Monday, September 13, 2010

Wed Recap: Time to eat!!!

UGH!  I never got around to writing out this whole you might have read the ramblings of my notes.  This just goes to show the madness of life.  I'll try to edit it up a bit in a hurry as I am supposed to be working right now :)

We ran out of the mini cheese chicken quesadillas...John was upset about that and the fact that the lemonade pitcher was empty when he came out to the cocktail area.  But caterer handled it immediately.

Caterer was sick and left early :(  But his staff did a great job of keeping things cleaned up for the most part.

Food was okay...seemed like guests were eating it.  The chicken didn't get the rave reviews we thought it would and John and I thought it didn't taste nearly as good as it did at the tasting.  He thought the tri-tip was not cooked enough but one of my friends said her fiance loves it rare and thought it was great.  One of our friends told us the roasted garlic mashed potatoes were like 'crack' and that he had gone back for 3 or 4 servings.

Salad and veggies were good but hard to screw that up. 

Appetizers seemed well enough...simple - fruit, cheese, crackers and then quesadillas.  Substituted the stuffed mushrooms for little teryaki chicken drumettes at our caterers request because there were no ovens.  John wasn't happy about that and didn't think they were as good but other friends said they were really good.

Seemed like people had cleaned their plates, including my boss who is hard to impress :)

We had water pitchers on each table that we asked them to infuse with either cucumbers, lemons, or strawberries.  Some people loved this, others said it was not that good. 

They only cut up the bottom layer of the cake so the other three layers that had different flavors weren't even set out!  Thankfully, we ate the lemon layer the next day at our day after lunch with family.

Overall, the food was definitely not bad, but definitely not great either.  We knew that food was *NOT* a priority for us as long as it tasted good.  It must have been okay for most of the guests because a few people even commented on the good food on their guest book pages. 


PartyPlannerGal said...

Sounds like the food was pretty much a success. Too bad the caterer got sick. I am bracing myself for the reviews of our food, since we are serving Indian and Middle Eastern food that some of our relatives are going to think is too crazy.

Bicoastal Bride said...

It sounds like things went well overall, and I think there are always some mixed reviews about food. Everyone has different tastes, and in the end, you just can't please everyone. I'm sorry to hear they didn't cut the other layers of the cake and that the caterer got sick! At least you got to enjoy the rest of the cake later on.

buhdoop said...

It was probably good if people cleaned their plates! You can't please everyone :)

Mrs T said...

Clean plates means it must have been good! I've never heard of water infused with cucumber! Would love to try the strawberry one though

OC wedding caterers said...

These cakes are to die for! Should try one soon.

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