Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wed Recap: To toss or not to toss? A unique twist

I have honestly despised the moments when the DJ calls all the 'single ladies and gents' out onto the dance floor to have the bride and groom toss the bouquet and garter away to see who will 'get married' next.  Yeah, right?  Does it really ever happen that the people who catch these things get married next?  Doubtful.

However, I knew I wanted to somehow have a toss and of course, it had to be unexpected.  Originally, I had the fabulous idea that I would surprise the girls I tossed my bouquet* to by having the bouquet break up into 4 smaller bouquets so that more than one girl gets to catch it.  :)  But as I evaluated our guest list, I realized there weren't as many single ladies as I had expected there to be. 

Instead, I had read on some blogs about how some brides were choosing to 'hand' their bouquet off to someone specific rather than just toss it away.  I loved this idea and here is how I incorporated this into our own wedding for a very special lady in my life:

As for Mr Fix It and the garter toss, he wanted to do this for sure.  But mostly just because he is a perv who wanted to get up my dress.  He decided he wanted to be 'covert' about it and worked with the DJ to surprise me with the song selection that would play while he slithered across the dance floor to remove my garter.  Here are some great pics and video of his little display:

As you can see, Mr Fix It tricked the guys they called on to the dance floor by acting like he was going to toss the garter, but then he decided to intentionally place it into the hands of one of his groomsmen that he calls a 'playa who needs to settle down finally.'  :)  I love how the DJ made the comment "If that isn't someone saying 'tag you're it' I don't know what is!"

Share time:  Did you decide to do the tosses and if so, was there anything different or unique about how you incorporated them?

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  Rather than tossing away your own bridal bouquet, *be sure to ask your florist about creating a smaller 'toss bouquet' for you to throw to the ladies.  Usually this will be thrown in free as part of the contract (mine was).  You can also do this with the garter as well.  A lot of garter sets come with a fancier garter for the bride to wear and a simpler version to be tossed.  The bride can wear both of them on her leg with the toss one on the bottom so the groom removes that one and leaves the fancier one for the bride to keep.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Robert Mullins Photography
Raw video footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills


Hannah said...

My bridesmaids got me my 'good luck garter' and the toss garter while one of my bridesmaids offered her bouquet for the toss.

Since we're a young couple (mid-20s) we knew that this tradition would be accepted by our younger group of friends and we made sure that no one felt obliged to head up to the dance floor. (As we did not want anyone to feel uncomfortable.)

BUT - just to let you know - we had a couple catch the garter and bouquet and they did, in fact, get engaged just two weekends ago! Of course, they also were the two who were REALLY goin' for it! I'll be sure to post about how funny it was!

Mrs. Lopez said...

That's a great idea! We did it the traditional way.

SG to SP said...

That was very sweet of you to give it to your friend who was getting married next and funny of John to just hand his off.

We didn't do either. We didn't really have many single people at our wedding and I know the few single girls that were there would not have enjoyed being called out. I thought of handing mine off to the couple that had been married the longest but we ended up just skipping it altogether.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Both wonderful ideas, and a very unique twist on the traditional garter/bouquet toss. I love that still frame of Mr. Fix It on the floor before the garter hand-off. We won't be doing either of these traditions, or even modified versions of them. Most of our friends (male and female) are in their late 20s/early-mid 30s and probably don't want to be reminded that they are single. I always hated the bouquet toss, so we decided to "do unto others" and omit it from our wedding. I love how you handed your bouquet off. I wanted to give mine to my great aunt, who would have been the longest married woman at our wedding, but my uncle unfortunately passed away a few months ago :(

Ghenet said...

Cute! We're not tossing anything at our wedding but that was really nice of you to pass the bouquet onto your friend who's wedding you were missing the following weekend. She must have really appreciated that gesture :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

I love your “bouquet toss” twist, and think it’s so sweet that you honored Suzanna, especially since you had to miss her wedding. And Mr. Fix It is too funny to trick the guys that way! And your DJ sounds so awesome, too. I love when he said, “Now, John, we’re only looking for the garter.” LOL!

P.S. Now that I’m back from my trip to the Southwest, I need to catch up on your last few blog posts. :)

Nicole said...

we had an engaged couple catch the flowers/garter...had a picture taken with them..it worked out perfect! They got marred 2 months later! it was like a pre-wedding party for them!

Mrs T said...

That is such a great idea for the bouquet. Bet she felt really honored.

Gaynor said...

Thats a lovely idea for your bouquet.

I didnt toss mine either; instead my parents took it to my grandmothers grave when we went on honeymoon.

The garter toss isnt a british thing at all either; and i wouldnt have wanted to toss mine anyway since it was my something borrowed from my mum.

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