Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wed Recap: The only tears shed on our wedding day... least that I know of, came when I was basically all alone in the bridal cottage. Well, it was just me...and my videographer. Silly, I know. There were a few brief moments that I got choked up:

*  When I turned the corner during my walk down the aisle and saw Mr Fix It
*  At the very end of the letter I read to him during our ceremony
*  And at one point during my speech/toast at the reception

But other than that, there was no time during our wedding day that I actually shed any tears (except for what I'm about to show you).  And if you know me, you know that is *SO* unlike me!  I am a bawler...anything that touches a heart string, scares me, saddens me, even makes me laugh hard will bring on the waterfall of tears.  So I was anticipating lots of them on my wedding day.  But you'll see in this video, this was the only time that I actually started crying.

Our videographer includes a little thing he calls the 'He Said, She Said' interview in his wedding interviews.  He basically takes a few moments on the wedding day to pull the bride and groom each aside individually away from everyone else, and asks them some basic questions about how they met, how he proposed, what they love about each other and what they want to say to each other on their wedding day.  Here's our little interview:

At first, when I saw samples of this on our videographer's web site, I thought it was cheesy.  But now, I love this because it totally shows our different versions of the key moments of our lives together :)  I love how Mr Fix It thinks he proposed on Christmas Eve (when we spent the whole night with my extended family) when it was actually Christmas morning with just my mom and daughter.  I love that the thing he shares about me that he likes is my OCD behavior which he constantly kids me about and complains about. 

As for the rest of the tears on our wedding day, I asked my mom if she cried and she said she didn't but only because she just felt so relaxed and 'present' in the moment.  She said she was truly able to enjoy everything because she knew I had it all covered.  I wish I could have said the same...I think if I had been 'present' myself, I probably would have actually been crying a lot more!

We did catch mom wiping a tear at this moment :)
Photo by Robert Mullins Photography

I asked my sister if she cried and she said she 'almost' cried when I was walking down the aisle, but she felt like it was mostly because of the words to the song I had playing.  That song was played on my ipod while I was driving for the entire year before our wedding and it made me cry every single time I'd listen to it before the wedding!

I did notice (and shared with you) that my sister-in-law and mother-in-law were crying when I walked down the aisle.  So sweet!  I expected that Mr Fix It might cry at some point during the day, but he held it together, too. 

It was funny, because when we let all the girls back into the bridal cottage after the interview, they all walked in and saw me crying.  My mom said to the videographer, Gary, "What did you do to her?!?"  I laughed and my makeup artist quickly touched up my eyes.  And that was it. 

So did any of you ladies cry on your big day?  Or if you are a bride-to-be, do you expect you will cry at some point? 

Tomorrow is one of my favorite video recaps:  our first look!

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  BLOT, don't wipe your tears if you cry.  Just dab at the corners of your eyes :)  And false eyelashes do wonders as well because if you do start crying, you can buy the black ones and don't even need to wear mascara!


SG to SP said...

Aww the end of this made me tear up, if I see someone cry I cry.

I teared up right when I started walking towards the aisle but once I saw Kristian I just had the biggest smile and the tears went away. He however almost completely lost it. He was teary eyed during the whole thing and even on the honeymoon when we would talk about the wedding or our future together he would tear up.

One of my good friends said she bawled during the whole ceremony but I think that's b/c she saw the drama I've gone through with past relationships and she was just so happy for me.

ruthy ann said...

i too am a cryer...i was expecting puffy, red, eyes and tear stained cheeks...but I only shed a few tears. I was shocked!

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love this video clip and think it's really sweet. I am loving your recaps because we actually get to see exactly what happened :)

Your mom is beautiful! I'm sure mine won't cry as she is not a crier, but she is a huge smiler, so I expect to see her beaming at me from her VIP seat in the front.

Jenn said...

I love the video clip idea! Never seen that before, funny how differnt guys think and remember things, haha!

What song did you walk down to? I can't remember..

honey my heart said...

i tried my best not to cry, but noticed one of my bmaids get teary-eyed so i did as well.

Salt said...

I'm a cryer just like you, but I thought I'd have myself pretty well under control for the wedding.

I did not.

I started crying the moment I met my dad at the top of the aisle and it pretty much didn't stop all the way through the ceremony.

The Pink Bride said...

I cried getting ready because I was stressed at my parents arriving extremely late....

I cried the entire way down the aisle...

And I cried throughout my entire father/daughter dance, and the groom's mother/son dance. Lol!

Ghenet said...

I loved this video! I'm usually super-emotional about everything so I think I'll probably cry at various points. I just saw some wedding pics from a girl I went to college with, and she was bawling during the ceremony and when her father made his toast. It was caught on camera and really sweet!

Mrs T said...

Loved the interview. So cute to see you both talk about the same things, but your different perspectives. Mr Fix it looked so nervous! You looked so pretty and your necklace was super sparkly in real life!

I didn't cry at all on our wedding day. I thought I would, but it just didn't happen.

Miss C said...

Ohhhh I can't watch the video on my home computer :( Tomorrow!

I am a ridiculously teary person, especially when it comes to weddings. I think I'll cry at the Aussie one, but not at the Irish one.

I kind of hope I don't though, I am not a pretty crier!

Chocolate Lover said...

You guys are adorable in your interviews! I love that he asks you the same questions. I am expecting to be bawling on our day, but hopefully it turns out like yours did :)

Em said...

Crying ridiculous mess. It started the moment the girls walked into my bridal suite (not happy tears, unfortunately) and ended after the ceremony. I mean, I didn't cry ALL day, but I got a few good ones in here and there. I did expect to cry during our first looks but I didn't. I was just so happy and had so much to tell him about my day so far (which is seriously such a *me* thing to do).

Gaynor said...

I love this video; so lovely to have those words on film!

I didnt cry but got choked a few times; when my dad was doing a speech in the house; when me and my dad were about to leave the house; then when my flowergirl surprised us by singing!

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