Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wed Recap: I feel like I am suffocating!

If you don't remember, I shared in this post about my fear pre-wedding that I would pass out on my wedding day or even worse, at the altar!  Then in this post I did a recap of what the morning of the wedding was like for me and how whenever there was 'down time' during the day of the wedding where I was just sitting with nothing to do, I would truly feel nauseous and like I was going to pass out.

Please understand, this was not a feeling of being anxious or nervous.  No, I think what was really causing me to feel this way was that I was lacking oxygen! 

I truly did love this gorgeous little number:

(The one above is my FAVORITE photo of me in my dress that day because it is just fanned out so perfectly.  If only my bouquet wasn't so high and huge blocking this beautiful bustline below.)

The more I look at the pictures and video from our wedding, the more I fall in love with it. 

Yes, Maggie Sottero made a great gown when she came up with the SaBelle.  And one of the main reasons I chose this dress was because it had a corset back:

I have always been pretty thin my whole life but once in a great while my weight fluctuates up or down.  I didn't want to take the chance of a strapless gown falling off of me if I lost weight right before the wedding so I wanted a corset that could be adjusted to allow some freedom for my body.  And I really loved the style and embellishments around it, too.

Unfortunately, the problem with a corset is that they are extremely constricting.  Remember that scene in Titanic where Kate Winslet's character is having her corset dress tied up by her mother and she pulls the thing so tight she can barely breathe?  Well, that's what a corset does, DUH!  I don't know why women ever used to put themselves through the torture back in the day! 

Being that I don't boast much of a chest, I needed the gown to be pretty tight because there was nothing else to hold it up.  Add that in with a gown that my seamstress referred to as 'the heaviest wedding dress I've ever worked on' and you have a pretty bad combination for a bride who is prone to passing out.

Thus, I give you one of my favorite video clips of the raw footage from my wedding.  Since my friend, Charlie is singing at the time me and Mr Fix It are having this little conversation, I added in some captions to assist with what we are saying to one another, but you may want to turn the volume up pretty loud to hear our conversations.  (I also love this because we are having full on random conversations during this moment of the ceremony and in addition Mr Fix It felt the need to point out that my false eyelash was coming off.) 

Basically, what it comes down to is that I was so freaking glad that I had planned on changing into a second dress to dance in. Originally, I wanted to wear my ball gown through the cocktail hour, grand entrance, toasts, and dinner.  Then I was going to change into my second dress when they reintroduced us for our first dance.  But after the cocktail hour I was done!  So I went in and changed into my second dress just before our Grand Entrance.  As we were standing behind the fireplace hiding from our guests until it was our turn to be introduced, I asked Mr Fix It what he thought of my new dress I had just put on.  He looked me up and down and said one word:  "Hot."

These are some of the best shots I found of me in the reception dress.  It would have looked a hell of a lot sexier had I worn the gold heels I bought to go with it, but by this point of the day (like 7 hours after having been in my gown and other heels) I was too tired and had sore feet that were thanking me for grabbing a pair of the flip flop favors out of the basket you see right behind our cake table.

Look at the leg that this dress shows off!

And here's that stupid frown/smile again - UGH!

I absolutely loved the one sided strap and the bust of the dress.

Courtesy of Yan Freedline

Share time:  Did/Will you change into a second dress during your wedding events?  If not, were you comfortable in your one dress for the whole day?

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins
Raw video footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills


Hannah said...

I live in hot, humid, swampy Central Florida & knew that the weather would easily be in the 90s with "feels like" over 100 - there was no way I could get a heavy dress. Or I'd die.

Although I look at beautiful dresses like yours and think "if only" I know that the dress that I picked out (that was a reallllly inexpensive J. Crew seersucker) fit me perfectly that day. My kids might not ever say "mom, you were hot" but it was pretty and fit me and our special day!

I do, however, wish I would have thought of the two dress thing - it would have been nice to change into something sexy to dance in!

Nicole-Lynn said...

All of your pics are great! Loving the reception dress! I'm glad you were satisfied with both dresses! :)

I will have 2 dresses but will not change into the 2nd dress until we are about to leave, so I'll probably just wear it for our last slow dance and then exit in it. We'll see!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love your wedding photos, you look beautiful in your dress!

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love this clip! You guys really are having a full-on conversation :) And I love that you start singing at the end, too. I would have definitely changed dresses too if I were you - I think my gown is pretty light and airy, so hopefully I'll have no problem wearing it all night.

SG to SP said...

That clip is hysterical, I love that you two are just talking like normal! Your reception dress looks very comfortable and light!

I wore one dress the whole night. My dress was actually very light weight which was good however like you I don't have much in the chest region and with my last minute weight loss due to stress the top was looser than I wanted and kept falling down a bit which was annoying me as I kept having to pull it up constantly.

EmilyB said...

This video is probably one of my favorites that you've posted so far! I love how it gives sort of a "behind the scenes" look at your ceremony. You and Mr. Fix It are so cute!!

I had a 2nd dress and it was the BEST decision I've ever made in my entire life. My dress wasn't heavy, but it was tight and really hot. There was no way I could have stayed in it longer than I did.

Ps, I think the flip flops w/ your reception dress are adorable :)

BigAppleNosh said...

I love both of your dresses!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I understand exactly what you mean, because I felt like I was suffocating in my dress at certain points, too. I’m very thin and petite, so my strapless dress also had to be super tight in order to stay up and not gap at my bust. And since I’m short and small, it felt really heavy, too. Plus, even though it had a zipper instead of a corset, it was truly hard to breathe at some points, especially when I did get nervous. Still, if I had to do it over, I would again stay in my dress the entire day. I loved it so much, and am so glad I was still wearing it, plus my heels, for the sunset photos we took during the reception. Your reception gown is gorgeous, though, and I think you definitely made the right choice to change into it when you did.

Morgan said...

I agree, your reception dress was hot! I kind of wished I'd done a change too, sitting in my corset backed dress was not easy! And my sister had to keep tightening the corset through the night, because with my weight loss, my dress ended up being too big, even with the corset. It's a shame, you couldn't see the pretty zig zag of the strings up the back of my dress because it was so tight, not like in your gorgeous pictures of your Maggie dress!

Miss C said...

I can't imagine how someone as petite as you could even stand up in that dress! It is so beautiful though :)

I'm hoping I can wear the dress for the entire night.

Mrs T said...

I ADORE your reception dress - it is HOT!

Patience said...

I wore my wedding dress from 11:00 until 3 am. It was crazy comfortable. Love both of your dresses.

MayLove said...

I'm a cheapo, so no I did not have a second dress. My dress had a corset back as well, and actually it was VERY comfortable! LOVED it, and wouldn't have dreamed of changing out of it. Both of your dresses were lovely!

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