Monday, April 26, 2010

Such sweet blogger friends...

Do you know that I follow over 200 blogs in my Google Reader?  And most of them are bridal or wedding related!  :)

Well, of those 200 there are many, many of them that have become great 'online' friends and support and encouragement throughout the past 8 or 9 months I've been blogging!  And I just wanted to share some of the amazing comments and 'behind the scenes' e-mails I received in the last week or two leading up to my wedding day:

Disclaimer:  I hope these ladies don't mind that I shared these wonderful comments from them :)

I can’t believe your wedding day is only two days away, and I just wanted to send you a message to wish you the most beautiful of days! I know you’ve put so much passion and energy into your wedding, and that you’ve gone through a lot of rough spots lately, so I hope your day is all that you’ve imagined. I’ll definitely be thinking of you and following along with your wedding day blogging. I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about it! Congratulations, Stacey! I'm so happy and thrilled for you! - Bicoastal Bride

I know you're probably consumed with a bazillion different last minute wedding things (and joys! and definitely the joys!) but I just wanted to send over some almost-wedding well-wishes of my own. We've been popping into each others blogs for a while now, and I can't believe your amazing, beautifully planned wedding is pretty much here! I wish you all the love that such a special day deserves, and I hope it's everything you and Mr Fix It wanted it to be. Congratulations on your wedding and marriage. May you savor the joy of the ceremony and the celebration all day long, and may you carry that joy with you forever. - A Los Angeles Love

I seriously cannot- CANNOT- wait. I'm so excited for Friday. :)   - From Amanda, my wedding coordinator

Yey your big day is almost here! Enjoy this week! - Seaside Smitten

So excited for you!! Mine is in 39 days! GAH! Have an amazing week, check in if you can, and enjoy this time. You're going to be a beautiful bride :) - Burning River Bride

4 days? I cant wait to check in on your blog obseesively in 4 days. - But What I Really Hate is Laundry

YAY!! so close - A Bride's Brain

Can't believe you're just 4 days away! Congrats congrats congrats! - Recession Bride

ONE MORE WEEK! OH MY GOSH!!! Is it weird that I've been looking forward to your wedding and we only know each other online?

I'm so glad you have everything done and can relax for the next few days. The final countdown is on! - Salt Says

And of course, I can't forget my biggest blogger buddy, Mrs. T over at Ninety-Nine + Forever.  She sent me a package for my wedding all the way from Australia!  How sweet is that? 

Thank you to all of you lovely ladies for all your well wishes and I am surely going to be following along with all of your future events, planning and festivities for all the exciting things happening in your lives as well.  I also wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness!


Nicole-Lynn said...

You're very welcome! :)

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love the bridal blogger community. Really, it's been so great, and probably the best wedding decision I've made was to start my blog :)

Em said...

Aw you're SO welcome!

Wedding planning and blogging has really opened my eyes to the good in people as well as the not-so-good. For example, this community of bloggers is (for the most part) extremely supportive and genuinely excited for people they've never even met. When you were going through the tough times, I cried right along with you. The happy times? I laughed. That's what makes this so awesome.

On the other hand, I feel like a lot of my "real life" friends just don't...get it. It's not that they're not happy for me, I'm sure they are, but I haven't gotten one unsolicited "Oh my gosh I can't WAIT" or "I'm getting excited for your wedding!" or anything like that from my friends. Sure, when I talk to them on the phone they express excitement, but just out of nowhere? Not once. And it makes me sad. But then when I get a comment from a reader, or am able to comment on some one else's excitement, I no longer care.

So in honor of sharing in one's excitement, let me just say that I can't WAIT for you to start recaps and see/read all about your wedding day :) Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!

Bicoastal Bride said...

You’re welcome, Stacey! I’m glad you got so many well-deserved and lovely comments from everyone. I hope your trip is still going fabulously!

Salt said...

Awww you're welcome! And thank YOU for being such an awesome and supportive friend! :)

I hope you and hubs are having the most wonderful trip and I'm so excited to see all your pics and hear all your stories when you return! xoxo

{Morgan} Cape Cod Bride said...

Congratulations on your marriage Stacey! Your pictures are fabulous and you looked absolutely glowing! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and I can't wait to see more pictures when you return!

Mrs T said...

Awwww you have loads of blogger friends! It's because you are such a sweet heart.

Stupid late arriving package....

Jenn said...

Awww you are so cute! Welcome back. Did you get my email?

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