Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The weather forecast for wedding day...

So yesterday, I checked to see what the weather forecast was for the rehearsal day...they'll only give you a 10 day forecast and that's where we were.

But today - we're at 9 days!  And last summer I signed up for's/ Wedding Weather info.  Basically, you type in the city and date you're getting married and they give you all kind of averages, rainfall info, cloud cover, etc for the past several years. 

April is typically not a rainy month at all here in the OC in So Cal.  I tracked the weather every day last April and it only rained 3 times and it was only for a few minutes/hours in the middle of the night while people were sleeping.  So I had high hopes for us getting good weather on wedding day.

Now I'd be thrilled with comfortably sunny but I've heard people say it's better for it to be parly cloudy because you don't have a huge glare or sun or shadows in people's eyes for photos.  Whatever.  I just don't want it to rain!

Dumb Mr Fix It kept telling me that since it's an El Nino year, we'd have a higher chance of rain and I keep telling him I'm going to smack him!  I have spent 16 months and thousands of dollars to entertain and celebrate our marriage with 195 guests and I am just praying the Lord blesses us with a beautiful day.

Needless to say, I was a little sad when I checked the weather forecast yesterday and it said that it was going to be 67 degrees with 30% chance of showers on the rehearsal day!  NOOOOO!!!!

Well, my mom kept telling me how the weather forecasts change right up until the day so not to stress about that stuff.

So imagine how excited I was when I checked my e-mail this morning and received this little bit of info from My Wedding Weather on

Particularly note the wonderful little note under the temperature that reads:
Comfort level:  Delightful


Now I just have to hope that it only gets better and not worse.  And as far as the rehearsal day, check out this update from this morning:

Sunny with no 30% chance of showers from yesterday's forecast! 

Finally, here's the forecast so far for the week up to the wedding:

This is amazing!  But note that in the time I took the pic for just the day of to the time I took the pic for the whole week, the temperature jumped 3 degrees!  Guess mom wasn't lying when she said they change it all the time. 

The only bummer now is that my little niece is having her one year birthday party at a park on Sunday :(  So now we're praying that forecast goes away for the showers predicted for that day!

Were/Are you nervous about your wedding day weather?  I keep telling Mr Fix It, I don't care if it's raining, we're getting married outside regardless.  He says no way but I *will* win this one...let's just pray that it is sunny and there's no need for an argument :)


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Oh wow, what a great resource. I just signed up thanks to you and for the past three years my date has had no rain. Let's hope it continues like this. Temperatures are in the 90s though, really hot. Oh well, the ceremony will only be about 30 - 45 minutes.

SG said...

We're planning to get married outside too so I'm definitely nervous about the weather. But we do have a few backup plans so that does relieve some stress but it would be nice to be able to do Plan A.

Do you have a backup plan on the small chance it does rain? Not sure if you've talked about that yet or not.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Well, I told Mr Fix It people should bring umbrellas because I want to get married outside no matter what! They could put a tent up if needed but I think that is super expensive and it takes away from the beauty of the landscaping. The final option, is to simply have everything (ceremony, cocktails, reception) indoors with the guests all seated at their tables while we get married on the dance NOT want to do that. Praying that it all works out.

The venue has said they've not really ever had an April ceremony rained out. They said even if it does rain, it usually always clears up a little for the ceremony to take place outside at least.

Heather Martin said...

When I first got engaged last Valentines I wanted an outside wedding. We even put a deposit down on a place and then decided after budgeting dance floors and tents in case it rained and all the rentals that go along with outside weddings we decided to have an inside wedding. I didn't want to be stressing out about the weather.

Good luck with the weather this week, it looks like it will be beautiful for your big day!

PartyPlannerGal said...

I'm with your mom - the weather forecast changes very drastically up here too depending on when you check it.

I found that website too! We are getting married in October, which is usually a beautiful month here with only 1-2 days of rain. It hasn't rained for the last 4 years on our wedding day, but again, who knows? Fortunately, we have a great back-up indoor space if it looks like it'll rain.

dognbird said...

Delightful indeed! Love this little weather post, you are getting so close to the big day. Exciting!!

PMerr said...

I love that site! I'm still 4 months, so I haven't done too much with it yet.

Hope its warm and there's no rain!! :)

Chocolate Lover said...

Fingers crossed that you have the most delightful weather on your day!

buhdoop said...

Looks like sun! Great, but if it rains you can do it like Jenn over at A Brides Brain and get married in the rain.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I hope the forecast stays the same and that you have a gorgeous, rain-free day! The things I’m nervous about are a wildfire in the area that day spewing ash all around or an early June heatwave. Fingers crossed!

Jenn said...

YAY!!! Don't stress about the weather as you know I did and it wasn't even worth my time. Try to keep sane for the next 9 DAYS GASP!

Mrs T said...

Sounds PERFECT. And your Mom is right about it changing all the time.

We got the hottest New Years in 113 years... but you already knew that after all my whining!

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