Friday, October 2, 2009

How to jazz up your bridal area

My sister loves to not so much.  I find the creative ideas on the internet and in magazines and then tweak them with my personal style and input and let her do all the creative work.  So even though my venue is gorgeous and doesn't even need any real decor added to it, there are some places that are somewhat of a blank slate or rather bland.  A fun way to jazz them up is to add a touch of flare and small details that personalize your day.

Thus, when I saw a cute idea for door hangers or signs, I asked my sister to create something for our bridal and groom quarters.  This is what she came up with:

Another option is to make a fun sign that says something like "Dress Alert...Please Knock" or whatever fun little sayings you want to personalize your space with.  I saw one sign that said "This is my Bride's not bring anything in to ruin her special day."

Are you gals planning anything to decorate your bridal preparation area?


Ebonee said...

HOW cute!!!

Ghenet said...

Reading your archives :) My friend did this for her wedding and I thought it was really cute! (As are your signs!) I think this would be really fun to do.

From Now Till I Do said...

Really creative!

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