Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! And my fave Christmas gift recaps!

So last night, Mr Fix It and I did the low key new year's celebration...we had dinner with his brother and sis-in-law (actually, she worked by waiting on our table while we ate at the restaurant she works at).  His best friend (and groomsmen) and his wife also joined us.  We also dropped my almost 15 year old daughter off at her very first New Year's Eve party - my how she's growing up!  Then we settled in for some Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and some sweet lovin' to end out at 2009 - if ya know what I mean :)

I also was gifted these little beauties as my final Christmas present from Mr Fix It...he got me some nice warm boots via UGG style and these new sunglasses by Electric that I have been vying for!  Why?  Because I love me the large sunglass style look that's in but have never found a pair that actually look good on me without buggin' out my eyes!  Until these!

My favorite gifts I gave last week?

*  The Garmin that literally made my mother cry when she opened up.  Silly to cry over a garmin I know but if you knew what a pain it is loaning her mine or having to look up directions on mapquest for her every time she can't find something while driving around, you'd understand why this was a must give gift for her.  And the fact she couldn't afford to buy it for herself - well, it made her cry when she opened it.

*  The Tachyon helmet mount video camera that I gave Mr Fix a surfer and athlete extraordinaire, he saw this on his little brother while they were out dirt biking and just had to have it.  Whether or not he'll use it and get any fun stories out of it we'll see but since he loves to wakeboard and such, he was definitely in love with it when he opened it.

*  Of course my teenager just loved the new cell phone she can you go wrong with technology for today's teen?

*  And finally, I gifted my boss (the most difficult person to shop for in the entire world!) the mini version of the camera I got Mr Fix It.  Hearing this man tell me that I gave him the 'perfect gift' for the first time ever was just music to my ears!  I mean the man's a millionaire and pretty arrogant about gifts he gets that he doesn't think suit his standard of living so finding something he'll enjoy that he doesn't think is stupid is truly a feat in my opinion!

What about you?  Did you get or give any gifts this past Christmas that you were just super excited about?  Why?

PS  Do you see that over there on the right side of my blog?  ------->  The past posts have all been lumped into 2009!  So crazy!


Bicoastal Bride said...

Happy New Year’s Day! Those sunglasses look great, and way to go for giving such great gifts to everyone else.

Jenn said...

Thanks for pointing out the 2009 thing, crazy!

Cute sunglasses!

I also Wakeboard and would love one of those cameras, my 25th is in March (hint hint) haha jk jk! Where did you buy it from though?

And no can't go wrong with tech and teenagers!

Mrs T said...

You did well - with giving and receiving! Nice work.

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