Saturday, June 12, 2010

We interrupt the wed/h-moon recaps for...

...a little fun from our family life on Thursday night...stick it out til the end for a funny joke :)

Get ready for this...Little Miss's uncle's partner (whew!) is trying to break into photography as an art form and so he had his first official exhibit in a small gallery in their building in Los Angeles Thursday night.  Since we are pretty close with Little Miss's family on her father's side and all attend each other's events (sports games, birthday parties, weddings, etc), my mom, sister, Little Miss and I all decided to brave the traffic from the OC into LA.

They live right near Staples Center and so we were thrilled when we remembered that the playoff Lakers game was being held in Boston that night (bummed though that the Lakers lost) :(  So we really didn't hit any traffic at all on the 405.

We got to the exhibit about 6:30 pm and browsed around our friend's photos and got to hear the stories behind the the beautiful photo he snapped of the steps at Mansanar (a Japanese internment camp that is now pretty much torn down due to embarassment I am sure).  And then there was the photo titled Cabin Fever which was of a broken-down-busted-out-window-falling apart cabin in the middle of Joshua Tree desert.  Little Miss's grandmother proceeded to tell us how it belongs to her relatives and they used to go there 25 years ago for little weekend trips.  Very interesting.

Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pics of the photos out of respect for our friend's artform and not wanting to 'plagiarize' his stuff, though he probably wouldn't have minded.  However, I did snap this little pic of my sister:

Yeah, that's Brad Wollack and Ross Matthews (comedians from the Chelsea Lately show).  We got to chat with them for a bit since Little Miss's uncle and aunt are friends with Chelsea and several of her staff attended the event.  It was pretty cool.  Very down to earth fun guys.  Since I was following the Laker game on my cell, they asked me about my new Droid phone and if I liked it?  Then they told me that even though they both have the iPhone, they don't like the service AT&T provides.  Which then led to a fun little joke they wrote up for a future comedy act about how they 'forgive' AT&T because even though it's not great, they get service that 'goes down on them about 6 or 7 times.'  Silly boys!


Em said...

Ha! That's funny :) Sounds like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is totally priceless.. any man wants to get "gone down on" 6-7 times a day, but most men don't like when its their cell phones. LMAO. Priceless. They'll have the crowd roaring with that one. AT&T is terrible. I look for them to be gone in the next decade, seriously.

Gracie said...

Haa sounds like a fun time. I do like my iPhone but then we have a few carriers to choose from.

Aww thanks. I do like my header too :p Yours is just lovely. It's a great photo!

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