Monday, August 23, 2010

Wed Recap: Who ARE these people?!?

Today I thought I would take a moment to share some of the photos we have of our many fun and loving guests from our wedding.  So this is a simple recap post in honor of them - with some fun little details or info about each one  :)

Mom, Cousin Amber, Uncle John and Aunt Sue
Aunt Sue flew in from Idaho for the wedding.  My Aunt Kathy (Amber's mom) and my Aunt Sue both were taken in by my grandma when they were days old.  My grandma was a foster parent and raised these 2 girls as her own daughters for almost their entire life.  That's just the kind of person my sweet grandma was.  She couldn't make it to our wedding due to being placed on hospice care and passed away just 3 months after our wedding, but this photo is a testament to the type of woman she was and the family that she raised regardless of blood line.  I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life!

My dad, daughter and mom
Dad flew in from Houston with his wife.  I rarely ever get to see him so it's very cool to have this photo of my daughter with her grandpa and grandma.

My niece (sister's daughter) and my 2nd cousin (flowergirl Tatum)
I love this photo.  It looks like my little niece Analeigh is looking up at her little cousin...maybe she's aspiring to be a flower girl herself one day?

My cousin Amber and her husband, Jimmy (the Greek)
I love that Amber is taking this photo of them.  She was my rescue lady on the wedding day as she took lots of personal photos of the details of the day and got the only shot of me and my mom together!

My Aunt Sylvia (Uncle John's wife), cousin Erin and her hubby, my cousin Mike
Erin is my cousin by marriage...and when I asked her to be in my wedding on Christmas Eve, 2008 she literally started crying.  I adore her!  I was so honored to have her in my wedding...their daughter, Tatum was our flower girl and their son, Chase handed out our programs for us.

Cousin Amber, Aunt Sue and cousin Sarah (Aunt Sue's daughter)
Sarah flew in from Redding where she just graduated from college to come to the wedding.  Her brother, Tyler (my cousin who lives in Seattle and couldn't make it) is going to be a huge star one day!  I am telling you, the kid is all kinds of talented with singing and acting and has a BIG personality.  He already has some YouTube videos out and has also starred in several local community plays and such.

My 2nd cousin, Dimitri (Amber and Jimmy's son)
This kid was a total ham on the wedding day!  I mean just look at this photo!  And he also made us laugh with lots of photos in our photobooth, too.

Mr Fix It's sister, Christy, her hubby, Bill and their son, Caden.
Caden was a ring bearer (the youngest one) and did a great job!  They came in from Sacramento for the wedding and Christy is the only girl and youngest of the 5 children in Mr Fix It's family.

More extended family with my mom.
These sisters, Gemma and Omega and their dad's girlfriend, Rose are friends of the family.  Their dad, Robbie, was the son of my grandma's best friend and was raised like a cousin to all of my older cousins.

My cousin, Kyle and his girlfriend, Kate
Kyle and his brother, Blake are huge basketball players.  Kyle is about to head off to the University of San Francisco (where his brother just graduated from). 

My cousin, Heather (Kyle's sister) and her hubby, Myka and their daughter, Brooke
I adore this photo.  Heather is another one who took lots of photos for us at the wedding but some of my faves are the ones of her little girl.  She hammed it up in the photobooth, scarfed down the blue chocolate from our fountain and partied it up on the dance floor with my niece.  Such the life of the party!

My beautiful cousin, Jane and her daughter, Jenna
One of my fave photobooth photos came from these 2 who pretended they were afraid of the afro wig.

4 of the 6 girls in my bible study small group I lead.
Sean and Melody, Seth and Suzanna (who got married the weekend after us), Danny and Kristin and Jeff and Laura.  The three on the left are now married and the one on the right is currently ring shopping! :)
These girls have been a weekly part of my life for almost 5 years now.  They are beautiful, talented and God loving ladies that truly made our wedding day so special by livening up the dance floor!  Kristin sent me a text message the night of the wedding after we left that said:  "We had so much fun at your wedding.  We partied hard for you guys and can't wait to see you after the honeymoon!  You get to have sex tonight!!!"

All 6 of the lovely girls together:
Kristin, Mercedes (who just got married in June), Melody, Suzanna, Laura and Jen
Jen is the only single lady but I don't think that'll last long.  And Melody and Kristin are now about 25 years old...I first met them when they were my daughter's age!  So scary to watch them grow through high school, college, careers and now marriage!

Andy and Mercedes
They had the super fun country wedding I blogged about in Cayucos

Mr Fix It and his friend, Cordell Miller
If you are a surfer, you may know Cordell's name as he makes some popular surfboards here in So Cal.  I even had a friend come up to me at the wedding and ask "Is that Cordell Miller over there!?!"  So silly.

Mr Fix It, his friend Reed, Groomsmen Jerry and Jerry's girlfriend, Cynthia
So Reed is the one who stayed at our house during our honeymoon and had to tell us that our doggie had passed away.  He was so amazing in taking care of everything for us! 

Jill and Sydney
Sydney was one of the only non-family younger aged guests we allowed at our wedding.  Her parents have been friends of ours for like 10 years through our daughter's playing softball together and she is one of my daughter's very good friends.  (Sorry it's a blurry pic)

My niece and nephew, my brother-in-law and his mother, Kaye
Kaye was so sweet to come and help my brother-in-law take care of the 2 kids at our wedding since my sister was so wrapped up in acting as the MOH.  Once dinner was over, Kaye took the kiddos home so my bro-in-law could party it up a little longer with my sister.

Jake, Jay, Kelly and Brooke
Kelly is my daughter's Aunt on her father's side.  My daughter's father, his mother, his brother, and his 2 sisters and their significant others/children all attended our wedding.  We are very blessed to have a large family surrounding my daughter and her dad and I work together very well to be an equally influential part of her upbringing and caregiving.

Kathleen, Frank and their kids, Kate and Wyatt
These were the other young non family children that we allowed at the wedding.  This family has been some of Mr Fix It's best friends for many years and they came from San Jose for the wedding.   We loved having them and their kids there and the kids had a blast with all that we had planned for them!

My new neighbors from Mr Fix It's street, Bob and Joan
We had about 6 of the couples that live on our small cul-de-sac street at our wedding.  It was so cool to have them there as I don't know all of them that well yet.
By Robert Mullins
Dana and Joe
Joe used to work for Mr Fix It...he's a good friend of his and they are a super cute couple!
By Robert Mullins
Groomsmen, Keith (Mr Fix It's brother), his wife, Jackie and GM Todd (Mr Fix It's best friend)
I love these type of photos that show the guests truly laughing and enjoying themselves!
By Robert Mullins
My 2nd cousins Adam and Ellissa
They came all the way from Tennessee to make our wedding.  I was bummed that their dad, my cousin, Johnny and his family couldn't make it out as well.

Mr Fix It's friend, Sam and his girlfriend, Suzy
Sam and Mr Fix It met surfing but Sam is also a doctor, so now he's our family doctor :)  It's good to have people in these places.  He prescribed us some helpful anti biotics and sleeping pills for our honeymoon.

More new neighbors, Natalie and Debbie
These ladies are *PAR-TEE-ERS*!  They were on the dance floor all damn night long!


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Lol, at first I thought this was going to be a post on wedding crashers. Very handsome family :)

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Great photos! what a nice way to honor your gusts that traveled to be with you on your day. And that white dress!?! Ummm . . . no words.

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Loved all the history you gave behind each of these guests :)

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This is so cool! You have very lovely family and friends, my dear! I hope they all get a chance to read your write up!

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