Friday, April 2, 2010

Stupid tuxedo shop

Said tuxedo shop will remain nameless but let's just list the issues I have had with them since we originally reserved our tuxedos back in December:

1)  Have had to make several calls to confirm the cost of the tuxedo rentals because every time a new groomsmen/ring bearer/father went in to reserve and pay for their tux, they were given a different amount than the discounted price we were given for the rentals.
2)  They charged my sister for my nephew's tuxedo rental which was supposed to be free!  Then said they would fix the mistake and refund her when we pick the tux up.
3)  They didn't charge one of the GM the full amount of the tuxedo when he came in to get fitted even though the notes in the computer were made VERY clear so that every guy would pay in FULL when they got fitted so that we would not have to pay any open balances since we are picking up all the tuxedos for them!
4)  Their computer screwed up on one GM's tux info and only charged him $40 instead of $140 to which they told us to 'consider it a free gift and pay it in full immediately so we'd get the cheaper rate.'  Only we found out this week, the computer magically corrected it's problem and is now requesting the balance of $100 due (sigh)
5)  My dad went in to get fitted this week and was told that the pants we reserved do not 'match' the jacket we reserved.  Um, hello?  Not true!  So I had to call the store *again* to have them look into it.  They indicated that wasn't true and the pants were fine.  However, they did note that the ring bearers did not have the same type of pleated pants reserved as the rest of the wedding party!  So they had to fix that mistake, too.

Every single time I call them to check on the status of something or ask to make sure everything is correct, they find some other problem or something wrong.  WTH?!?

Seriously - I'm getting over this wedding planning and these stupid vendors real quick!

14 days to go - THANK GOD!!!


Patience said...

Oh girl, hang in there. Every single wedding L has been in has had issues with the tuxedos, but they always come through and fix the problem. The tuxedo shop should be giving you a discount for all of your troubles.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Oh no! That is so unprofessional of them, really! Hang in there - you are so close, and no one will notice if one of the groomsmen has different pants than another one, I promise. I know it will all work out though, so just hold tight :)

Em said...

The complete incompetence of some businesses never ceases to amaze me. I hope in the end everything is correct. That would anger me to no end...

Sorry to hear about the marriage license thing. Josh and I fought (or gave each other the silent treatment) the entire 45 minute drive to the courthouse. It seems like whenever there is a happy thing going on, one of us manages to put a damper on it. Hopefully you two figure something out.

And of course, many thanks for the very nice words about my dress :) You'll be wearing yours in two weeks, lady!

My Dream Ring said...

BREATH and hang in there! HUGS!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

How frustrating! You are almost done with it all and will be married in just a couple weeks. Keep hanging in there!

Kristy said...

unreal! are wedding parties not what they do for a living!!!! unbelievable that they would be that much of a disaster, i'm sorry of all the thing you DO NOT need to be dealing with!

Recession Bride said...

Hmmmm, makes me wonder if you went with a certain nationwide tuxedo chain that starts with an "M" and ends in "en's Wearehouse"?

We've had a few problems with them for our wedding (specifically screwing up the price by not giving our groomsmen the discount, like you mentioned) and a few other things for previous weddings the fiance was in.

Good luck, it will all work out!

Mrs T said...

SERIOUSLY HOW HARD IS IT? What is wrong with them? Grrrrr I will go kick some tuxedo shop ass!!!!

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