Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why do I feel numb?

Ok, so there's just 5 days to go now until I will offiicially be Mrs. Beever!  It's pretty incredible.

This week, I will:

Get my final body waxing on Monday
Get a facial and massage on Tuesday (after I pick up my wedding gown from my seamstress!)
Get the guys' tuxedos and deliver them as needed on Wednesday
Get my nails done on Thursday morning and then head to the rehearsal at 3 pm.
Get married on FRIDAY!

People have been asking me the past week or two if I am excited or nervous or anxious or both.  Honestly, I look at them and say "I feel numb."

I really am not excited...not because I'm sad or disappointed or anything, but just because I've been too freaking busy with finishing up the wedding stuff and working full time to have time to feel anything.  I guess that is good because it means I don't have time to feel nervous or anxious either.

Work has been SUPER DUPER busy!  I mean, like crazy busy.  Like I've worked for this man for 8 years and I've never in that entire time been as busy as I am right now.  It's again, probably a good thing.  Thank the Lord I had finished so many things so many months before the wedding because if I had not been prepared and thought that work would be smooth sailing as it has always been, I would have been a stressed out wreck!

So here I am, the Sunday before my wedding week.  Family will be arriving on Wednesday, I should be able to enjoy myself and not have to think one thing about wedding related to-do's. 

Now all I have to do is pray that I get all my work done before my last work day on Wednesday!  Pray for me!

P.S.  Today is my little niece's first birthday party in San Clemente at a local park.  She turns 1 year old just two days before our wedding!  So exciting!


Bicoastal Bride said...

I think I’ll feel the same way you do when it’s my turn, as it will all be a little surreal. But I think you’ll start feeling super excited as the week goes on. It’s really almost your wedding day! Wow! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You'll feel it when you have all your family and friends with you!

Ooh it's so close, yay!

SG said...

First off, thanks for the sweet comment about my invitation situation. I'm still pretty upset about it but there's nothing I can do so I'm jus trying to focus on other things.

Secondly, I can understand the numb feeling but I suspect starting Wed. the excitement feeling will build and by Friday you'll just be dancing on clouds.

Gaynor said...

Just a quick comment to say hope you have a wonderful day and I will see all about it when I get back from honeymoon.

Thanks for your lovely comment too; the day was fabulous but it went so quick and that was me going to the hairdressers at 8am and getting married at 1pm
{well a bit later since I was a bit late}; it still totally flew by!


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