got from Etsy. I did a post about it today, and it allowed for some of my very favorite photos.

Morgan said...

Love seeing all your details again, condensed into one post! You can truly see how much work and thought you put into every single little aspect of your wedding--it's just beautiful!

kjpugs said...

I LOVE all your details!!! Your colors are amazing. I really really like the lights of your names!

My Dream Ring said...

Beautiful!!! Everything is just gorgeous, love your colors and I especially love your logo on the fireplace ;)!!

Miss C said...

Oh my, the details! I would never have thought of doing so much of this. You really made sure your guests were comfortable :)

Mrs T said...

The most amazing wedding details I have ever seen. Beautiful

Cyn said...

It's all about the little touches when it comes to weddings and you didn't forget a thing. Everything came togther beautifully.

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