Sunday, January 17, 2010

You're not putting that girly crap on my invitations! (Seriously Saturdays)

Yes, that's pretty much the type of stuff I hear from my wonderful fiance, Mr Fix It.  I have to admit, I am jealous of all you DIY brides who know what a gocco machine is, have a Cricut at your every day disposal and embossed your STD envelopes.  I don't even know how you do it and am clueless about all that stuff.  So to even think my guy would help me with those type of craft projects is a serious stretch of my imagination.  Seriously...pigs would be flying.

The most I do when it comes to DIY projects is designing something on the computer, printing it out at work and sticking it onto or into something to jazz it up...see my Table Number idea here.

But what frustrates me the most is that Mr Fix It thinks half my ideas are too 'girly' for his friends and family.  When I originally showed him my idea for the response cards on our invitations the first words out of his mouth were "I hate it."  I later found out that the reason he hated it was not necessarily the idea behind it, but the flack he would get from his guy friends who thought it was silly, dorky, girly, whatever. 

You see, my guy is a construction guy...he owns his own flooring business and when he leaves for work in the morning it's in torn jeans, work boots, ripped stained t-shirts and with a disgusting dirty van full of tools.  When he comes home it's all the same but add in the concrete, paint, sticky stuff and icky dust he's been collecting all day and it makes this clean, organized neat freak girl go insane!  The first thing I want him to do is head straight for the shower!

He's a serious stereotypical tough guy...a surfer...a pet lovin' child playin' rough and tumble sports lovin' I'm-a-kick-your-a$$ if you mess with my gal kinda guy.  And so showing him wedding things like colors of aqua and cranberry and a swirly graphic design and silly photos on the RSVP cards with us jumping in the air and looking sad or pouty faced is just a big fat joke to him.  Too girly and too wedding obsessive.  He seriously can't take it.

I can't even imagine what our wedding would look like if I left it all up to him.  He definitely has his opinions and thoughts but the vision has mostly been mine.  So it's hard to know what we'd end up with if he was in charge!  I try my best to keep things personal and unique to both of us and to keep them not so girly but it rarely happens that he falls in love with something I have shown him...check my previous post to see why this is so exciting to me!

Anyway, I say all this because the invitations I showed you earlier this week, well he of course found several things wrong with them after the final version arrived....even after he had approved the colors, design, etc.  He thought the graphic design on them (the little swirly part) should have been in black.  Really?  Black?  I told his sister in law that and she looked at him with a weird face like "Whatchyou talkin' 'bout, Willis?'

So we stuck with everything as planned other than changing the simple font as I mentioned in my previous post.  But we did come to a compromise or I would not have been able to incorporate my response card idea.  We asked our designer to please print a certain number of the response cards without the photos on the one side.  So for that select number of guys that Mr Fix It instructs me to set aside as special when sending out the invites, I will be sending them the invite suite with response cards with no silly photos of us looking sad or excited. least I still get my wish in the end!


LauraLou said...

Haha, my fiance is similar.. When we thought we were going to have a mix of white and pink envelopes for our save the dates he went through our guest list and picked all of the people (his friends) who he wanted to use the white envelopes for. He thought he'd get made fun of if they got a pink envelope. Guys are so ridiculous!

New Mexican Bride said...

lol sorry to laugh but I sooo know what you mean! My guy is a construction guy and well you saw the picture of him at the football game he never even shaves in the winter! So I feel your pain. I wanted a butterfly on my invites but he thinks it's too girly too. Of course he said I can do it anyway but I understand in a way that he thinks it's girly. I guess we have to compromise with some things. I am working on a project now to incorporate his Love for fishing in our wedding. So don't feel too bad, I think we all have to deal with the whole: that's too girly for me thing. But some things are worth pushing for :) !

PartyPlannerGal said...

This post is hilarious! My guy hasn't put his foot down yet, but I haven't come at him with anything too "girly" either - wait 'till he sees the invitations I am imagining right now. I'm envisioning lots of lacy details, and he already knows I plan to line the RSVP cards with mini-doilies. He hasn't said "no," but if anything is going to cause him to do so, it will be mini-doilies :)

Mrs T said...

I love your photos on the cards. But I'm glad you don't have to have black for the swirls!

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