Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thankful Thursdays: It's here! Welcome 2010!

This has been a rough year.  We have had a few deaths around our family (not actual family members, but friends of our family).  I personally have had a car accident, fainting spell which led to a black eye and stitches, cracked rib, medical concerns involving some tests on my heart and several sicknesses this year.  It's pretty unlike me to get sick very often but even as I write this I am getting over a sinus and ear infection that has been hindering my well being for two weeks now!

Granted I have a 14 year old daughter and so with children in school where there have been outbreaks of swine flu and other common illnesses, it is not unusual to have to battle these things.  But this is getting ridiculous! 

On top of that, family members have had some health scares and illnesses and surgeries as well.  Mr Fix It also started off 2009 recovering from a surgery he had on his arm to have his bicep reattached to his elbow.  This was the result of a surfing accident which left him out of work for four months!  When you are self employed and planning and saving for a wedding, this is not a good thing.  And with the economy in it's noticeable downturn in 2009, it has definitely been a year of struggles.  My father had a heart attack.  My future FIL had knee surgery.  Our dog had to have surgery on his leg and was in a full leg cast for a month.

Thankfully, Mr Fix It is healthy again and attempting to get his work back up to it's prosperous potential.  Our family (including dog) are all doing relatively well and have healed nicely.  I still have my amazing job and other than frustrating illnesses and injuries, I am truly healthy and safe and so is my family.  But I have to admit, as much as 2009 has been a year of a lot of growth and changes (my daughter starting high school, planning a wedding, getting Mr Fix It's house ready for us to move in and so on), I am truly looking forward to an amazing 2010!

For with 2010 comes our wedding in April and becoming a family finally living together after being in a relationship for six years.  We'll also be going on our fabulous honeymoon - a dream trip I have been dying to take that I will tell you about soon.  My little girl will start driving this year (pray for me!).  And I have a few very close friends who will also be tying the knot after us in 2010.  So this will definitely be a year of firsts and celebrations.  I cannot wait!  Not that I'm saying good riddens to 2009, but boy oh boy am I ever thankful to see 2010 arrive!

What about you?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw, you have SO much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to this coming year! :) I'm looking forward to all the planning for our 2011 wedding :)

Happy New Year!

p.s. if you get a chance, please vote for Daniel and I, "Nicole & Daniel".. ends tonight!

Giovanna said...

wow, you have had quite a year! here's hoping for a happy and healthy new year filled with exciting new beginnings!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Ahh you're so great.. thanks for posting it on FB.. thanks for voting too! So nice of you.

buhdoop said...

Good luck on 2010 I hope it brings you lots of joy. We will be getting married in 2010, and I hope to graduate!

Brittany said...

What a year! Have a wonderful New Years!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I’m very sorry you’ve had such a rough year and hope 2010 will be so much better! Here’s to a fabulous new decade!

Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

Yea it's almost the year you get married!! That means it will be a great year :) And I agree with you about the New Year's Eve wedding - that would be an amazing time!

honey my heart said...

here's to a wonderful 2010.

New Mexican Bride said...

I soooo feel ya! Looking forward to 2010 too!

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