Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wed Recap: Processional - do whatever the heck you want!!!

Today's recap is all about our processional.  Ya know?  That part where your wedding party gets to the altar and then you make that famous walk down the aisle to your honey?  Well, I had a clear cut vision of how I wanted our processional to play out.  I wanted it to be a perfect blend of tradition (a nod to the classical music normally played at this part of the ceremony), but also reflect a modern twist and an upbeat fun tone that would be a great kick off to the evening and event.

If you remember, my processional included the video montage/spoof that would play at our ceremony just after the wedding party arrived at the altar and just before I walked down the aisle.  If you don't remember, here's the blog post showing the video

No one thought the video would work or be a good idea.  It would be too long.  It would be boring.  It would make it hard for the bridal party to stand through for 20 minutes.  It didn't make sense that it would end and the song playing at the end would be the one I would be walking down the aisle to.  They just didn't get it like I saw it in my head. 

The song may have been faster than what most brides walk to, and it may not have been sung or played by live musicians as many brides do, but it was the perfect thing for me.  So here is my recap of our processional:

The song the parents and bridesmaids walked down the aisle to was Phil Collins' "Groovy Kind of Love" but performed in a classical version by the Royal Philharmonic Symphony.  I got the idea from the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler married.

The guys made their way up to the altar and looking back at the video I realize that they entered from the wrong spot and also came in after the song started playing.  They were supposed to come in BEFORE the song played because I had timed it perfectly for the parents and bridesmaids only.  These mistakes were all a result of the 'rehearsal that wasn't.' 

Mom & Pops Beever

My mom and brother-in-law

After watching the raw footage of the ceremony, some of the bridesmaids sprinted down the aisle as you'll see and some walked the end, the song actually finished perfectly with all the ringbearers and flower girl making it to the end just as it was ending.  :)

My nephew (one of our 4 ring bearers) walked with his mom (my sister, the MOH) because he just wasn't doin' it alone. 

The eldest made it down fine (you'll see him in a future recap).  And these two youngin's (our nephews) helped each other:

The girls were smart.  I had told the wedding party to sit on the steps during the video so they wouldn't be standing for so long and I made sure our audio/video rental guy set up one of the tv's so the wedding party could see it from the altar.  The girls sat, the boys didn't for whatever reason.

I was tucked away in my bridal cottage just outside of the bridge that you walk across to the ceremony area.  I pulled a chair up right next to the door with it propped open and peeked out so that I could watch/listen to the guests as they watched the video.  It was so great...and I am so glad that I didn't have to be totally alone somewhere out of range of this because I would have been an even *worse* nervous wreck!  :)

I told you yesterday about the moments leading up to the ceremony...well, when the video was almost done and the song began that was for my walk, my dad and coordinator came over to have me get ready.  I told them that it still needed to get halfway through the song before it was my turn to get up and walk down the aisle.  So I wanted to sit as long as possible since I knew I'd be standing in that monstrous dress for a while and I was already feeling suffocated, strangled and like I was going to pass out!

Just as it got to the moment before the break in the song for my entrance, I stood up and began to walk to the bridge with my dad...and then we were off! 

Disclaimer:  This video was created using raw footage courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills. 
It was created by me strictly for recap purposes and therefore will not necessarily be great quality. 
There will be things you probably shouldn't hear and shaky footage in certain places. 
Thank you for your understanding.

I love the conversation in the beginning of the video between Mr Fix It and our pastor, Lyle as they make their way to the altar. Even then they were in doubt of the video being played.

As my coordinator, Amanda fluffed out my train at the very last moment, I remember her saying:

"Ok, Stacey - Flowers low, smile BIG and walk SLOW! This is your moment, soak it all in!"

I just said 'Yep' right then, but when I replay that line in my head, it totally makes me cry now!  How I wish I would have remembered everything she said and put it into action...but I totally didn't!

