Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wed Recap: Jane plain and simple

Or maybe I should title this post "Stacey plain and simple" ?

Today, I want to briefly recap my thoughts on my wedding day hair and makeup.  But first, let me just tell you ladies, that the days of the up do are gone...everyone had their hair down in my bridal party (and 3 years ago in my sister's bridal party)!

To share with you how I felt about the wedding hair/makeup, I'll remind you of how Mr Fix It told me my right eyelash was coming off during the soloist's performance in the middle of our ceremony.  As soon as I walked in to the bridal cottage after the ceremony, I just pulled the eyelashes off completely as I didn't want to waste time trying to replace it.  So basically, I was really complacent about how I looked on the wedding day.  Mostly because I just didn't feel like I needed to worry about anything...nor did I want to.

A few days after the wedding, Mr Fix It and I had the following conversation:

Me:  I wasn't really thrilled with my hair on the wedding day.
Mr Fix It:  Why?  I thought you looked pretty.
Me:  Yes, but all the girls looked way better than me.
Him:  You looked fine.
Me:  Yeah, but I felt like I just looked very...
Me & Him at exact same time:  plain.

Yeah, exactly...that's the word.  There was nothing spectacular or done up about my hair that day like it had been in the trials.  In fact, it barely held the curl at all (but that's not really the stylist's hair NEVER holds curl of any kind).  The main reason why was probably because of my inability to focus and remember things I had planned.  My 'go with the flow' attitude led to this conversation on the wedding day during my hair styling:

My stylist:  Ya know, I'm afraid if I use the extensions in your hair they're going to pull out your natural hair curls.
Me:  Really?  Why, do they look like they're falling out?
Her:  No, but I think the extensions are too heavy and will pull it out.
Me:  Ok, then...whatever you think is best.


I should have stuck to my plans and used the extensions because they definitely held curls better than my natural hair.  On top of that, I shouldn't have told my stylist on the wedding day to not do any teasing on my hair at all since I had let her tease the top a little during the trials. 

I did in fact feel like the girls' hair came out way better than mine did.  And I did truly love my makeup as well.
Granted, regardless of all of this, I truly loved my makeup for sure.  And the fact that we were able to do a post wedding shoot gave me the opportunity to do up my hair a little better and different while in my gown.  When Mr Fix It arrived on site the day of our post wedding shoot, he looked at my hair and immediately said "Now, THAT'S how your hair should have been on the wedding day...much better."

In addition, I have to rave about my stylist, Natalie Buketov because she truly was a sweetheart and it was so amazingly generous of her to do my hair/makeup free of charge for the post wedding shoot simply because she was disappointed that one of my false eyelashes came off during the wedding ceremony. 

Share Time:  Did you feel totally satisfied with your hair and makeup on your wedding day?

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP: Don't use old makeup, especially lipstick!  Sit down with an attendant or family member before your wedding day and go over photos, colors, styles, and anything you have to show them what you want or are supposed to look like on your wedding day.  Then when your hair and makeup is finished, have them check you out before the stylist leaves and give their approval of the finished work.  And stick to your plans if you liked them in your trial(s).


Patience said...

I loved my hair and makeup on my wedding day. I got so many compliments. I am not a fan of girls wearing their hair down simply because within an hour or two it goes flat. All of my friends who have worn their hair down have regreted it. I just feel like on this one day I want to stand out and not look like I do every other day of the year. To each their own. I thought your hair and makeup looked great.

SG to SP said...

I agree about the updos though there are some pretty/more casual styles out there but I can't stand very formal "prom-ish" updos. I always wear my hair down and didn't want to look toooo different, just an enhanced version of myself.

I LOOOOOOVED my hair for my wedding, it came out way better than the trial runs but that's because of the clip in hair extensions I bought right beforehand which gave me sooo much more volume and curl. Had she just curled my hair on it's own it wouldn't have looked nearly as good and like you my curls would have fallen out since my hair doesn't hold curl well. I liked my makeup though it wasn't totally what I had envisioned but still pretty.

I'm glad she agreed to hook you up for the post wedding shoot.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Haha, I posted about hair today too! I think your hair looked nice and natural, and couldn't tell that it wasn't the look you were going for. I am going to ask for a "messy updo" at my hair trial that doesn't look too much like prom. We'll see how it goes!

Great tip, as usual! I'll definitely remember not to switch anything up on the big day!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I think your hair looked beautiful, but I can understand your frustration, since it wasn't the overall look you were going for. I was thrilled with both my hair and makeup, especially since I'm usually a very low-key girl who goes for an overall natural look. My hair style was romantic and soft, which was a perfect match with my dress. And my makeup was also very soft, but definitely gave me a more polished, porcelain look than I'm used to. I also agree that it's important for a bride to stick to her guns on the wedding day, but it can be hard when you're so "in the moment" and just rolling with everything. I had that issue with certain things, too. It's almost like I was in a daze at some points!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Your hair and makeup looked good to me! Your wedding look should be quintessentially you! I did my own makeup and had a braided updo and loved it (though I should have reapplied during the day!)

Miss C said...

I think you looked great!

I am hesitant to wear my hair up because it is so long, so I feel like I should use the length.

I was just going to have it curled.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I completely agree about the hair. I decided to do my hair really natural and loose, like I wear it on a daily basis. The only issue was that our wedding day was exactly 100 degrees and I was outside before the ceremony from 12-1pm taking pictures. Yikes! Oh and my eyelashes fell off during the ceremony. My bridesmaids were super pissed and trying to hunt down the wedding planner for eyelash glue, but I was so happy during that day that I didn't notice. But looking back I kind of regret the hair/makeup choices that I made.

Mrs T said...

I thought your hair and makeup looked great! But I think I loved your hair more in the re shoot too. But you looked beautiful on both days!

P.s. Sorry I've been away. Catching up today x

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