Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why does everything fall apart right before your wedding?

No matter how freakin' organized, planned and prepared you are for your wedding....SOMETHING will go wrong!  I always swore this was not going to happen to me, especially because I have communicated everything so clearly and detailed so that hopefully everyone is on board with what is expected.

But alas, with 21 days to go before the wedding, I had a melt down the other day when I received an e-mail from my hair/makeup stylist that sent me over the edge.

Here is the recap of the situation:

*  I booked my stylist in July, 2009 for me and 5 bridesmaids to have hair and make up done.  I negotiated a great rate of $200 for me and $70 each for my girls.  It ended up being a savings of $225-295 off of her regular rates.
*  Last month, two of the girls told me they couldn't afford to pay their $70 for hair and makeup due to financial hardships.  I told my stylist about this.  But she politely indicated that she was going to have to hold me to the original contract amount of $550 because we signed the contract.  I was a bit annoyed by both sides but could also see where each was coming from.  But this was exactly why I told everyone when I booked the stylist that I needed to know if they wanted the services or not since I needed to book her and sign the contract.
*  I asked my stylist if she would consider negotiating a compromise by allowing us to drop one charge of $70.00 and then allowing those 2 girls to each have their hair done for $35.00 each and they would do their own makeup.  This would mean she'd only lose one client and not two.  She happily agreed (via e-mail) and said she 'normally allows brides to drop one client if needed.' 

I thought the matter was resolved and everyone was happy.  But then two days ago, in the course of some e-mail correspondence confirming the time, schedule and location of the wedding day, she suddenly decides that she needs to go back and charge me the original contract amount again. The balance due, she said, would be $350 instead of $280.  She says that when she was discussing dropping clients, she didn't look at my contract to see what a deal she was giving me and she can't keep discounting services.

I had asked her in my e-mail if she would be sure to 'touch up' anything that needed to be touched up after she was finished.  She is doing 6 girls hair and makeup starting at 8 am until about 1:15.  So obviously the girls who have their hair done first thing in the morning may need to just be looked at and recurled slightly just before we start pictures at 12:30 pm.  She responded back and apologized but said that when I asked her if she would be able to 'add in services' like touch ups which would involve extra time, she realized what a steep discount she had given me.  So that made her suddenly decide to go back to the original contracted amount after she had agreed to let one girl cancel. 

Anyway, we finally resolved it as she responded to my e-mail and said that while she still plans to hold me to the original contracted amount (which means I am paying an extra $70 out of my pocket), she will agree to stay to do touch ups not only after she finishes with all of the girls but also during all of our photography.  Which I am hoping and assuming means that she will touch us all up real quick before the ceremony since we are taking all of our photos pre-ceremony.

Anyway, crisis sort of averted.  Thankfully, I am not in the state of mind to let these sort of hiccups get me down with only 21 days to go!


April Elizabeth said...

I have had no venders change terms - but I was very careful to read all contracts and explain that I am in law school.

I find, not even being a lawyer, that is enough to make people double think about screwing around.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yuck, what a mess. That would have annoyed me too. I'm glad it was resolved in the end!

Patience said...

I would have been so pissed. The only issue I have had so far was with our engagement photog. She agreed to release all of the photos to me on a low resolution disc so if I wanted to print them off and stick them in an album I could, but any high resolution pics I would need to order from her, well when we were all done and the pics were ready she gave us a disc with all of the pics on it, but she copyrighted every single one of them and put her name in the middle of the pictures. I called her and sent her my original email to which she explained was a misunderstanding. I am pissed and refuse to order any pictures from her.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I'm sorry that the stress is continuing, but it seems like it worked out! It is going to be great to have your stylist stay on and perform touch-ups so that everyone will be picture-perfect all day. Hang in there - you are so close!

Jillreigh said...

What a pain for her to make you go through all of that 3 weeks before your wedding! Glad it all got sorted out though.

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Vendors always pull stunts like this because unfortunately they get away with it. They assume that brides will pay "anything" to have the perfect day so they pull crap like this. Hang in there, it'll be fine, you're almost there.

buhdoop said...

What a headache. We haven't had anyone back out yet, but we also don't have a lot of vendors yet.

Have you asked anyone else if they wanted to pay the $70 to get their hair and makeup done? Maybe a family member or the flower girl (light on the makeup for her of course) or cousin or something like that? Even if they don't want to pay, since you are still paying for it, it could be a gift?

Chocolate Lover said...

SO sorry this is all going on when you have so much on your plate already! Sounds like you worked something out but I do like Buhdoop's suggestion (if you haven't already done it). We haven't had anyone back out but we also have 6 months left. I am keeping it at the back of my mind that things can go haywire

A. Marigold said...

Remind yourself that it could be worse: my MUA actually cancelled--by text message, no less--the morning of the wedding!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I can’t believe she went back on her word! I’m glad you were able to work it out. With my stylist, I only put down a deposit for myself and agreed to pay her a minimum of $250 regardless of how many total girls end up using the services. Luckily, she’s been great at working with me to accommodate changes in the number of girls who want the services and restructuring how many assistants will be needed along the way.

I’m really surprised that your stylist couldn’t be more flexible, and I hope you don’t run into any other major hang-ups. So sorry for all the stress that has come your way!

Gaynor said...

So annoying having to deal with all this stuff!

So far we haven't had any issues, touch wood!

Mrs T said...

You already know about my caterer dramas. Not fun when you're paying people so much $$ and they make life difficult.

I was thinking the same thing about complaining to her though - what if she does your makeup funny if she's angry with you! Eeekkk

If you're having to pay for everyones makeup anyway just get everyones makeup done. It will look better in your photos.

Sorry you're having drama. Hopefully this will be the last of it.

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