Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things to do at your cocktail hour

Here's a fun thing for you to think about:  While my fiance keeps reminding me that our guests will be at our wedding to celebrate us, I can't help thinking up fun ways to celebrate THEM and to keep them entertained throughout the event.  So I always said that when I get married, I will hire a strolling magician to walk amongst the guests and perform small magic and card tricks for them.

Lo and behold, I was blessed by God when at a Valentine's Day dinner last February, my fiance and I had a chance encounter with Jeff Ezell.  He is an AMAZING magician and through the course of events which I will not bore you with, we were able to secure him for our cocktail hour entertainment.  Check him out here:

Granted, he is not one of the more budget friendly entertainers in our area (especially since he is from Los Angeles and has performed for stars the likes of Tom Cruise, Pam Anderson, Lucy Liu and more) but I did some earlier research before we found him.  You can typically find this type of entertainment for around $250 to $500 per hour if you take some time to search.

Here is a little video displaying some of his work. Granted, he won't really be doing a 'show' at our cocktail hour but rather strolling among the guests performing individual card tricks for them and what not.

So what do you think?  Are you doing anything fun and different for your cocktail hour?


Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

Hey! We watched this guy perform at my granddaughters school!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Really? How funny! I absolutely loved him! I am so excited for our guests to be entertained by him on the big of my fave things about our little 'surprises' for the guests.

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