Wednesday, July 14, 2010

H-moon Recap: Blogging from the other side of the world

It was near the end of April and we were halfway through the first of our two week honeymoon.  We had already enjoyed the Gold Coast in Australia and were now arriving at our second (and final) resort in Bali, Indonesia.  In Australia I was able to walk directly across the street from our rented apartment to a little convenience store that offered internet service.   So each morning I would check my blog (and maybe even post something real quick) and then check my e-mail (just in case my boss needed something while I was gone) and then log on to Facebook where the time change would mean I could chat with my daughter who had just arrived home from school.

It was perfect because Mr Fix It would usually still be sleeping or be out in the waves across the street surfing in the morning so this gave me something to do and also helped crave my withdrawls from not having daily computer and e-mail/blog access. 

In Bali at our first hotel, they even had internet access directly in the hotel lobby which was wonderful because again, I could just walk down whenever I had a free moment or Mr Fix It was surfing/sleeping.  And of course, the internet was a bit cheaper in Bali :)

The last 4 days of our Bali stay, we were at a resort called Blue Point Bay Villas.  It was set back on a cliff top off a road...basically, I'm saying it wasn't in a large city.  But just up the street (about an 8 minute walk maybe) there was a little internet cafe.  I had to walk out of the resort and down a long dirt path past construction workers and out onto a main road (with no sidewalks and lots of curves!) to get to it.  But it was there.  And so 2 or 3 days I did head down and use the internet. 

Mr Fix It didn't mind...he actually wanted me checking my e-mail to keep up with my daughter and also check in on how our dog was doing - he ended up passing away the day before we came home from the honeymoon :(  But I was so glad we were able to find out *before* we got home so that we could process it and be prepared.

All in all, some people want to totally 'shut down' while they are away or on vacation and avoid the computer and e-mail/internet at all costs...but not me.  I need my fix at least a little bit!  Sometimes I'd only be on the net for 15 minutes and some mornings close to an hour.  Since it was early enough before our day started, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything and besides, we are super early risers :)

Am I totally crazy?  What do you think about blogging or using a computer while you're on vacation or even better, on your  honeymoon?  Would/Did you do it?


PartyPlannerGal said...

You're not crazy at all! I totally check my work email while I'm away. Unfortunately at my job, if something goes wrong, it's always the associate's fault (as opposed to the support staff), so it's crucial for me to have internet access wherever I go.

As for blogging, I scheduled some posts, but didn't write any fresh blogs while I was away. I agree that if you wake up early and/or stop in to quickly check email, you don't miss out on anything.

SG to SP said...

I didn't have access to the Internet on my honeymoon. The resort did provide wireless but I didn't bring my laptop with me. I saw some other people on their laptops and it was tempting to ask if I could borrow theirs for a few minutes. haha

I couldn't even access email or Internet on my blackberry since I was in a different country. It was the first time going a whole week without Internet and in some ways it was nice and made it more relaxing but I'll tell you as soon as our plane touched down in Miami for our connecting flight I had my blackberry on so quick and was already reading Facebook before I had de-planed. hahaha

Em said...

Oh I'm the same way. We both brought laptops on our honeymoon and also paid like $40 for internet for the week. To us (ok, more like me) it was worth it. Like you I wasn't online for more than an hour a day, but it was nice to have it. Plus we got some sad news via email toward the end of our honeymoon as well, so I'm glad we had it for that.

Ghenet said...

I'm not going to bring my laptop to our honeymoon but my phone has internet (and we're not going abroad) so I can check my email if I want to. I feel like it's reasonable to check, especially when there's down time during your trip.

Morgan said...

There's no way I could go on a vacation, even our honeymoon, without checking email! I pre-scheduled blog posts while we were in Kauai, but since I have an Android phone, I have constant internet/email access, as long as I have cell service. Although I will admit, I didn't check my work email on our honeymoon, just my personal!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I totally used my iPhone during out downtime to check my personal email, Facebook, Twitter, and blog, especially to see all the wedding pictures people were emailing me and to read all the fun comments from you fabulous ladies. I did “unplug” a lot more than I usually do, especially when it came to work emails. Stephen said he was impressed by how little I felt the need to check my BlackBerry.

Chocolate Lover said...

While I wouldn't take a laptop on our honeymoon (and will fight tooth and nail to make sure Mr. Milk doesn't take his) we both have iphones that we'll probably link up to the wireless internet to be in touch with the rest of the world, when we want to.

redwhitebride said...

We totally did it! :) we're pretty much hooked up with the rest of the world on our honeymoon, updating FB statuses all the time hehe... at some point we agreed on no internet after dark. it worked for a few days then we're back to normal.

Gaynor said...

We didnt take laptops with us; I made sure the hubby didnt either.

But we did check emails / blog comments a couple of times on the hotel internet.

I did a post when we first arrived in Sri Lanka then didnt blog anymore until we discovered we would be staying an extra few days in the maldives.

With my iphone here I get emails etc all the time so was lovely to have some time without it. We are going to Italy next week and looking forward to a computer break then too!

Mrs T said...

I had to FORCE myself not to go online everyday of our honeymoon. I religiously checked facebook for peoples photos of our wedding. If you're crazy - I'm right there with you!

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