Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The infamous Wedding Dance video (and one you haven't seen)

By now, everyone has seen or heard about the bride and groom who had their entire bridal party dance down the ceremony aisle to Chris Brown's Forever.  Heck, they even made the rounds on the morning network news shows and talk show circuit.  For those who have their head in the sand and have not yet seen this fun loving beginning to Kevin and Jill's wedding here it is:

The sunglasses are a great added touch.  But what I really love is how the guests are totally into it.  Look at their faces...they are laughing, clapping, cheering them on.  What a way to start off your wedding extravaganza.

When the video first surfaced (before it hit the world), I e-mailed it to my wedding party and told them to start rehearsing :)  Once it made it's way across the internet, I even had a couple friends e-mail me telling me they knew I was totally going to do this at my wedding...because I want it to be all about fun and entertainment.  But at heart, the traditional side of me says that even though my wedding party would be totally into it, I still will have a somewhat traditional walk down the aisle.  However, I have my own plans for how to start off our ceremony that are totally me and our guests are sure to love!  I can't wait to show you  once I finalize the project.

But the real reason I wanted to share with you is because, as a YouTube enthusiast, I found the even funnier follow up spoof of the dance.  These people decided to show what happened to the same couple 6 months after...I laughed hysterically at both videos!

I particularly like the Ben Affleck look-alike attorney...but the entire thing makes me laugh every time I watch it.  What's your favorite part?  And do you have anything different planned for your walk down the aisle?


Chocolate Lover said...

This is hilarious! I must admit that I had not seen this! Just watched both with FH. Loved it.
I am so excited that you have your own blog now!! Was actually going to quick note you suggesting it. I think brides-to-be will benefit from you being here! You can import your other posts onto here :) (might be getting ahead of myself). Will post a link to this on my blog first thing tomorrow. Welcome :)

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Although I've seen it like a thousand times already, this video still makes me smile every time I watch it. :) Have you seen the version from The Office during Jim & Pam's wedding? Too funny. They are so silly... it was perfect for the show.

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