Thursday, June 17, 2010

H-moon Recap: Thievery all over the world

This post will not include any photos...because how do you take photos of total crooks?!? 

Our honeymoon was a great experience...except for two specific things/incidents. 

After spending a glorious 7 days relaxing and basically doing nothing in Australia, we packed up all of our belongings into the rental car, said goodbye to the amazing husband and wife managers of the apartments we had been staying at and headed off for the airport.  We needed to re-fuel the rental car so we pulled into the gas station right next door to the apartments.  Mr Fix It ran in to pay for the gas, buy some Rockstar energy drinks (bleck!) and then pumped the gas and jumped in the car.  As soon as we pulled out of the gas station, he reached for the sunglasses he had placed on top of his head since the sun was out...only to realize they weren't there.  He frantically began looking through the car and then suddenly said "Oh man!  I think I set them down on the counter when I was paying for the gas." 

Now why he would take them off of his head to set them down I don't know, but whatever.  We made a quick u-turn and headed back into the gas station.  Only when Mr Fix It jumped out and ran in to retrieve them, the man behind the counter informed him that the gentlemen who was in line behind him had picked them up and carried them off.  What a total thief!!! I swear, we weren't even gone three minutes before we came back and some loser in Oz had to ruin the last moments we had in the country by stealing something from us! 

Mr Fix It was not happy but what are you gonna do?  He ended up buying a cheap pair of $4 sunglasses in Bali to get him through the next week til we returned home.  Which leads me to my next story...stay tuned tomorrow!


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Oh man, that sucks. I really hate that. My son dropped his Thomas the Train in a CVS a few weeks ago and I noticed before we left the store. By the time we went back to that aisle, it was already gone and no one turned it in.
It saddens me that people can be this disgusting. Glad that didn't spoil your trip though.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Awww, that's so sad. Seriously, what is wrong with people? My purse was stolen at my mini-bachelorette party I blogged about a few weeks ago. It was a major damper on an otherwise fun night. Sometimes there are just bad people out there.

Chocolate Lover said...

That totally sucks! But at least it was just a pair of sunglasses and nothing more important while you were abroad!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

That's annoying and he saw Mr. Fix it too! At least it was just sunglasses and not his wallet, but it's still a bummer.

Bicoastal Bride said...

It’s so sad how low some people will go. I always get nervous about that kind of stuff, especially when traveling. At least it wasn’t his wallet or something like that!

A. Marigold said...

That happened to me in Maui a few years ago. They were cheap shades, but I looooved them and I was really bummed out.

Mrs T said...

Dishonest people make me so angry. It's a shame the guy behind the counter didn't pick them up for you.

Gaynor said...

Thats so rubbish!

Think the guy behind the counter could have either shouted after him or put them to the side instead of letting the other guy walk off with them!

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