Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matt Damon or Kevin Bacon?

So honey is often told "You look like an older version of Matt Damon!"  Though he gets that a lot, he sometimes gets "You look just like Kevin Bacon!"  Now to me, the two are polar opposites...but the funny thing is, I see them both in my gorgeous hunk o' man. 

Many times at a restaurant someone will say "You look so I know you?"  And then he'll say "I get told I look like Matt Damon."  And they'll scream "That's it! You do!"  So what do you think?  Does he look like Matt Damon, Kevin Bacon or neither?  Use the Your Thoughts buttons below the post to vote as such:

Matt Damon:  Click LIKE
Kevin Bacon:  Click FUNNY
Neither:  Click DISLIKE


Matt Damon:

Kevin Bacon:


Chocolate Lover said...

How about a combo of both? ;o)

Morgan said...

He totally looks like a combo of both of them!

LeddaBlue said...

he totally does look like both of them! And Keifer Sunderland lol! My vote is for Kevin Bacon~

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