Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wed recap: Traditions and crazies

Today's video recap is one of my faves.  Mostly because it just shows me and the girls being ourselves and being silly while getting me ready and taking some photos.  I warn you that the video is shaky in some parts and may seem incoherent since it is a few pieced together clips.  :)  But I have to thank Gary Freedline of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills for the wonderful footage.  I love seeing the raw footage because it truly does take me right back to the moments of the day.

So, this post is all about the traditions...the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  I'll let you watch the video then I'll share some pics and a brief recap of the different items and their meaning to me:

Something Old

All of my jewelry became my something old for the day.  My earrings were a gift from my bridesmaid Lauren when I served as the Maid of Honor at her wedding 9 years earlier.  They were one of my favorite pairs of earrings and I loved being able to wear them on my special day as a reminder of the special place we've both held in each other's lives (I introduced her to her husband through mutual friends).

Photo courtesy Yan Freedline (Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills)

My necklace and bracelet were custom designed by a jewelry maker, Jeanette Readinger here in Orange County.  I told her I wanted a brooch for a necklace and something smaller for a bracelet.  She sent me off to a local vintage swap meet where I found a brooch and a pair of clip on earrings.  I showed her some inspiration pictures of necklaces and bracelets I found on Etsy and she created a 'new' necklace and bracelet from the old vintage brooch and one of the clip on earrings.  I LOVED them and though I had doubts that the necklace would be too much with my extravagant gown, I absolutely loved how it all came together on the big day.  So many people complimented my necklace that I have decided to keep it to share with future ladies in our family so they can use it as their something old or borrowed.  Jeanette even said it was the prettiest bridal necklace she's ever made! :)

Something New

My Sabelle gown by Maggie Sottero and fabulous Jeanette red shoes by Me Too were my somethings new.  No need to say more...they were gorgeous and I loved them!

Photo courtesy Yan Freedline (Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills)

Something Borrowed

I did not want to wear a veil on my big day.  Mostly because I didn't want to pay for one (they are ridiculously expensive) and because I knew that I did not want them in most of my pictures.  Unlike a lot of brides, I didn't plan on wearing a veil throughout the entire day and into the reception.  Not my thing.  But I did love the look of them in some photos and I also had my sister tell me that she regretted not wearing a veil at her wedding because it truly does make you feel like a bride.

So I came up with a wonderful idea...two of my girlfriends had gotten married in the 2 years before our engagement.  They were from the bible study that I lead and hold a special place in my heart.  I asked both of them if either would have any problem with me borrowing their veil for our ceremony and to serve as my 'something borrowed.'  One of them said she had unfortunately packed hers away and had it preserved, but the other one still had access to hers and was honored to share it with me.  And it was so perfect because it totally matched my gown with it's color and simple beading along the edges and it was the perfect length.  God has a funny way of working things out like that. 

Photo courtesy Yan Freedline (Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills)

Since I only wore the veil for the ceremony, there was another super special item that I incorporated as an additional something borrowed.   This was passed on to me by my grandmother who just passed away this past Friday :(  It belonged to her sister, my great Aunt Geraldine.  It is a gold bracelet that was worn by my sister at her wedding and my cousin at her wedding.  When my Aunt asked me if I wanted to wear it as my something borrowed, I told her of course!  Then she mentioned that it was gold and didn't sound like it would go with my attire since everything was kind of silvery or white and sparkly.  But I remembered that the dress I switched into for the reception was ivory with gold embellishments!  Perfect match!  I wore the bracelet at the reception as seen here in our first dance and while giving my toast :)

And just for fun, here's a pic of it on my sister at her wedding almost 4 years ago courtesy of Eric Cotter of Jim Kennedy Photography:

Something Blue

This was the most special of all the things to me on our day.  Most girls go for the traditional garter as their something blue or perhaps a hanky with blue trim or a tag that can be sewn into your gown with your name(s) and/or wedding date in blue thread.  These are all great ideas and perfect ways to incorporate the 'blue' item.  But I didn't like the commonly done things.  So when Mr Fix It pulled out a bunch of his mother's old costume jewelry and asked me if I wanted to keep any of it, I was thrilled when I saw this pretty little blue brooch.  Mr Fix It's mother passed away when she was 49 and of course was not there on our day with us.  But I knew I wanted to find a way to honor her memory.  I had my florist, Allison of Flower Allie place the brooch on my bouquet and it was the perfect accent for the flowers and also went along with our decor and theme since our colors were a turquoise/aqua blue and cranberry red :)  I loved it!

