Monday, January 18, 2010

A quick update and many thanks to my blogger friends

I've spent the entire weekend with Mr Fix It and our puppy (even though he's 11 years old we still call him puppy).  I just want to thank you all so much for your kind words of support and encouragement.  It's been an emotionally draining weekend.  If you hadn't read from Saturday's post, our puppy was just recently diagnosed with a heart condition called cardio myopathy.  It means he has an enlarged heart which causes his lungs to fill up with fluid so that he cannot breathe.  It also means he needs to be on three kinds of daily medication for the rest of his life and could die of a heart attack at any minute.  :( 

We have taken him to the vet three times in the past couple days.  Friday morning Mr Fix It was sure he was going to have to put him to sleep as he suffered with wheezing and extremely labored breathing all through the night Thursday.  But the vet told him to let them try to treat him on Friday first.  I went to Mr Fix It's after my appointment with our caterer/coordinator on Friday morning and we picked him up that night. The vet told us Friday night that there is no way to know how much longer we have with him, but it is definitely not longer than a year.  But after they put him on the medication that day, he was definitely back to normal and able to breathe so much better.  Mr Fix It was very happy.

Saturday we took him with us as we shopped for tile for our master bathroom that Mr Fix It is remodeling.  He worked on the bathroom and I watched some NFL playoff games with Kuta.  Kuta was doing well.  But Saturday night, he was right back to his labored breathing.  Mr Fix It and I laid in the bed with Kuta between us comforting him and crying together over the fact that we just didn't think anything was helping him and we could not handle the emotions of watching him suffer each night to breathe. 

Once again, we took him in Sunday morning ready to say goodbye and end any pain he might be feeling.  But at the vet's office while we waited for 2 hours, he seemed fine once again.  We straight out asked our vet what she suggested.  She said let's give him just another couple days and try one last medication as a final resort.  We started him on it last night.  All day yesterday and all through the night he slept peacefully and has been fine.

Though he won't ever be able to be as active as he once was...we can't put any stress on his heart which means leisurely walks only and no running...we are hopeful that the new medication might make him more comfortable and give us more time with him.  We take him back in two days for a follow up and tonight and tomorrow night will be a big test of his condition.

I just keep praying that things go well at least to give us another 6 months with him as Mr Fix It has just had such a hard time these past few breaks my heart to see him so torn up.  But today is a better day - rain and all.

Tomorrow - back to normal (hopefully) with my first official dress post in my gown!  :)


Bicoastal Bride said...

I’m so sorry to hear them say he has less than a year, but hope he will be able to feel better and hold on as long as he can without a lot of suffering. I hope the follow-up goes all right.

Em said...

My heart continues to break for you and Mr. Fix It. Enjoy the time you have left with Kuta. Know that he has led a happy and fulfilling life. I know you and Mr. Fix It will make his last few days/weeks/months as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Keep us updated.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I'll continue to think good thoughts for you, Mr. Fix-it and Kuta. Hang in there - you are doing a great job of being supportive, even though it's so hard.

Vanessa said...

I'm so sorry - I understand how a dog is so much a part of a family, such a close and loyal friend - it must be so hard for you both just now. I so hope that Kuta will continue to react well to his new medication! Lots of hugs for him!

Patience said...

My eyes keep filling with tears because we are going through the same thing with our Pug and it just breaks my heart. I don't want him to suffer, but I am not ready to let him go yet. I pray your puppy gets better so you have more time with him.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh Stacey, I just said a little prayer for your family and Kuta. I can imagine how hard it is right now. Kuta wants nothing more than to be with you, Mr. Fix it, and your daughter and I hope the new medication works well.

Chocolate Lover said...

I hope the new med works for your little guy! I'm sure you all feel exhausted today! Thx for the update! Will continue to send positive thoughts your way

Salt said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Kuta. :( Hopefully this new medication will be able to keep him comfortable. I'm definitely keeping you guys in my thoughts! Having an ill pet is just the same as having an ill child to me.

I'm looking forward to your wedding dress post! :)

Mrs T said...

So hoping that the meds work. Poor puppy. x

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