Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm seriously DONE!!!

So, I think I am truly done with all of the wedding planning and task lists and to-do's.  No really...see that task list up above this post?  That's really all that I have left to do that is wedding related.  And we still have 11 days to go and that stuff should be able to be knocked out pretty easy (sending up prayers).

This past week/weekend I did the following:

*  Finished assembling programs with help of Bridesmaid Deb
*  Assembled all the escort card favor boxes filled with M&M's and JellyBeans with help of MOH Julie and BM Erin (printed all the guests' names and cut them out and put them in alphabetical order)
*  Fixed up my little silver bells that needed some TLC (they'll hold the trivia cards on each table)
*  Reorganized and confirmed that I had all my kids' favor boxes correctly identified (we added 3 kids to our guest list that I needed to account for)
*  Met with my florist and paid her in full, met with my caterer, selected our menu and paid him in full
*  Had my MOH (sister) design our menu cards to display on the appetizer and buffet tables
*  Put together our gift card box
*  FINISHED OUR WEDDING VIDEO that will be played at the ceremony as a lead in to my walk down the aisle (Post coming tomorrow with the final video for you to see!)
*  Printed out final seating charts for coordinators and caterers

I'm waiting for our placecards to arrive this week so that I can put them together by table assignments for our coordinator and then that's it! 

So I really think I should have everything done at least a good week before the big day!  Yea me!  I can just relax and get my massage and my nails done and all that jazz.

Of course, I do need to pick up all the tuxedos two days before the wedding to deliver to all of our guys coming in from out of town.  I am praying that goes smoothly as you will remember from my post a few days ago that stupid tuxedo shop has been the biggest thorn in my side during this whole process!

Well, ladies...I know a few of you just got married or are soon to be married.  And then there are those of you who have a ways to go still.

Did/Do you feel like you had everything done with a few days to spare or were you rushing up until the night before?  If you're not married yet, do you think you'll be able to give yourself time to have everything done a little early?  It is SO nice for me because now if I forget anything, I have a few days to go over it all in my head and handle any last minute issues.

PS  All is well here after the 7.2 earthquake in Mexico that we definitely felt here in So Cal.  Mr Fix It and I were in the grocery store when the earthquake started and every aisle had a few things that fell off the shelves.  It was not that scary but definitely strong and longer than most we have had lately.  What a weekend.


Genevieve said...

I am glad to hear you are ok after the earthquake! Wow you had a busy weekend!

Kristy said...

congrats! i hope you treat yourself to a celebratory margarita after the months of to-do's - you deserve it!! so excited to hear how it goes!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I'm still 4 months out and trying to complete things so I can be like you a few days before my wedding. I absolutely hate feeling rushed and would lose my mind if things were still pending a week before the big day. Congrats, you go girl!

Patience said...

Congrats on having almost everything done. Such a great feeling. I have been done with everything for a while that is the great thing about destination wedding. Glad you are okay.

Ghenet said...

I hope to be like you when we're 11 days out to our wedding...with such a long engagement, I want to get everything done as early as possible!

Glad you're alright after the earthquake!

Em said...

First and foremost, glad you're safe and sound after the earthquake.

That's so awesome that your to-do list is nearly complete! I'm hoping to have everything ready to go by the Sunday before the wedding. Obviously there will be some week-of things, but for the most part I'd like to spend that week relaxing and enjoying time with the OOT guests :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Glad you're ok from the earthquake. They seem to be happening too often lately :(

We have a ways to go until our wedding, but I am pretty confident I'll have mostly everything done a good couple weeks or so before the wedding. I am starting to tackle a lot now which is nice. Your big day is almost here and you have SO much done! :) It will be nice for you to relax this last week!

Jillreigh said...

WOW! What an accomplishment! What a wonderful feeling that must be to know that you can (hopefully) relax the last few days before your wedding.

Salt said...

Woah I didn't even know about this earthquake! What the heck has been going on over there lately!?

I'm SO HAPPY that everything is coming together for you! The whole pampering yourself right beforehand is definitely one of the most fun parts. :)

My Dream Ring said...

Woooo-Freakin-hooooo good for you, maybe you can get a minute to think and relax :)

I am so excited for your wedding :)

PartyPlannerGal said...

Congrats on being so close, and on having a few days to kick back and enjoy your last days as a "miss." I have a feeling it's going to be a stressful time for us, since my cousin's wedding is in Reno two weeks before ours (he got engaged a month ago, then set his wedding two weeks before ours :P) Boys!

I'm so excited for you :)

buhdoop said...

Whoo Hoo! All your planning paid off!! Now you just need to track down those last three people. Awesome :)

ruthyann said...

i had last minute stuff...down to the night before the wedding. But I just really didn't care that much. I was so excited about getting married that if things didn't get done, oh well! I also have an incredibly amazing mother in law who was soooo great about that helped alot too.

Recession Bride said...

I'm so jealous about being so organized!


Mrs T said...

Go you indeed! Wish I had been as organised as you. Hopefully it's all smooth sailing from here on out.

What a great last week it will be - stress free!

Can't wait to see the video.

honey my heart said...

you finished so much!! so excited for you :)

Heather Martin said...

I am a new follower and have to say congrats and I hope you have a fabulous wedding! I cant wait to see pics. Im actually getting married in 18 days and can not wait!!!

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