Monday, October 5, 2009

Try try again - wedding day trials and test runs

We've all heard that you should not get a facial the day before your wedding or you should break your shoes in by walking around in them in your house for a few weeks before the wedding. Those are great tips, but just a friendly reminder to be sure to TEST everything well in advance of when you want to use/do/try it before your wedding. From my own personal bridal beauty journal:

* Tanning: Tried it out this month for my engagement pics to see how often, what kind of bed/spray and how much I will need to pay. So far, working well.

* Teeth whitening: Used Crest Whitestrips (recommended by my dentist) before my engagement pics 14 days in advance (10 day system). Definitely brightening up my teeth a bit but noticed that I did have slight tooth sensitivity and that my gums were starting to get red bleeding spots above my teeth. Stopped for a day or 2 and they were fine but glad I found out that can happen so that I be sure to have this done at least 4 or 5 days before the wedding.
* Hair & Makeup: I'm visiting with a potential stylist for the big day this weekend to test out hair and makeup WHILE I am tan for my engagement pics since I will also be tan for my wedding. The rest of the year, I'm pale I want to be sure the makeup trial is done while my skin tone looks as it will on wedding day. And be sure to BRING YOUR VEIL! You definitely want to try your veil on with your potential do as sometimes you may love a hair-do but once you try to find a place for the veil, it covers your favorite part or either has to be placed way up high or way lower than you were hoping for. Be sure to bring your veil for the sytlist to place and TAKE PICTURES so you remember everything and can remind your vendors as well.

* Hair cut/color: I do this every 4 to 6 months but am trying to let my hair and bangs grow a bit and get back to my more natural hair color. Definitely want to have this done several months before my wedding to allow plenty of time for growing out and getting to the perfect shade. Even have clip in extensions I used at my sister's wedding which I may have colored to match my current hair color for the wedding.

* Weight loss/gain: For me, I'm opposite...I am trying to GAIN 15 lbs before the big day which is almost impossible for me for most of my life. But if you want to gain or lose weight before the big day, be sure you do it in a healthy natural way and don't go excessive by starving yourself or cramming your face. You don't want to look sick and be exhausted on the biggest day of your life. And it isn't always a good thing to try to figure out how to alter a dress a few weeks before your wedding when you've suddenly lost 50 lbs!

Anyone have any additional info or tips on trying and testing things for your wedding beauty or details?

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