Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wed Recap: It takes an army (tons of pics & video!)

I totally realized that I hadn't scheduled a post about my team of wonderful ladies who helped beautify and dress me on the day of the wedding.  I can't believe I forgot this normal recap because even though I was irritated by all the photos our photographer didn't get, the 'getting ready' shots are truly some of the most beautiful and my favorite shots of the day.  But before you check out the photos, here's a couple minutes of several pieced together videos of my friends and family getting me dressed :)

This is Natalie Buketov.  Natalie did my hair and makeup as well as hair and makeup for four of my bridemaids and my mom.  She showed up at 7:30 in the morning and left just after our first look when we were about to start pictures which was probably at about 2 pm.  My girls looked GORGEOUS!

Yes, I have false eyelashes on here for sure

Getting ready some more.  I was the second to last one to get styled. 
Mom was the last one while my girls were getting me into my gown, shoes, jewelry, etc.

I don't know why, but I love this shot:

And so it begins.  It took an army of mostly my sister and my cousin A who handled the dress part and then my cousin E, bestie L and friend D handled putting on my garter, shoes and jewelry.

Took a while to get that corset laced up but it sure was pretty.

Bridesmaids L & D help me get my bracelet and necklace on.  BM L gave me the earrings I wore that day as my gift when I served as the Maid of Honor in her wedding about 9 years earlier.

Ok, funny story.  I had my designer Jeanette make my bracelet out of a clip on earring I bought at a vintage swap meet.  So you know what a clip on earring looks like on the back?  She added a ring that slipped over the little 'clip' part.  But there was kind of this big space between the two sides of the pearls where the earring was attached.  So Mr Fix It had a great idea to use fishing line to tie together the two rings next to the pearls to pull them under the earring.  He's so resourceful, that man!

This is what my cousin A calls her 'happy clap.'  I'd be happy too if I was almost done trying to get me in this monstrous dress with it's ridculous corset.

Cousin E holds up my gown while friend D places my garter on. 

Photo by Yan Freedline

Once we were all dressed, they asked me to spin around a couple times in my gown.  But I was in the middle of a not so big room with all 6 of my BM's around me.  Wasn't easy but I still love this shot with my reflection in the mirror behind me. 
Photo by Yan Freedline

The girls are tending to my hair and placing my veil in just before our ceremony is about to begin.

And once we were all finished, these are the results we got of some bride shots while walking around the grounds at the venue.  I love this one because of the colors and the sun and shade coming through the trellis.

This one is kind of cool because it shows the cafe in the background.  That deck to the right is where the cocktail hour was held and I am standing down in the back of the ceremony area.

Um, hello bright green trees! 
Photo by Yan Freedline

This next pic was one of those ones I was telling you about that I was pissed about from our photog.  I remember telling him I wanted a shot like this on this blue bench and we posed for it but he didn't deliver it to me at all.  Then my videographer sent me the photos that his wife took and I got this one! 
Thank goodness because I absolutely love it. 

Photo by Yan Freedline

As a matter of fact, here's 2 more favorites I got only from our videographer's wife, Yan
Photo by Yan Freedline

Photo by Yan Freedline

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  Be sure to have your bridesmaid or mom or whoever is going to be assisting you with getting into your dress and jewelry practice at least once before the wedding.  It's best for them to go with you to your fittings to practice there but at the very least to give you an idea of how long it's going to take you to get fully dressed so you can plan your wedding day schedule accordingly and not be running late!

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins
Raw video footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills


Nicole-Lynn said...

Great tip! I'll remember that :)

Beautiful pictures! I love that your bridesmaids were so involved and helped you so much!

SG to SP said...

You got a lot of really good getting ready shots, these are great! And the ones of just you fully dressed are really pretty!

Since my dress just had a zipper I only needed one girl to zip me up however I did need help putting on the crinoline skirt under my dress and I got some cute pictures of that.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Everything looks beautiful and I'm so glad your videographer's wife got some of your must-have shots. My gown only have a side zipper, bit it's going to be difficult to get in it without messing up my hair/makeup (since it has a full back, I can't just step into it. I think I'll wear a bag over my head until I can get into it!

Chocolate Lover said...

You have some beautiful shots! And it looks like you guys had a lot of fun while you were getting ready! Yan's pics are very beautiful! Luckily My dress is pretty straightforward, but they have had practice doing up the bustle.

Em said...

You look so pretty in all of these :) The more and more I see your dress the more and more I simply adore it. It's perfect on you.

Christie said...

Your photographer got some AMAZING shots. I absolutely love them <3

Bicoastal Bride said...

I just LOVE “getting ready” videos and pictures, and yours are fantastic! I’m so glad you got the shots you wanted from your videographer’s wife, because they are beautiful. I’m expecting my prep-time shots to arrive this week from the photographer who shot that portion of the day for me. I can’t wait!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

You looked so beautiful in those pictures. My fave is the one with the sun coming through the trellis.

Morgan said...

Gosh you look so beautiful in all of these pictures! I'm so glad you're showing off some of the photos from your videographer, the one on the blue bench is one of my favs!

BigAppleNosh said...

Wow you look amazing!! I love getting-ready photos :)

Mrs T said...

You girls look like you had a great time getting ready. I love the shots your videographers wife took too - so lucky she was there.

Gaynor said...

Your getting ready pics & video are fab; so lovely to have all your ladies there.

It was just my mum and my sister who helped me as my other bridesmaids hadnt seen my dress yet and I wanted them to see it on me properly!

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