Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I am looking forward to as the new Mrs. Beever (a Series)

So the fiance and I (due mostly to our faith and supported by statistics) have decided that we will not be moving in together until after the wedding day.  He has his own home (a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, enclosed front yard, big back yard single story home on a cul-de-sac) that my 14 year old daughter and I will be moving into after we return from the honeymoon.  Since for the past 5+ years we have each had our own separate homes, there are many things that I am looking forward to regarding our relationship and home once we are officially married.  I figured I'd share some random thoughts as they arise between now and wedding day in a series as titled above.

So for the first entry of what I will be looking forward to once we are married:  Uninterrupted blowdrys and no missed phone calls while in the shower.

FH and I rarely go a day without calling each other first thing in the morning.  As a mother of a teenager and career gal who has to be at work at 8 am every morning, I typically wait until I am on route during my 25 minute drive to work to phone John and say good morning, have a good day, and so on.  However, he has this habit of calling me at 6:30 am which is usually right when I am in the shower (so I miss his call) or blow drying my hair (where I have to stop to answer the phone).

So this morning when he called me at 7 am as I was running late and trying to dry some of my hair before sprinting out the door, I didn't appreciate having to turn my cell on speaker phone, turn my hairdryer down to low and bend over up to the earpiece so I could hear him while trying to blowdry.  Needless to say, I will be thrilled once we are living together and we can just simply talk to each other in person while he is in the shower and I am blowdrying my hair :)  Ah, the simple things in life.

So future Mrs. (insert new last name here)...what are you looking forward to once you are living together (if you aren't already)?

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Chocolate Lover said...

We only started living together recently after many years of long distance between the US and Canada. I think what I value most about living together is having dinner together. I enjoy cooking but its just not as much fun when its for one!

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