Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Save the Dates

Ok, so the fiance and I could not agree on which pics to put on our STD's and he didn't get the concept at first and then to top it off he doesn't like that I did them in our wedding colors (which he believes are too patriotic looking).  (sigh)  But I finally just got so frustrated that I gave him a couple options and said pick a picture and let's be done with this so I can print them!

He did, I did and they're done!

I am definitely NOT a crafty creative person when it comes to DIY projects...I am all about the computer.  My sister is the scrapbooker in the family.  So I gave her the concept, she designed the cards, I found a website for the card stock and envelopes and another web site that sells label sheets for computer printing and the entire STD's (100 of them) cost me $1.00 each for the finished product.  (I printed them at work - bad girl I know but we have a better/faster printer and if you knew about my job you'd understand). 

So this weekend I am gluing cards together and adding the little row of 3 stickers for the guests to put on their calendars and in their day planners and here is the final product - what do you think?  And yes, the 3 little circles in the middle are stickers for the guests to place on calendars, dayplanners, etc.  :)

Sorry it's a little blurry but I am in a hurry and you get the gist of it :)


Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

SUPER cute idea! I love them!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

You will have my Parent's Anniversary :)

Miss T said...

Those are so clever! Love the sticker idea. They look great!

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