Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wed Recap: Family drama

It happens at many weddings...the unfortunate drama that unfolds (usually because of family issues) during the event.  It's truly so sad and frustrating that people can't put aside their differences, or even better, get over themselves during someone's most special wedding day event. 

At my sister's wedding there was a little drama but not much.  One of our Aunts flipped out because as my sister and her hubby were wandering around the guests' dinner tables to greet everyone, they suddenly ran out of time about halfway through.  The photographer was going to be leaving and needed the bride and groom to get on with the cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss.  Since my sister didn't get to talk to our Aunt at her table and it just so happened that we pulled the bride away as she was approaching their table, my Aunt started totally crying and yelling at me for not letting her talk to her.  It was so silly but that's what happens when you add alcohol. 

Then my sister got a little upset later that night when her new hubby's ex-girlfriend shared a cab with her her new mother-in-law to the after party.  It was already a huge selfless act that my sister was even willing to allow the ex-girlfriend to attend the event (which she didn't want to do), but to find out that her MIL offered her cab to the after party to her was just ridiculous!

Thankfully, there was no drama at our big event.  We didn't wander the tables and I made sure to go greet my Aunt so there were no disappointments. 

The only two things I heard about which irritated me on the day after the wedding were that one of Mr Fix It's brothers got into a little spat with him because his brother was yelling at his son about spending too much time in the photobooth.  The kids loved that thing and they were in and out of it all night.  Mr Fix It's nephew was in there a lot and rather than just telling him to get out and wait until everyone else had had a turn inside, his dad decided to make him sit at their dinner table for almost an hour!  That was not necessary and Mr Fix It was pretty pissed when he heard about it.  He told his brother to calm down and not be such a dictator...the kid was just having fun.

Then my sister told me that one of my other Aunts came up to her at the cocktail hour and gave her a hard time about what a horrible job she did bustling my dress.  If you remember from this post, we were rushing my poor sis and I knew I was about to take my gown off to change right after the cocktail hour so I told her not to worry if it wasn't perfect and part of the dress was dragging on the ground.  So not a big deal to me at all but it did bother me that my Aunt felt the need to ridicule my sister about it.  So not cool and so not necessary.  My sister told her that it was the bride's own decision to leave it like that and my Aunt told her she shouldn't have let me walk out into the cocktail area until it was fixed.

People are so silly about what they get hung up really befuddles me.  :)

Share Time:  Did you have any drama (or are you concerned about any potentail drama) at your wedding day?


Hannah said...

The only drama was family drama! (Isn't that how it always is.) I just wrote this post last night so its fresh on my mind but we had TWO uninvited guests. (One who might know me a little too good and Pete wasn't happy about it.) AND the uncle who thought bringing them was a good decision ALSO brought a blender and his own alcohol.

Then, when my caterer said that they had the liquor license and he had to stop - he put a hole through the wall of the catering kitchen.

Thank god I didn't know about that one until the next day.

SG to SP said...

The only drama I know about is that Kristian spent the early part of the day pissed at one of his groomsmen who was running late and just being difficult and stressing him out. If there was other drama no one has told me about it which is perfectly fine with me! :)

PartyPlannerGal said...

Sounds like you emerged relatively unscathed, but I'm sorry you had to hear about those two little hiccups. I guarantee there is going to be drama from my family's side about the food, which is mostly Indian. I am sympathetic to the fact that a lot of people don't like Indian food, but we went out of our way to pick some "safe" dishes that should be enjoyed by even the most non-adventurous of eaters. I wouldn't be surprised if some of my family members refuse to try anything though. Oh well, can't please everyone!

EmilyB said...

Oh people are so silly. I'm sorry that your aunt couldn't keep those thoughts about your bustle to herself. I mean, for all she knew maybe that's how it was supposed to look!

Our family drama was minimal, but still hurtful. My uncle and his date (not sure if girlfriend is the right word) left before dinner was over because she was "uncomfortable" being there due to her religious (Muslim) beliefs. Um, I'm sorry, there was NEVER a question that there wouldn't be alcohol, dancing, and men and women interacting. It's just not right. Also, my dad...ugh I can't even write it all here. It will be in an upcoming post.

Bicoastal Bride said...

We had a few sticky situations that could have gone badly, but thanks to my seating chart, things stayed under control. The only really weird thing that happened was that my cousin and her fiance, a very interesting pair, to say the least, apparently went around to other tables finishing half-drank cocktails other guests had left there! I didn't know about this at the time and would have been furious if I had. How tacky!

Miss C said...

This is actually the thing that I'm most concerned about.

We're only having around 50 pople (maybe just over) at our Aussie wedding, and there are members of my family that don't get along at all. I'm going to be stressed if they all come, and I'm going to be upset if they don't. Oh well!

Glad you didn't have any major dramas. And there is no way I'd let an ex come to the wedding!

Mrs T said...

The only drama we had was the wine incident with Mr B's parents. So not too bad considering!

Morgan said...

Congrats on escaping with that little drama at your wedding, that's great that there were only a few small annoyances. I completely agree with you, it's so weird what people get worked up over, especially when they've had a few drinks. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to have a completely drama-free wedding...unless you elope!

kjpugs said...

Our only ones were my hubby's aunt wearing white and my SIL getting engaged that week and telling everyone BUT us. Yea. Basically, just hate the SIL, the rest is gravy!

MayLove said...

We were very afraid of drama from my father. He and I haven't had any sort of relationship for about ten years, and we only invited him and his side of the family out of guilt. We KNEW he'd start drama b/c that's just the way he is (part of why I avoid him). Actually it wasn't as bad as I expected. He didn't talk to me at all, and like your sister we got interrupted halfway through visiting the tables, and didn't get to his. Out of politeness I went over to say hello to him, and the only things he said to me were "I'm going to get going now" and "what kind of dog is Lucy?" Not nearly as bad as we expected.
Unfortunately, my mother and cousin decided to fill me in a little later about all the drama that really went down. Apparently he caused quite a stir at the ceremony, I won't go into all the details, but it included him showing up right as they were closing the doors and yelling "you can't start without me, IM the father of the bride!" and his deciding not to look at me the entire day. So in all the pictures that he's in, his back is turned, or face turned away. Which frankly, is fine because I can't stand the man. I just wish my family had let me go on not knowing about these things. I would have been fine not knowing. What can I say, people LOVE to start drama.

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