Share time:  Did you follow this tradition?  And what were your 'somethings'?

Unlise otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins Photography


Em said...

Oh I just loooove all of your accessories! The brooch on your bouquet? Swoon! And I'm not a huge pearl fan, but I adore your necklace and bracelet because of the addition of the rhinestone pieces.

My somethings: Old: earrings/bracelet/bouquet brooch; New: dress/shoes; Borrowed: diamond cocktail ring from my Grandma; Blue: pasties! Yes, on my nips :)

Hannah said...

I LOVE this tradition and I every bride I know who did it always talks about the special relationships they have with the gift givers. To me, its another way to remember that a marriage isn't just a man & wife but a whole lot of other people helping out and pitching in along the way. So glad to see that you kept with tradition!

SG to SP said...

I love all your jewelry especially the blue brooch!

My something new was my dress, something old/borrowed was my grandmother's engagement ring and my something blue was my dress.

PartyPlannerGal said...

All of your jewelry is gorgeous! I love that you used Mr. Fix It's mom's brooch on your bouquet. My aunt is letting me borrow a brooch that belonged to my grandmother for the same purpose.

So sorry to hear about your grandmother :( I know it wasn't unexpected, but my experience is that it doesn't make it any easier. Big hugs!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Pretty pics :) I'm not sure what my traditions will be just yet.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I love all of your “somethings,” and am so glad you got to wear the bracelet with your reception gown. It is so beautiful, as was all of your jewelry. And I think it’s great that you decided to wear the veil, too. I also wore a veil before and during the ceremony, but took it off afterward. I’m glad I wore it, especially since our photographer captured some beautiful shots of Stephen and I with our faces under the veil, which I’ll be sharing soon. And here’s the fun wedding week post I wrote about all of my “somethings.” :)


Jenn said...

I love the veil idea! I thiknk I'll do the same, wear it just for the ceremony!

Did you change dresses right after the ceremony?

Seeing your Me Too's in pics make me even more excited about my shoes, as you saw on my blog, my girls are wearing the purple and I'm wearing the blue!

All I know of what I"m doing so far is me something blue shoes!

My something old was supposed to be a necklse from my dad's cousin who was like my aunt, she passed away a few months ago.. But due to family drama I don't think I'll get to wear it, very very heart broken abou tthis!

Chocolate Lover said...

The brooch is so beautiful and definitely compliments your bouquet and colors! I love your necklace! Its such a stunning piece! I was thinking of not having anything on my neck on the day, but looking at your pics I am changing my mind

honey my heart said...

your jewelry is amazing, love the shoes and the bouquet brooch is just great!

Em said...

My comments are messed up, too! I thought it was just mine but it must be a Blogger thing if it's happening to you as well. Weird! I totally spammed you last night, lol. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the kind words, by the way. It really means a lot :)

BigAppleNosh said...

Everything looks amazing. I LOVE the red accents!

Miss C said...

Love this post, and the meaning behind your somethings :)

I think I'm going to struggle with the something borrowed. I have such a clear idea of how I want everything to look, I don't know whether I'd be able to borrow anything and be happy with it. Maybe jewellery I guess... I don't know!

Mrs T said...

Love all of your somethings! Especially that lovely brooch of Mr Fix it's mother - what a lovely reminder of her on your special day.

melinda said...

Red accessories??!! A girl after my own heart - beautiful!

Gaynor said...

I love your jewellery and how personal that you got it made just for you. I couldnt wear anything too big for a necklace since I had the bolero and enough detail going on so G bought we diamonds to wear!

My somethings were:

Old - Sapphire ring my granny left me when she died.

New - Almost everything else I had on but I guess really my dress & jewellery.

Borrowed - Mums garter; we dont do garter tossing here.

Blue - I Do stickers on the bottom of me shoes and my stockings also had a blue bow!

Really should write a post about them all!

Terese said...

great stories behind all of these items!

Genevieve said...

I love how special all of your "somethings" are! I would have never in a million years guested that your veil was borrowed! It looks like it was picked out to perfectly match your dress!

I wore a blue star sapphire necklace that was old, borrowed, and blue.

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