Monday, August 30, 2010

Post Wedding Shoot: Channeling fellow blogger brides

I got back the disc of images from our post wedding shoot but I'm going to split up sharing some of my faves in separate recaps mixed in with the recaps of our wedding (yes, they're still going on 4 months after the big day!).

So I never shared with you the story about a special gift I received in the mail from Australia via a favorite bestie blogger friend of mine, Mrs T from Ninety-Nine + Forever.

Mrs T informed me that she had sent me something several weeks before our wedding to use on my wedding day.  I adore her.  If you are not a follower, become one and go back and read all about her big day.  We share some things in common and became friends quickly.  So I was excited to see what she had sent me.  But alas, the stupid post office managed to LOSE the package she sent me!  She tried to track it down before the wedding day and we determined that it was somewhere in Los Angeles, but it never arrived before the wedding day :(

However, a few months later...yes, like 2 months later...I finally got the package which contained a sweet card and a pair of these fun little heart shaped sunglasses like Mrs T had worn on her day!  I loved the photos she took with them and was excited that I had an opportunity to still wear them at our post wedding shoot! :)

One of the cool photo opportunities at our venue was this red phone booth.  I mentioned to our photog that I needed to remember to use the red heart sunglasses in some shots and she thought this photobooth would be the perfect place/background.

Just a few silly shots of me alone in the booth

And now me with the sunglasses on. 

I tried to channel Mrs. T

but Mr Fix It wasn't getting it...he didn't understand the 'look' I was going for.

And then he thought it was funny to raise his 'pimp hand' to me which he tries to pull off quite often.

I didn't think it was funny.  So I locked him inside the phone booth.


Maybe he'll think twice before trying to be silly next time.  :)

All photos by Rachel Garcia of Brilliant Imagery


PartyPlannerGal said...

Yes, yes, yes! I won a pair of the glasses and bling on Mrs. T's blog and cannot wait to include them in some of our photos . . . I think it'd be really fun to pass them on after and keep the tradition going for the next blogger bride-friend to tie the knot.

Love your photos and the fact that Mr. Fix It has a signature pimp pose :)

Jessica said...

Gotta tell you...that "pimp hand" is too offensive and SO NOT funny. I enjoy your blog, but I thought this was ridiculous in the photo booth pics and I think it is ridiculous now. So not appropriate to joke about and really shocking to me that you would joke like this considering you have a daughter.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Jessica, I completely understand your opinion. And while I respect your right to have that opinion, I will defend Mr Fix It by saying that you have to know him and how silly and cheesy he is to 'get this.' The unfortunate thing with computers (and blogs) is that people don't always truly come across the way they are in 'real life' and tones and attitudes are misinterpreted.

There are a whole heck of a lot of things that people do that truly offend me as well (for one, cussing and using the name of Jesus Christ in slang/vulgar language). But unfortunately, lots of people find absolutely nothing wrong with it. Depending on my relationship with the person and knowing who they are in all other aspects of their life, I will sometimes voice my frustration to them about these things. However, I follow several blogs where the writers 'cuss like sailors.' And while it grates on me, I would never say something to them on their blog because I recognize it is who they are and they do not know me enough to respond as I would hope they would.

That said, I have the choice whether to read or interact with those who do offensive things.

To finish this off, I do hope that you know I would love for you to stick around and keep reading and I do respect that you took offense to this and apologize for that.

I would also like to say that Mr Fix It means no 'chauvinist' or other type of offense by this joke and that he is a very sweet, loving and most importantly RESPECTFUL man.

EmilyB said...

Cute pics!! Sometimes boys just don't understand lol.

Bicoastal Bride said...

These shots are so much fun, and the glasses are awesome! How nice of Mrs. T to send them to you. By the way, I also love your sassy red nail polish in these photos! :)

honey my heart said...

love these photos. the sunglasses and phonebooth are great.

Nicole-Lynn said...

lol cuute!

Cyn said...

I love the one of you in the booth on the phone. So cute!

redwhitebride said...

fun pics! how cute are those glasses :)

Chocolate Lover said...

So glad you got to do this all over again! Looks like you both had a blast! I can't wait to see more!

Morgan said...

Heehee! These are great! I love that you got to have a little fun with the photos (even if Mr. Fix It didn't quite 'get it'). And the pimp hand shot is hilarious!

kjpugs said...

I love each and every one of these pics!!! Can't wait to see more!

Mrs T said...

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS POST! Too funny. So glad they got there in the end!

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