Friday, October 23, 2009

New Trends in Color Schemes

So just when I think I have come up with something very unique and different that no one has ever seen at a wedding before, it suddenly ends up on all the blogs and in all the magazines!  (sigh)  Oh well, I still LOVE my color scheme.  It is an aqua/turquoise with cranberry deep red accents.  You have to be careful with aqua and turquoise because there are so many variations - some even think of tiffany blue as an aqua which is truly not the color I chose.

It came to me while browsing through wedding web sites for coordinators.  I found a picture that I absolutely fell in love with not just the colors but the little favors and napkins and place cards.  And the funny thing is, it was from my very own venue (will blog on that later this week).  And so after confirming that was my color scheme, I began searching for dresses, favors boxes, ribbons, etc all to coordinate - but not overly done.

I eventually found a florist and while browsing through her books, realized that the florist I selected just so happened to be the same florist who did the flowers and deco for the wedding I used as my inspiration!  How awesome is that?  And then while browsing the blog about the wedding I found a company in Illinois that did all their stationery for the wedding and fell in love with her, too!  So now I have my colors, favor box ideas, florist, stationery company and inspiration all from the same wedding.  So funny. 

In some ways I don't want it to seem like I am just 'copying' it, but honestly, I always say there are no original ideas...only knock offs and twists on a previous thought.  So I am definitely putting my own twist on a lot of the elements I am incorporating.

But enough are the pics from Joyful Weddings and Events:

My centerpieces will be totally different incorporating red tulips in some sort of simple spray like this:

My bridesmaid's are wearing these Jasmine Bridal B2 dresses in this berry color:

Photos:  Jasmine Bridal
My daughter (a bridesmaid) is wearing this dress (hemmed to match the other girls) from Jasmine B2 Juniors in Bahama Breeze color and the flower girl will have a white dress with a matching sash in the Bahama Breeze:

And finally, they will all be carrying bouquets very similar to this with blue hydrangeas, burgundy cymbidium orchids, black magic roses, jade green roses and kermit mums:

Yes, my wedding is still 6 months away but I pretty much have everything planned and all that's left is some tweaking as I finalize details with vendors and purchasing the fun stuff like favors, gifts, jewelry, shoes, and so on.  What are your colors and what do you think of these?


Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Beautiful!! I'm so glad you found your colors and you were able to book all the talent behind the inspiration. It sounds like it was totally meant to be! Just like you and future hubby, right? :)

Chocolate Lover said...

I love the flowers! They are beautiful. And that first picture with the table set up is stunning

RW @ TrueBeauty said...

Hi there! Just stumbled onto your blog...Fantastic by the way. I'm a Wedding Planner aside from my day job as a Plastic surgery center Administrator, and the Tiffany Blue and Cherry is by far my favorite color combo right now. BEAUTIFUL!!

NuFlaiir said...

When you mentioned on my blog about your color scheme, I knew exactly what you were talking about.
The combination aqua/turquoise with cranberry is gorgeous. Great choices!!


Westside Wedding said...

I had kept that picture in my inspiration folder because I love those colors but I know I am not good about combining things so I know i could screw it up. I'm still deciding on colors but most likely it will just be "spring colors" . You are so great with the planning!!!

Ghenet said...

Love the color combo! And I'm using cranberry red as one of my colors too so I'm liking that BM dress!

junior bridesmaid dresses said...

Red and blue will always in trendy.

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