Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wed recap: Red is so *not* my color...

...but for some reason, I totally wanted it all over my wedding.  So not like me.  It has never been a favorite color of mine at all.  In fact, I don't think I even own one solid red piece of clothing really other than maybe a t-shirt or two.  Actually, I do have a pair of super cute red velvety type pants.  I only wear them at Christmas though. 

Whenever I saw red at weddings I've been to in the past, I would totally think "Um, very original.  Really?  The best you could come up with was the color of love and Valentine's day?  Wow, lots of thought went into this one."  Isn't that horrible to be so judgmental?  But I was.

So what made me suddenly decide to incorporate red in my own wedding so much so that it is seen in everything from the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses to the favor boxes to the groomsmen vests to the favors to the votives and the linens?  I guess because it really is a deep, rich, romantic color.  That and the fact that it is always cheaper easy to find flowers in that color. 

I tried to offset this 'red' infusion by leaning towards more of a cranberry/burgundy red and not a bright traditional red.  I think I did a good job.  I loved the color.  I guess some colors are just classic and cannot lead you wrong.  Anyway, the reason I share all of this is to preface all these pics from my photog, Robert Mullins of the red details, touches, attire and decor of our wedding.  Here ya go!

Our sweetheart table.  We needed to keep it simple because we had them 'tear it down' as soon as we were finished eating to make room on the dance floor.

One of the tall centerpieces.  I loved these.  They were inspired by a much more simple version of white tulips sprayed out of a tall vase and we added more green to bring in more of the spring appeal.

A table with the low version of the centerpieces before the tables were completely set up.  I like this shot because it focuses on all the touches of cranberry red - the satin linen napkins, the votive candles, the chinese takeout favor boxes and the circus box kid's favor boxes as well as the burgundy colored dahlias sitting in the tiny little votive vases.

A closer up shot of the low centerpiece which displays all of the elements above
after the guests had invaded the tables!

I took a wicker basket from Michael's that was on sale for 40% off and bought some red silk fabric.  My mom wrapped it around the wicker basket and sewed it up to create our flip flop basket.  We now use the basket for laundry after the wedding :)

Of course, I *had* to incorporate the red throughout the stationery and favor items.  These were the little tissue packs we created as an afterthought after seeing them on several blog sites.

We were even able to have the photobooth company incorporate red as the backdrop for our pictures (favors) for the guests and guestbook!

Though not completely assembled yet, this picture shows the red elements at the ceremony area:  Tulips submerged in the vase that the larger sprays sat on top of, the red boxes that the floral arrangements sat on and the red gerbera daisies at the end of each aisle.

Again, I incorporated the red on the stationery items...like these signs we put at the end of the first five rows saving the seats for family members.  (Courtesy of Serendipity Designs)

Here's a shot of the ceremony area once the guests were seated showing the aisle adorned with deep red petals and the cranberry linen cloth on the communion and unity cross table.

Of course there were my fabulous red shoes that I so adore!!!

And the beautiful bouquet from Allison of Flower Allie that was filled with different shades of deep reds.

I was totally in love with the bridesmaid dresses (Jasmine B2) and their bouquets.

Here's the entire wedding party showing the red ties/vests, gowns and florals all together.
Just love it in this setting at the venue!

I even custom designed (with the help of my wonderful jewelery designer/maker, Jeanette Readinger) gifts for my bridesmaids that were necklaces incorporating the colors of the cranberry red and turquoise gems.

So let's hear it, ladies?  Was there something you just fell in love with regarding your wedding that you never thought you would want or use or incorporate or maybe wasn't part of your normal style?

PS:  I will go into more detail about the florals and other items I mentioned here in future recaps more specific to those items :)


Patience said...

Love your color combo, love the venue..I just love everything. You did such a fabulous job planning your wedding.

Ghenet said...

Cranberry is one of our colors, too! My absolute favorite color is purple so I always thought I'd have purple in our wedding. But when I saw inspiration for our "cranberry lemonade" (cran red and yellow) color scheme, I loved it and thought it would work well for our fall wedding. I'm not usually a big red person either but I love our colors together and can't wait to see all these details like yours at our wedding :o)

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love the red! Actually, red is my favorite color, so I'm surprised it didn't make it into our color scheme. I think I wanted to make sure my fiance was on board with the color scheme, so I selected very earthy, warm fall colors. I also didn't want to compete too much with the natural wood look of our venue.

I think your details came together beautifully, and red really is such a romantic color. The theme of our rehearsal dinner is "Italian," so I'll get to incorporate lots of red for that!

SG to SP said...

I love the cranberry color. You got a lot of great detail shots.

I never thought I would have pink as one of my wedding colors, always seemed super girly to me but I fell in love with the black, white, pink combo early on and think just the smalll touches of the color made things pop without being overly girly and looking like the Steel Magnolias wedding of "blush and bashful" haha

Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm not sure... I have been dreaming of planning my wedding for so long I think I already had it planned most things I want to incorporate in my head! lol Everything turned out so beautiful at your wedding. I love all the love, time you put into all of your DIY projects. It adds so much personalization. Great pictures.. thank you for sharing! :)

Alicia said...

I love reds and pinks, but won't be incorporating them into the wedding. I loved your color scheme, very pretty!

Mrs. Lopez said...

I think the red looked great! Especially with that blue!

Salt said...

Dear, I think that red is DEFINITELY your color! Everything looked so beautiful and fantastic! Yours are the first submerged centerpieces that I've ever seen and I'm absolutely in love with them!

Chocolate Lover said...

I love it all! The tables are so beautifully decorated! And I love the submerged flowers! I want those for our wedding!

kjpugs said...

WOW. The shorter tulip arrangements look like serious works of art. And the picture of you two in the photobooth is my FAVE thus far! (I love candids and it really takes the cake!)

Amberdawn said...

I love red! The colors at your wedding are gorgeous :) I definitely would have been happy using red at my wedding, but since Adam's favorite color is purple, and I want both of our tastes represented, that narrowed my choices. I'm not into the purple and red combination.

Mrs T said...

Those center pieces with the tulips are so lovely.

Giovanna said...

happy two month anniversary! i love the red and aqua color scheme, your dress is amazing, and those shoes are fabulous. everything looked beautiful!

Nicole said...


Cupcake Wedding said...

Holy crap everything is stunning

Cyn said...

The decor was absolutely stunning! I love the red tulips :)

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