As a matter of fact, at the time, I totally didn't even hear the song as I was walking down the aisle.  I listened to it right up until the moment when I knew I needed to take my first step and then it was all about seeing my guests, hanging on to Dad's arm and looking up the aisle at Mr. Beever as I made the turn to walk towards him.  I remember right as I got to that turn that I paused very other coordinator tried to quickly fluff my train again and I remember one thing, clear as day in my mind:  In that brief moment, I took the biggest, deepest breath of my life and had a huge smile on my face.  I was fighting back the tears and totally contained them because as soon as I started walking, I just tried to keep my eyes on my groom.  And then we got to the end of the aisle...
TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  After the ceremony, my officiant told me he had 'a lot of doubt' about the video when I was describing it to him.  But he said that it was totally perfect and worked so great for how I wanted it to be introduced.  I definitely listen to people when they raise valid points about issues or concerns with plans I want to enact...but in the end, if you have a vision and you know it will work out, then don't let anyone deter you from the plan!  My processional was anything but traditional and I loved it!!!  And so did the guests as you'll see soon in the next video recap :)

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Robert Mullins Photography


SG to SP said...

I'm loving the video recaps, so much fun. I like the shot from behind of you walking across the bridge with your long train. Very pretty.

Chocolate Lover said...

I love the videos! Makes it feel like we were there! Your gown is gorgeous and you don;t look stressed or anxious at all! I agree with you about taking in feedback but ultimately doing what you know in your heart will be best for you is whats important.

Ghenet said...

So glad your video worked out!! I also love watching your video recaps...I even got a little teary-eyed watching you walk down the aisle with your dad. So sweet!

Bicoastal Bride said...

OMG, Stacey! I just love watching these video clips! You look beautiful, and although I can see what you mean about the bridesmaids coming down the aisle fast, I still think everything looked wonderful. And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who didn’t hear the song as I walked down the aisle! It’s such an emotional moment that makes it really hard to take it all in. And way to go for sticking with your vision and showing the video. I’m glad it worked out well and that everyone loved it!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I think some (whose name I won't mention but who's 2 yrs old) did something to my something to my MAC becuase I can't see any video or have any sound so I had to go back to my reliable old Toshiba to see this.

It was so funny hearing Mr.Fix It talking through the whole thing, saying who everyone is and so on.

You looked really beutiful and I agree that the bridesmaids were really fast down the aisle.

Salt said...

I don't think I'm ever going to get over how gorgeous your dress is. You looked so beautiful! As did all your bridesmaids!

I love the non-traditional approach you took. Your wedding was so personal and so YOU.

redwhitebride said...

i love that you got the raw footage. so special to hear mr. fix it talking. love your processional!

Amberdawn said...

That picture of you peeking out looking all excited is priceless!

Miss C said...

Awww I got all teary when you were walking down the aisle!

I won't be having a traditional song walking down the aisle either, I want something happy!

Mrs T said...

You guys all motored down the aisle! But I still got misty eyed watching the video. Love that you have all this footage. I knew the video would be a huge hit!

buhdoop said...

You are so cute! And you look really beautiful in your dress. I like how the bridesmaids came out by themselves, we may do the same thing.

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

I love it !!!
You look stunning. Everything looks so pretty and perfect.
Need to watch the video again :-)


honey my heart said...

i liked your processional! and what cute ring bearers :)

PartyPlannerGal said...

What an awesome video! I love Mr. Fix-it's "so what do I do?" at the end. I guarantee my fiance will be asking the same question, since he is of the opinion that rehearsals are "unnecessary." Sheesh.

You looked beautiful, and I love that you were able to capture some of these hectic moments. Can't wait to see more!

Nicole said...

you are great!!! love this!

Gaynor said...

Its so lovely to see the video clips and get a climpse into your big day!

So glad you went with your plan and that it all worked out well too.

Em said...

I love this post. I love it SO much. The anticipation you built up makes me remember my processional and all of the crazy emotions that were going on at the time. I remember my DOC saying "Take your time, this is your moment, start walking whenever you want." Ahh ok I'm gonna cry now.

Good for you for sticking to your guns regarding the video. I loved it and I know your guests did, too. Silly doubters...they must not know just how much of a creative genius you are :)

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