Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wed Recap: The planner and the wing-it guy

I'm still following up with ceremony recaps - but there's only a few more to go.  However, today is again, one that is sort of a favorite...because it is the only time during our ceremony that I actually got choked up (though briefly). 

In my post last week about our pastor talking about both me and Mr Fix It and why he 'likes us,' he mentioned that I am a planner and that Mr Fix It is a surfer.  Well, in today's post, I am sharing with you our personally written messages to each other. 

And as you'll see in the video, Mr Fix It just 'wings it' and didn't have anything specific prepared or written down.  This is exactly why I didn't involve him in the writing of the traditional vows I shared last week, because he really just waits until he is in the moment to make decisions and share thoughts.  :)

The funny thing is, me being the planner, I knew one day Mr Fix It and I would get married.  And so early on in our six year relationship, I started keeping a journal that every once in a very great while, I would write a note or reminder about something he did or said or something I thought about him.  Basically, as soon as we got engaged, I went back through those old journal entries to gain inspiration and then wrote out this letter to Mr Fix It.  It was written probably a good 9 to 12 months before our wedding and I didn't look at it again until it was time to print it out when we were going over the ceremony with our pastor.  So yes, it was well planned in advance - at least mine was.

So here it is, the video of our messages to each other.

I just absolutely love how our pastor knew how to put us at ease and lighten a mood with a simple statement like when he tells Mr Fix It 'he's not going to top' my message. :)

Share Time:  Did/Will you include a personally written note or message to each other in addition to the vows you recite?  Or will you maybe write your vows as the written notes to one another?  How much time did you put into writing them out?  Did you wait until the last minute or have them prepared very early on?

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  If you are reciting traditional vows, consider whether or not you'd like to incorporate a personal message to one another before you actually recite your vows. 

Raw video footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills
Unless otherwise indicated, photos by Robert Mullins


SG to SP said...

These are very sweet messages and he did well for just saying it on the fly like that!

We didn't include any personal handwritten vows or messages. Kristian was having a hard enough time not losing it during the ceremony I think something like that would have completely sent him over the edge! haha. I'm also a bit more shy when it comes to stuff like that and wouldn't have felt comfortable saying really personal stuff like that in front of everyone.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Very sweet! I think it's great that he was able to speak from the heart on the spot, and probably more meaningful to him than preparing something in advance if that's not his personal style. We won't be exchanging personal vows at the ceremony, but I do like the idea of writing letters to one another beforehand.

Jenn said...

Love this post! Guys are so diff then girls, you can tell you put so much thought into yours and he just winged it and his sounded just as good and from the heart as yours did!

We will be doing this at our wedding as well.. I think I like the message better than the actual vows... hmm!

Thanks for sharing!

Ghenet said...

This was so sweet! We're writing our own personal vows to each other. I haven't written them yet but my plan is to start soon. We have two months to go so I'll definitely finish them with plenty of time to look it over :)

Miss C said...

Oh I love it, your vows were so well thought out :) Mr Fix-it was great too!

We'll write our own personal vows to each other. I'm not sure whether we'll share them with each other before the ceremony or not.

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