Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remember how I mentioned coping with OCD in our wedding video?

Well, there was a perfect example of why me and Mr Fix It have to learn to 'cope' with it on the day before the rehearsal!

We both have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  We both are pretty anal about things and both like to be in control and have things the way we want.  Now we've learned how to relate to one another with these things so we have a great relationship, but for the rest of the world...oh watch out!

The day before the rehearsal (while I was at work), Mr Fix It was supposed to take his dad down to the Men's Wearhouse and pick up their tuxedos along with some other tuxes for his family who was arriving late Wednesday night.  I told them I wanted them to be tried on either in the store if possible, or first thing Thursday morning so that if there were any problems with things missing or not fitting, then they could be handled before the rehearsal at 3 pm on Thursday.

Well, at 11 am on Wednesday I get a call from him asking if he can just go pick all the tuxedos up on Thursday afternoon on his way to the rehearsal?

Now you know me by now, ladies.  I make plans, I e-mail the people involved, I communicate information, and I stay on top of the tasks so that if anything goes wrong, I have time to resolve the issue.  So I proceeded to explain to Mr Fix It how a last minute tux pick up just an hour before our rehearsal was going to be a bad idea!  What if something does fit?  What if something is missing?  Then you are late to the rehearsal and leave the shop no real time to order in a new item or sew or tailor something.

He was not happy with me and after a little bit of a spat, he finally said that since I was such a 'worry wart' he'd just go and handle it right then.

Well, a few hours later, I get a call from my sister who is in the shop at the same time as Mr Fix It picking up my little nephew's ring bearer tux.  My nephew's pants are way too big so they have to get a new pair in for him.  Then I ask her how Mr Fix It's tux is going?  To which she tells me that he says "Because of my OCD, I am having the sleeves shortened so you can see more of the white of the shirt underneath." 

I told her to make sure he knew that was exactly why I wanted it handled that day.  And of course she relays the message and I hear him say in the background "I know, that's why I went ahead and came down."

See, us OCD people know that it is always smart to give yourself extra time to deal with the imperfections you will mostly certainly come across.  So glad that they were able to get those things handled.  I would have been livid if he would have been late to the rehearsal while he was having the sleeves tailored!!!


Jenn said...

Amen! Smart thinking!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Yeah, I agree with you and can definitely relate. Just last night, I had a long conversation with Stephen about the things we still have left to do and how we need to make progress on them by Friday. Now, we still have a few weeks until our wedding, but I am absolutely determined to get everything done well ahead of time. I know there will surely be something that comes up at the last minute that we didn’t prepare for, but otherwise, I want everything to be done with time to spare. It's just in my personality.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Hahaha! Love it! My fiance is so much more laid back than me, and I get so annoyed when he tells me that things will just "work out" because they "always do." I'm always like, "they work out because I planned them so they would work out!" I love this post :)

Chocolate Lover said...

I agree with PartyPlanner. Sometimes guys can be so clueless about what goes in to make a wedding happen! Glad it all worked out!

Morgan said...

LOL, I would have insisted that it happen that day as well! Don't guys know that when things are left to the last minute, that's when things go wrong? ;)

Mrs T said...

Love it

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