Friday, January 8, 2010

And what if he escapes! Oh my!

Llamas and zebras and tigers - OH MY! 

So this week's posts seem to be geared more towards our venue...probably because yesterday I got to take some of my FIL's to see it in person (they were in town from Sacramento).  And in a week I'll be meeting there with my caterer and coordinator to spend a long, fun filled morning doing the walk through and discussing all the logistics. 

It was fun getting to take my future sis-in-law there yesterday.  She has three kids and two of them, my soon to be nephews of 3 and 5 years old, are going to be ring bearers.  So I was excited to show her and the bro-in-law not only the venue but the private zoo on the property. 

The zoo is filled with exotic and endangered animals that are mostly rescued animals.  The two zebras that were there about 13 months ago when we originally booked the venue have unfortunately passed away.  But just this past November, they were able to find a new momma and her baby, Ziddle and Zaddle.  Check them out:

Super cute, aren't they?  The guests will love being able to visit these two up close and personal.  There's also lots of wildcats (small ones), birds, and even llamas on the property.  But the main attraction?  The big feature?  The creme de la creme of this place?  It is definitely the two white tigers and two bengal tigers that are housed in cages just opposite each other at the main entrance of the zoo path.  Here are the two bengal tigers...they're opening their Christmas gifts a few weeks ago.

Seriously, what do you get a tiger for a gift?  I think he got screwed as that box looks pretty empty to me.  You can see the white tigers opening gifts by clicking here.

Real cute, aren't they? Yeah well, not so much actually.  The fact is, there is one bengal tiger that is ferociously mean!  And I mean scary mean!  When Mr Fix It and I went to see him, I stood about 10-15 yards back from the cage while Mr Fix It decided to try to growl at him right up against the cage - yeah, Mr Fix It is kind of an idiot sometimes.  He thinks he's being silly, I say idiotic.  Anyway, the tiger got right up against the fence and growled the gnarliest growl at him.  I jumped back and so did Mr Fix It.  Here's a little sample of that sucker in action with someone else who got some video of how friendly he is:

So as excited as I am to have this great little zoo available to our guests, I am also definitely thinking they better keep those tiger cages nice and secure come wedding day...I really don't want my wedding to turn in to an episode of 'When Animals Attack.' 


PartyPlannerGal said...

Haha - it will be fine! Just don't let Mr. Fix-it taunt the animals on the big day. It is so cool that your guests are going to have free range of the zoo. What other wedding has that? None :)

Ghenet said...

That's so cool that your venue has a zoo! How fun!

buhdoop said...

It doesn't look like the tiger likes the taste of the wrapping paper. That baby zebra is adorable.

Bicoastal Bride said...

That zoo is going to be so much fun for everyone! Hopefully, the guests will stay back from the tiger cages and won’t let their kids get too close, either. The white tigers you showed in one of the videos you posted a while ago are so beautiful!

Jenn said...

OMG how horrible would that be!!! It won't happen to ya, I'll make sure it doesn't, haha!

3 months and 8 days!!! AHHH

New Mexican Bride said...

He did get ripped off didn't he? lol poor thing went through all the trouble of opening it and there was nothing but yucky tasting paper.

OMG I would freak out if the tiger did that when I was standing there, I can see why you were all the way back there, SCARY!!!Good thing he's behind a couple cages. At our zoo they have it posted all over not to stare into any of the cats eyes or make eye contact because they see it as a threat.

It's still super cool you get to have a zoo at your wedding even if they aren't all very friendly.

Mrs T said...

Ha - you are funny. It is uber cool that you have a zoo at your wedding. I so want to come!

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