Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's not fair...

...that weddings typically only last 4 to 6 hours! Truly not enough time for a bride and groom to spend time with their 190 guests (in our case).

Briefly trying to mingle with *everyone* at the cocktail hour

My friend Shelley who I basically only got to say good bye to at the end of the night :(
...that even the best laid plans and attention to detail end up somehow falling apart when you are all caught up in the moment of everything going on around you.

...that the animals didn't come out while we were down by their cages to take pictures with us in front of them.

Although my cousin snapped this one while she was walking around before the wedding
By Amber Marquez

...that we (or I should say our photographer) totally forgot to go get pics by the fish pond, llamas, orange orchard, old antique car, barn silo, zebras, fountains, fountain pool, bridges and bird cages...oh, and didn't get any twilight or night time shots with pretty soft lights glowing**

...that I was too wrapped up in everything going on to feel relaxed enough to have some different shots with Mr Fix It like sexy, romantic, laughing type shots.

...that I felt like I barely got to see or spend much time laughing with my bridesmaids before the wedding.

Yeah, that's me in the back getting ready while they are all hanging out
Photo by Amber Marquez

...that I barely had enough time to get into the photobooth and when I did I couldn't think straight to come up with crazier, funnier poses!

Cheesy Photobooths

...that I totally forgot about the chocolate fountain until the end of the night when almost all the guests were gone and I stood there by myself scarfing down strawberries and blue chocolate.

...that I never really felt like I was 'in the moment' throughout any part of the day.

...that I was feeling like I was going to pass out through half of the ceremony because my dress was strangling me...and that I didn't feel like wearing my dress through more of the reception because it was too damn heavy!

By Amber Marquez

...that I barely danced with any of our guests...though when I did, it was sure fun!

...that I didn't even get to see the escort cards, the gift table, the memorial table and half the other little details that were set up before all the guests arrived.

...that either the caterer forgot the right linen for our memorial table or someone messed up and didn't read the design layout correctly so it was in a lame cream linen cloth instead of a cranberry satin cloth (I know that's trivial, but it still bothered me).

...that Mr Fix It and I (nor our photographer - blech!) thought to put our wedding rings on for all of our photos before the ceremony so they are not in the pictures we have of us.

Notice - no  rings on either of our hands!!!
...that my officiant didn't show up until almost an hour into our rehearsal so we didn't get to plan out and walk through a lot of things that I would have done differently had I been able to see them in the rehearsal.  Like I wouldn't have staggered our bridal party on the stairs of the altar and I would have realized that me and my girls basically sprinted down the aisle!  :(

I wasn't feeling this staggered look at all!  You can't even see my sister who had to stand
behind the tulip arrangement and pillar on the top of the stairs. 

...that after it is all said and done, I totally want to do it all again!  :)  Can you say '5 year anniversary vow renewal' anyone?

Share Time:  What about you?  What did you think was not fair about your wedding day or just weddings in general or perhaps even the planning process?

** Though we did get a lot of shots at these locations in our post wedding shoot this week! :)

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins Photography


Hannah said...

These recaps make me laugh because you keeps showing these amazing photos and fun times as you're pointing out the bad things! You were a beautiful bride and it looks like you had one of the most fun weddings ever!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I know, right? I was wondering last night if people would think I complain too much? I am really not whining about was all gorgeous and so so much fun for sure! But I just like sharing these little things that you always know will go wrong so that hopefully others will learn from them along the way and not have the same little hiccups or regrets :)

SG to SP said...

There are definitely some things I wish I could go back and change/redo and I'll probably do a post about it at some point.

Of course no one but you would think of these things since I'm sure everyone had a great time but as the bride we are always much more critical of our own weddings. It's frustrating but totally normal.

PartyPlannerGal said...

It looks like everyone had a great time despite the little mishaps :) I know I'm going to wish a million things went differently, but I guess that's just life sometimes. I agree that it's not fair that you spend a whole year planning, and the wedding is over in 6 hours.

Bicoastal Bride said...

Great post! As joyous as weddings are, I think it's important to remember that everything about the day won't feel "perfect." I also didn't get to spend much time with my bridesmaids before the ceremony and was so upset that the processional started while I was in the restroom and I had to rush to start my walk down the aisle. That is not the way I imagined or wanted things at all! I'm glad it worked out in the end, but everytime I think about it, I feel angry. I will never get that moment back.

BigAppleNosh said...

I agree, the day just flies by, doesn't it? Looks like yours was a blast though :)

Morgan said...

It's funny that your first item you listed was not enough time! I just wrote a post last night for next week, and my #1 tip was to add an extra hour to your reception if you can! Time really does fly by, and I too forgot to take some pictures I wanted, and didn't notice a lot of the DIY details I'd worked so hard on!

kjpugs said...

OMG. You and little miss in the photobooth. I DIE. You guys are so cute!!!!

Miss C said...

I just KNOW that I'm not going to get photos with everyone that I want a photo with. And I'm going to forget someone really important like my Mum or something. Argh.

Miss C said...

PS- Your photos are beautiful and every looks like they had such a great time.

Nicole said...

yep, i so wanted to have a do over right away! my hubby said.. 5 year vow renewal.."Lets go to Jamaica or Mexico! to have a small intimate ceremony with friends/family! heckas yea!

Cyn said...

That's too bad that you didn't get to dance with your guests. I spent have the night dancing with my girls and we had so much fun. Our wedding was 6 hours long and it definately felt like it just flew by :(

Mo said...

I had the same exact feelings, that there just wasn't enough time!

I second the 5 year vow renewal. Or, how about a wedding every other year?

Gaynor said...

I have no idea how you managed to even talk to to half your guests!

Our ceremony started at 1pm then the reception didnt finish until 1am, 12 hours later and I still felt there wasnt enough time to see everyone properly!

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