Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wed recap: Embarassing the hell out of the bride and groom

That's really what toasts should be referred to...because most of them (at least the ones the guys give) are usually pretty embarassing.  In our case, our best man, Mr Fix It's brother started off his toast with a total perverted comment.  Watch my lovely reaction to this...and remember that I was very active in my church and that all of our guests know that I am a passionate Christian who tries to uphold and lead by example with some conservative and traditional values and morals.  :)

Best Man's Toast

In the end, it was very sweet what he said...short and sweet.  Probably a good thing.  But man, really?!?

Up next was my sister.  Of course the girls always talk a lot longer. And though it may seem like a long time, her speech flew by!  She was really nervous about it...she does not like speaking in front of crowds.  At one point, she even said she was just going to write a poem and recite it...which I would have loved because she writes amazing poems.  But I am so happy about the wonderful speech she was heartfelt, full of old memories and actually really funny, too!  She did great...and when you watch this, you'll get a great glimpse of insight into who both me and my sister are and our pasts as well :)

Matron of Honor's Toast

And finally, I just had to give a thank you speech. 

Bride's Thank You Toast

Mr Fix It is also not good in front of an audience.  It's funny because he is so loud and boisterous and extraverted in general but when it comes to gettin' up in front of a large room of people, he freezes.  Since I do not and I actually sometimes love speaking in front of crowds, I went ahead and handled our speech.  I wrote it out months before the wedding and read through it a couple times.  But never really memorized it.  On the day of, I just spoke from the heart and what I could remember of what I had written out and I loved it.  Though I have to admit, this would be the very last thing I'd have to do on the wedding day as far as speaking in front of everyone and I was a tad bit nervous and so glad to get this thing done. 

And those were the three lovely speeches that were shared at our wedding reception.  What do you think? 

Do you have any memorable stories from speeches you have seen, received or given at weddings?

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  I don't know if you did/plan on doing this at your wedding, but I highly encourage either the bride, groom or both to just share a few words. Doesn't need to be quite as long as mine, but just to say an overall thank you to those you love for celebrating with you.

All video clips courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills


Katie said...

I think that is a great piece of advice! I totally meant to do this at our wedding and it didn't happen...grrrr

PartyPlannerGal said...

We totally need to find the time to say "thank you." I'm always a bit disappointed when we go to a wedding and the bride and groom don't say anything! Your speech was perfect, and even more meaningful since you can tell it came from the heart, and not just off some index cards.

I love Mr. Fix It's reaction to his brother's comment :)

SG to SP said...

Those were all great speeches. We had a MOH speech and two best men speeches. All were fairly short and sweet with a joke or two thrown in. We didn't really do an official thank you speech though I believe Kristian stood up at one point to thank everyone. It's all a blur to me now. haha

Bicoastal Bride said...

Great speeches! It's great to learn more about you by listening to your sister's! We also kept it to the best man and maid of honor for the toasts. The best man gave a very sincere, kind speech, and my sister was her usual hilarious self. I can’t wait to share the clips when I get our video. And I definitely agree that the bride and groom should speak, thanking their guests and acknowledging everyone for being there to share the day. Stephen and I both took turns giving a short speech just before the cake cutting, thanking our families, friends, and vendors.

Jenn said...

I loved all of the speeches!

Yours was great, I love your love for Jesus!

His bros, whoa crazy is all I'm gonna say! ha!

And your sis's wow yall have had some good times! She sounds SO sweet!

BigAppleNosh said...

Great advice! We did this and were so glad we did :)

Ghenet said...

Great advice--I definitely want us to give a thank you to our guests. I get really nervous speaking in front of people, but my fiance is good at it, so I'll let him take the lead. Your speech was wonderful!

LauraLou said...

I'm totally the opposite - I HATE public speaking. I definitely left that up to David, and he did a great job. He made sure to thank our parents and everything who helped with our day and thanked all of our guests for coming. I just stood up there and smiled. :)

On another note, I am SO jealous you have video of your speeches. That's the one thing I wish we had - His brothers (who were both his best men) were SO sweet and I wish I had a video to remember everything they said.

ruthy ann said...

Great speeches! We definitely had an embarrassing speech given from the best man...If you look at the link you can see the expressions on our faces are of sheer unbelief!

Amberdawn said...

It's good to know that BOTH the bride and groom don't need to give a separate speech. I won't mind saying a fairly quick thank you, but Adam's already told me that he refuses (I know him well enough at this point that it kind of went without saying though, haha). I do really hope maybe he'll do something similar to John and say "yeah what she said," which for Adam I know would be more like "Right, cheers."

Also I find it funny that once John relaxed enough to hold still a minute the light from your names framed his face perfectly, haha! Better than it in his eyes.

Nicole said...

your speech was the best!!!
oh btw-i have something for you over at my blog! xo

Miss C said...

I couldn't imagine celebrating such a big day with everyone and not getting up to thank them. Paddy will give a speech, but I'll get up and say something short too.

Your speech was awesome.

As for the first one, it isn't a best man speech if nobody cringes ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Great advice. It's so important to acknowledge all the love and appreciation for the guests.

Sigh, my husband was supposed to give one of our video cameras to someone to record the speeches and he forgot. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been going back and forth on whether or not to say a few I'm sold! :-)

Chocolate Lover said...

I love your sister's speech! So funny and loving all in one swoop. Great advice!

Mrs T said...

Belated comment - I've been waiting until I had head phones and time at work to watch all the videos!

Loved your speech. Especially the reason, season, lifetime bit - very sweet!

Your videos are so wonderful - you must be so pleased!

Gaynor said...

I loved your speech; they were all great though. The videos of them are fab.

We had 3 at ours too altho I didnt say anything; my dad did his, then G then the best man.

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