Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wed Recap: Surprise! For the groom and the guests

I really wanted our wedding to be full of surprises for our guests and especially my groom - as much as he would let me surprise him.  :)  I wanted the guests to feel like they were at a sentimental and emotional wedding but also a really fun and entertaining one unlike your typical 'processed' weddings where it's the same expected thing after the same expected thing.

Some of the ways I tried to infuse this uniqueness and creative surprises were with little extra elements that didn't cost much at all and yet added something fun or different to the event.  So here they are:

I'm going to start off with the video today because believe me, you just have to see this first little surprise for my groom *LIVE* :)  Then after you can read about each thing and see the pics :)

1)  Of course, you all know about the one main thing I did at our ceremony that truly set our processional apart from anything else the guests had seen.  I incorporated a spoof of the E! THS as a video to precede my walk down the aisle.  I loved playing it at the ceremony instead of the reception as most montages are now played because it kept the guests all looking in the same place and gave them something to laugh at during what is typically a traditional and sometimes mundane part of the wedding celebration. 

2)  There was a great surprise for Mr Fix It during the processional as well.  I have eluded to the $14 sign I had created in our wedding colors from VistaPrint.com in the past.  Well, I saw a version of this idea on a blog while browsing for parasols for my bridesmaids and just had to do it!  We had our eldest ring bearer carry this fabulous little sign down the aisle.

By Robert Mullins

By Jeff Ezell

By Kristin Jepson

Unfortunately, the two ring bearers in front of him didn't walk quite as fast so he ended up getting real close to them to where it took a minute for Mr Fix It to truly be able to see what the sign said.  But once he and all the other guests got a glimpse of it, they had some great laughs as seen in these photos:

By Robert Mullins

Check out Mr Fix It's face when he sees the sign his nephew is carrying:

Photo courtesy Janet Campbell

I love all the guests laughing in this one :)
By Tanya Beever

By Robert Mullins

3)  For our recessional, I loved the photos I have seen of guests tossing flower petals at the bride and groom.  The shots are just gorgeous.  But I really wanted *ALL* of our guests to get in on the action and so when I saw this idea of 'ribbon wands' on another web site, I just had to incorporate it.  It was sort of inexpensive to make the wands.  I think it was $70 for about 100 of them.  I made one for every other guest and we placed them on the chairs at the ceremony.  Here you can see the guests holding them and playing with them pre-ceremony.

By Robert Mullins

By Robert Mullins

This little one was so in love with them that she collected a bunch during the cocktail hour and made them into pom poms :)  (By Kathleen Wolsfeld)

I was kind of bummed about how this was executed.  I wish I would have made enough for every single guest to have one.  And I should have actually attached a little tag on them letting them know when and how they should wave them because most of the guests either didn't wave them very high or out the aisle at us or they only waived them for a brief moment.  Therefore, we didn't get the great shot I was anticipating of us kissing at the end of the aisle with all these little ribbons flying over the guests heads :(  This was a fail type of idea...but had I done it better (listed it in the program or used tags), I think the guests would have gotten into it more.  Instead, here are the shots we got of a few of them waving around (as you can see, the video footage looked way better than these photos):

By Robert Mullins

By Roseanne Rivoli

By Robert Mullins

At least somebody had fun with them :)  Mr Fix It's little niece

By Robert Mullins

4)  And my favorite surprise for Mr Fix It and the guests at the reception was definitely the chocolate fountain.  When we first contacted our caterer, he let us know that they included a chocolate fountain with dippers like strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, pretzels, etc during your reception after dinner.  Well of course, I was not happy with just your typical chocolate fountain.  So I found a site online called http://fondue4you.com/   This place lets you buy different colored chocolate for your fountains.  And they had a wonderful Tiffany Blue color to match our wedding colors!

I mentioned to our caterer that I found the site and asked him to check and see if the cost of their chocolate was comparable to what he normally paid.  He said he would handle it no problem and didn't end up charging us anything extra.  Steve from La Finestra catering was very accommodating throughout the process and we loved working with him.  And look at all he put out (there's actually a lot more on the other side of the fountain)

Though when Mr Fix It heard me confirm the 'blue chocolate' order, he flipped out!  He was pissed that I had yet another 'stupid little detail' that was probably extra money and thought I was going way over on the wedding details.  Plus he kept insisting that colored chocolate was going to taste *horrible*!  Well, come wedding day when that chocolate fountain was all set up, he was eating his words...and the chocolate!  It was the most yummy-licious freaking chocolate I have ever tried before!  I didn't notice it was set up until the very end of the night and as soon as I made my way over there I was all over that thing...as were all the guests.  They raved about it!  I highly encourage you to order this stuff...soooo good!

Photos by Robert Mullins

We made sure all the guests knew about it by including it on the little place card notes we tucked into each guests' napkins.  We also had our DJ announce it after our first dance to let everyone know to go check it out.  It was set up right on the other side of the fire place in the alcove just off the dance floor so lots of people made there way over there.

All in all, these little extra details which didn't really cost much extra truly gave our guests some memorable things to be entertained by that they didn't see at just every other wedding.  Oh, and of course there were the other things like the magician, photobooth, and flip flops that they loved as well.  Lots of fun surprises.

Share time:  Do you plan on having any little surprises for your groom or guests on your wedding day?


Em said...

My first thought: so fun!
My second thought: ok now you're making the rest of us look bad.

Kidding, of course. It's so clear that you not only threw a wedding to celebrate you and Mr. Fix It, but your guests as well. And *that* is so fantastic. As brides we always hear "it's YOUR wedding" and while that may be true, there are going to be more than just the bride and groom in attendance. I think it's so important to keep your guests in mind and celebrate their role in your lives as well. Well done, girl!!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I love the chocolate fountain. A woman after my own heart.

Ghenet said...

The blue fountain is awesome!

PartyPlannerGal said...

I have never seen a colored chocolate fountain before, but I'm not surprised that you were the one to introduce me to it! All of your details are great :)

No real surprises for our guests aside from the photobooth, but I was thinking of getting my fiance a flat screen TV as his wedding gift. Either that or a new bike, though it would be easier for me to pick out the TV myself.

SG to SP said...

That chocolate fountain looks great, I've never seen blue chocolate but I would eat chocolate of any color!! haha.

Bicoastal Bride said...

Once again, all fabulous ideas! I’m sorry the ribbon-waving didn’t work out quite as planned, but I still think it was a fun addition for the guests. And that blue chocolate fountain is incredible! I’m so glad they were able to work that out for you and that the chocolate was delicious. I surprised Stephen with the “cold feet” socks, which he loved, and also totally surprised our guests by doing a fully choreographed dance routine. Since I’ve always joked with our friends and family about what a terrible dancer I am, this came as a huge shock to everyone, including me, actually. I was so sure we’d mess something up, but in the end, it was as perfect as it could have been.

Laura Lewis said...

I would like to award you bride of the year! :) You did such a great job Stacey!

LauraLou said...

Love it all!! I wanted a chocolate fountain (3 of them actually, one with dark chocolate, one with white chocolate, and one with milk - pink - chocolate) but it just didn't happen. We didn't want to ask anyone to take care of them all night and we figured it would make too big of a mess. Yours looks awesome, though!

BigAppleNosh said...

Love all these details - and that sign is so clever!!

Katie said...

The sign totally cracks me up! What a fun idea :)

Mrs T said...

That sign the ring bearer had - cracked me up. I love all the details at your wedding.

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